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Thursday, April 15, 2010

By Damned, I've Got Another Award

This time, I've received an award from Sex N' Fries, a very humorous website I have been visiting the last few months. Man, my head is getting big. Third award in two months. Perhaps if I stroke my big ol' melon hard enough, I will find release. Ba-dum-dum. Thank you. I will be playing all week. And no... not with myself.

Lizzy and Elle, the authors of this blog, write about sex (of course), relationships, health and life with funny, insightful flair that comes straight to the point. I like that in a blog. It makes me a shiny, happy, perverted and slightly psychotic individual.

More importantly...

Everyone should check out their blog and check out the fun they've got going on at their Sex N' Fries Club. Don't be afraid. Hahhaahahaaa.

Thanks, Lizzy and Elle. You gals are great.


Crazy Brunette said...

I got it first biotch!!!!


The Wolf said...

Shit another award what in the name of Zeus's butthole is..........errr congrats yeah that's what I meant....honestly. No seriously congrats though with these awards your name shall go down in the anvils of history...well mabye not so much history mabye some scriblings on a shitter wall next to other great comments such as "For a good time call Sarah" congrats :)

Mr. Stupid said...

Nice. Congrats on the award...:)
I am getting back to the WalMart video... LOL (Just kidding)

Ta Ta

Kelly said...

Crazy Brunette: Yes, I know. Hahahaha ... or something.

The Wolf: In the name of Zeus's butthole, my glory knows no bounds. Certainly my name and all of my good works for my fellow man shall certainly be written in the history books. But, not to worry, I'll put in a good word for ya. :)

Mr. Stupid: Thanks, dude. Now get back to that WalMart video. You need to learn how to dress for success!

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