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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy 420 Day, Everyone

Nice video. Funny song. I know I'm late in posting this, but I got sidetracked.


The Wolf said...

Leave it to the Barenaked ladies to make this song back in the day. Personally I don't see the problem with having it legalized...I mean shit there are worse things that are legal, all this does is give you the munchies, and it makes me almost mello and calm...........almost then I crave destruction

klahanie said...

Hey man,
Far out. Hope you had a really cool 420 Day.
And speaking of the 'munchies' as your other fine correspondent notes; hell man, in my day it weren't the cost of the dope; it were the cost of all them groceries. Funny how stuff you wouldn't normally eat almost seemed appealing. 'Toadstool' perhaps?
As you know. I've been off on a 'trip'. I'm back now and after the next puff...I'll shall head back to my own fucking weird blog.
Peace man :-) 'cough..cough'

Kelly said...

The Wolf- I was wondering who sang this song. I knew it couldn't be Jack Black like the title of the clip suggests. He can kinda sing but not like that. Ha ha. No one ever dies from Pot like they do alcohol, coke and all that other nasty shit. Not that I have anything against drinking... but when that is done in excess, you can die from it.

So do you go from inhaling a dozen cheeseburgers and Twinkies to committing the slaughter of innocents? Don't worry. I won't tell. :-)

Kelly said...

klahanie- Hey Gary, yeah the day went smooth as the underbelly of a beautiful inter-dimensional rainbow, dude. I don't know what that means but I'm sticking to it. The cost of the groceries? Ha ha. I hear ya. It may be a better idea to hijack an ice cream truck and gobble up all the confectionary treats. to heck with the kids down the road, cryin' for the sweeties.

Hope your "trip" was enjoyable. :)

Be careful on your way back to your blog, man. Don't want you to trip over the cat and make it shit the floor. *cough-cough, indeed. Peace!

Dark Slander said...

I'm Canadian, enough said.

Happy 420!

Kelly said...

Hmmm... Are you suggesting what I thin you're suggesting. Happy 420!

Glad to have you back in the bloggy world. I'll comment on your latest post soon. Hmmm... I wonder if its about your trip.

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