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Monday, April 5, 2010

Nice Times During Easter Sunday

For once in a long time, my immediate family had a pleasant time together. Normally this is because our family is so dysfunctional, aggressive and so easily agitated, this is not the typical case. Unfortunately, because my sister, father and I are so convinced in what we're saying to be the absolute truth, an argument erupts. But thankfully, as I said in so many words, we all got away from that scenario "Scot free", having a good, peaceful day, full of laughs and really calm dialogue between all of us.

My sister's kid hid plastic Easter eggs around the park on the downhill slope. She also hid them around the gigantic wooden gazebo that sits near the lake while we kept a close, watchful eye on her -not that she would purposefully fall in or anything. My little niece made a game out of it where the grown ups had to find the eggs, for a change. If anyone found a rubber ball inside an egg, that person would be the winner. The prize was nothing.

After hiding them she watched my dad, sister, wife and brother-in-law huffing and puffing, stooping down and gathering the eggs and all the while, she cackled like a crazy little Munchkin. She would likely still be cackling even if good ol' Uncle Kelly dropped dead on the ground during the hunt. Ha ha ha. Maybe not. But she is twisted like that -like the rest of us. Must be a family trait.

It was fun and incredibly enjoyable to see the happy expression on my niece's face. These are the kind of times I want to remember the most.

Earlier that afternoon we ate bratwursts and potato salad in the gazebo. I'm old enough and wise enough now to do things I would never opt to do when I was younger and so ignorantly worried about how things look. "Who cares!", I say now. The reward I took from it, as I could tell the rest of us did, was seeing her happy. Pure. Simple. And dare I say, joyous.

Later on, our family took turns riding the little rides and pushing each other on the swing sets. There was someone flying a big dragon kite up in the air. It was a beautiful thing to see. The kids laughed. The grown ups smiled.

It was my idea to go to one of the most unused, beautiful city parks in the entire world. At the risk of sounding egotistical, which I admit I can be, I think I made a wise decision. I'm grateful and fortunate it sits so close to where I live. I've taken pictures of the park before during this last winter. Here's a link to that post:

Of course, it looks green and lush now. The perfect place for a peaceful family outing. I will be taking pictures of it again soon, the next time I take a walk. Right now, we're enduring a freaking monsoon.

Take care, everyone!


One of The Guys said...

Your niece is a smart little thing isn't she? I love that idea of the adults doing the hunt.

I'm glad the day worked out so well. I know how those family gatherings can be. To use a baseball term...."Safe!!"

We had a good Easter. The bunny is alive and well at our house.

Enjoy the week.

The Wolf said...

Glad to hear you had fun if my family tried that it would resemble something out of trailer park boys

Dark Slander said...

I really liked this, I was just having a random fit over something not really that important but you really kicked me back into perspective. Thanks for that.

I'm glad you had such a good time, it seems like it was a great outing.

Mr. Stupid said...

Glad everyone had lots of fun. Its nice to know that your niece enjoyed herself.

Have a nice day Kelly...:)

bazza said...

Hi Kelly, I arrived here from 'klanhanie' as a fellow award winner. Congratulations.
This looks like lots of fun so I will return for a longer look.
Drop in and say hello some time.
Bazza (UK)

Me-Me King said...

I'm glad you and yours had a wonderful day together. Here's an Easter my family will never forget.....

After fidgeting at the Easter dinner table, my son, then 4 yrs old, was finally asked, "Why are you fidgeting so much?" In frustration he answered, "My scrotum hurts!!!!!". Then, out of the silence came my mother's voice, "What's a scrotum?".

Kelly said...

One of The Guys: Oh yeah, my niece ... well... both of them are very smart. One of them is in an advanced class at her school. Got all straight A's, recently. She likes to brag about that at times. LOL. I'm proud of both of them. I'm glad you and yours had a great Easter, too. Family gatherings CAN BE risky business. :-) Take care!

Kelly said...

The Wolf: LOL... You don't say??? I love the episodes of the "Trailer Park Boys". Funny stuff. Kind of like "My Name is Earl" but more depraved.

I know a friend (marty) who has family members like that -not all- just the ones living in his roach-infested house. They are constantly attacking each other -verbally and otherwise. That's why I hardly visit anymore. What's odd is... he was brought up in a well-to-do, mannerly household growing up.

Take care.

Kelly said...

DarkSlander: I'm glad I could help. Any good news from anyone perks me up, as well, and gives me a little boost. Yes, Sunday was great. Unfortunately, things became a bit hellish Monday night. I'll explain later at BC where it's more private.

Mr. Stupid: Thanks! I hope you had and continue to have good days ahead, too.

bazza: And congratulations to you, as well. And yes, I'm going to pay you and everyone else awarded a visit, too. Thanks for the compliment. See ya.

Kelly said...

Me-Me: LOL. I would have been laughin' my fool head off. Your mom's inquiry must have made everyone's day -in one way or another. ;-) Now I'm wondering how a 4 year old would know what a scrotum is. Hmmm. :)

Crazy Brunette said...

What the fuck???

Nothing in the PRIZE egg with the ball inside???

That is bull-shit!

You jipped her, you assholes!

Glad you had a good day!

No go with my fam... We'd kill eachother! My baby bro and I are to much alike and start the 'asshole', 'dick', 'bitch', 'slut' comments... ALL said with all the love in the world! (No really, baby bro is the only one I DO like) and everybody gets all upset!

They're uptight fucks...

MY award to you is no longer at the top. This needs to be rectified immediately 'Oh Great One'.

Kelly said...

No, Ashley, it was my niece that awarded the winner with a ball inside the egg. You-must-read-the-post-more-caaarreeefuuuullllly.


Sounds like you have a wild family! Sounds like you need to wear some heavy duty armor before going to one of your family gatherings. :-)

Hope you had a good day, anyway. Take care.

Kelly said...

Crazy Brunette: Also... I forgot to add.... There's nothin' personal about where your award is located, of course. I just put them in the order I get them. :) Wow, move your head girl. I can't see the sun. Hahahahaha.

Crazy Brunette said...


NOPE! I'm upset.

And I do NOT have a ginormous head ass!

klahanie said...

Hi Kelly,
Sorry to arrive so late in the proceedings.
Seems to me you all had a good day out and that sounds like one hell of a result.
I had a look at your photographs and the scenes look real nice.
Suddenly I see the 'Waltons'. Good night 'Kelly boy':-)
Take care and thanks for a heartwarming posting.
With respect and peace, Gary :-)

Kelly said...

Ah, that's quite okay, Gary. I've been running late in a lot of proceedings, nowadays. Yeah, that was a great day. Glad you liked the winter photos. If it ever stops raining around here, I'll be able to get some nice spring shots. :)

Take care, sincerely, Kelly Boy

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