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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I've Been Awarded

Every so often people recognize your greatness, your superiority over one and all. Today is that day!

Heh. Heh. Just kidding. My ego isn't big enough to block out the freaking sun, after all. It's just humongous enough to block the TV set while you're trying to watch "19 Kids and Counting", the worst show on the air that features a woman who believes that her body is a human vending machine and her rabid, bouncing-off-the-walls brood of rug rats (children, to some).

So you can thank me for my gigantic head.

The reality is, is that when you're feeling kinda crappy over something personal you feel had to be done (which was the case for me Monday night), every so often someone or something will lift your spirits. It could be a simple thing that does it -or not .

My bloggy pal, Gary, from Klahanie lifted my spirits high by recently giving me a Beautiful Blogger Award. Thanks Gary! That cheered me up and the kind words you said on your blog are greatly appreciated, as well. I want to let you know that Gary was awarded the same award and he deserves it. Anyone visiting Gary's cheerful blog will enjoy their stay, for certain. And I must say that interacting with Gary is always a pleasure.

I will now release the "wee folk". :-) They don't make very good hostages, anyway.

And Ashley from One Crazy Brunette Chick... I must apologize for not showcasing the Crazy Brunette for giving me an award before the award I received just recently. Make sense? Anyway... I thank ye goddess before but I shall do so again... Thank you, Ashley.

Also, I'd just like to say...

You're like a goddamn ray of fuckin' sunshine, you Crazy Brunette! The peasants and other folk worship the ground you defecate on. And I mean that with love or something. Go to the Crazy Brunette's blog. It's pure entertainment. Just be sure to wear a helmet beforehand. This woman is dangerous.

Both awards would have been proudly placed on my mantelpiece but my mantelpiece was full of all of my other trophies of worship so I placed them here, down below and off to your extreme right. See them? Good. Heh heh.


Dark Slander said...

Lets hope you're not too up and coming for us "small time" bloggers now.

I'll just grip your under belly like a joey and leech some of your new found fame and fortune.

I mean.. congrats. :)

Kelly said...

"..up and coming for us "small time" bloggers now."

Ha ha. Nope. No way, man. No upping... no coming. I'll send Icky after ya if you try to get at my underbelly.

Oh, and thanks. :)

Crazy Brunette said...

Goddamn right I'm a ray of sunshine!
AND duh, dangerously sexy!!! (You forgot the sexy part)


klahanie said...

Hope your head aint too swollen. And I'm talking about the one on top of you neck:-)
You were a worthy recipient of the award. I like the fact you can do all types of styles. Going from goddam crude to thought provoking, transparent posting.
Glad to know that Ashley also gave you one and an award also. It was good to see her get some well deserved recognition on the 'Sex N' Fries' site.
Anyway, Kelly. Keep doing what you're doing. The 'wee folks' are back and the 'beautiful fairy princess' has been complaining about having a sore ass...
Take care. Kind regards, Gary:-)

The Wolf said...

Congrats on the awards, so these awards can they be traded for goods and services such as liquer and whores right ?

Me-Me King said...

Congratulation!I'm sure these awards gave you a real special feeling. No, not that feeling, that bloggy love feeling.

Kelly said...

@The Crazy-Assed, Super Crazy Brunette... Okay...So now you're a dangerously sexy, fuckin' Ray of SUNSHINE. There. I think that about says it all, doesn't it? :-)

Kelly said...

@klahanie Haha. Not to worry, swollen heads to be found here... the top or bottom type. As for the bottom type, mine became un-swollen after I had thoroughly checked the beautiful fairy princess' bum with my "meat thermometer".


Thanks, Gary. Peace and take care.

@The Wolf About the booze and whores, I'm on my way to the ol' trading post to do just that. Thanks for the congrats, friend.

@Me-Me Thanks! Ha. No, it wasn't that kind of "special" feeling. Shame on you. :-)

Crazy Brunette said...

That's fucking right! thank you!

Kelly said...

Yes, that's right. Ha ha. I got the last word in! Fuck yeah!

Crazy Brunette said...

I'll play this game all day long ass!

I win!

Kelly said...

Nope. Hee hee. I win!

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