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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Beautiful People At WalMart

Whenever I walk into the WalMart in my home town, I usually see at least a half dozen customers (freaks) wearing the most outlandish clothes. Sometimes you'll see insane fuckers coming in with their bunny slippers on their feet and their hair standing straight up -as if they've just crawled out of bed, not bothering to look into a mirror for a quick take on how they appear. Other times you can be treated to the sight of an old fat guy, wearing a muscle shirt that barely conceals his flabby man boobs.

It's like walking into a carnival side show. You never know what to expect. What makes it even worse is when you're attempting to eat at the fast food joint they usually have at a WalMart, seeing some of these ugly fucks and struggling to keep your food down.

Here's a video featuring pictures from the hilarious site, It might cause you to chuckle or cause you to upchuck. One or both. You've been warned. The song that accompanies the video is quite lovely, too. Though the idea of vomiting up your Big Mac and fries sounds pretty bad, it could be worse. You could be living with one of these biological oddities seen in this compilation. That is, if you have the self esteem of a turd.



The Wolf said...

You know what the really twisted sick thing about this is. It's that every single Wall-Mart regardless of it being in Canada The U.S or the middle of butt fuck Africa is full of these sad sad images of human calamity.

Me thinks the gene pool needs some bleach

Me-Me King said...

I'm just glad I hadn't eaten before watching this. I haven't been in a Walmart in many years...aside from "the people", I have a problem with the trade deficit Walmart has created with China. BOYCOTT WALMART!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it

You are our winner this week-Congrats!!!!!

Kelly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kelly said...

The Wolf- You got that right, my friend. Like mobile homes (trailers), Wal-Marts everywhere around the world seem to appeal to the less intelligent or fashion-retarded. Not that I'm saying there's anything wrong, necessarily, about living in a trailer... if wanting to be swept up by a tornado (as they always seem to be the prime target) and dropped in a creek is your sort of thing.

Hey, the human gene pool needs some serious bleach. Nooooo shit!

Kelly said...

Me-Me- I hope you're doing well under the circumstances.

I agree... Boycott WalMart. And yeah, politicians and the employee-mistreating corporation of Wally World screwed us over in regards to what I call the "China Fiasco". I have my own personal reasons for hating the big business monopoly in my small town. 1- The way they treat their employees and 2- Our Wal-Mart is like a human garbage dump. Unfortunately, Wal-Mart is practically the only game in town and our town council members make sure it stays that way because Wal-Mart makes it "worth their while". Good ol' small town corruption.

Kelly said...

Lizzie and Elle from Sex N' Fries- Thank you for the award. I appreciate it. Guess what my next post is going to be about? Heh heh. You'll see.

Crazy Brunette said...

I rock 4 inch heels in Wal-Mart baby!

Kelly said...

I'm bettin' that's so. :)

Crazy Brunette said...

Damn straight its so!

I'm trying to keep all the attention on me so all the ass-pirates can go on about their day.

Mr. Stupid said...

It just shows how dangerous WalMart can be. Nightmares... aaaa!
The song sure is lovely. Seriously! Promise... tee hee

Have a good day Kelly!

The Wolf said...

That's the kind of song you listen to when your thinking about life. Of course by thinking I mean drinking and by life I mean wishing it would end :)

Kelly said...

Crazy Brunette: "Ass pirates"? Ahoy matey, I'm here to plunder ye booty for some of that brown gold ye be hiding.

I guess that's what they say.

Mr. Stupid: The dangers of WalMart also include the touching of the cart handles. God only knows what kind of bacteria, germs and viruses can be attained by using the carts there -in regards to the dirty imbeciles using them before you do.

On that happy note, I hope you have a great weekend.

Kelly said...

The Wolf: Wow. You sound like you're chock full of all kinds of good cheer. Can't say much about that, though. Especially lately. I'll have a drink with ya. :)

As for the sarcastic, slow and drug-induced song being played with this vid, I can't say it makes me think too much. Ah, time for that drink, man.

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