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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Homeless Man Dies As People Look And Walk By

Rather than repeat what I read a couple days ago, I figured I'd rip the story right from the source. Don't tell. :)

This actually happened several days ago.

From The New York Post:

A heroic homeless man, stabbed after saving a Queens woman from a knife-wielding attacker, lay dying in a pool of blood for more than an hour as nearly 25 people indifferently strolled past him, a shocking surveillance video obtained by The Post reveals.
Some of the passers-by paused to stare at Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax last Sunday morning and others leaned down to look at his face.
He had jumped to the aid of a woman attacked on 144th Street at 88th Road in Jamaica at 5:40 a.m., was stabbed several times in the chest and collapsed as he chased his assailant.

In the wake of the bloodshed, a man came out of a nearby building and chillingly took a cellphone photo of the victim before leaving. And in several instances, pairs of people gawked at Tale-Yax without doing anything.

Later, another man stopped, leaned over and vigorously shook Tale-Yax’s body. After lifting the victim’s head and body to reveal a pool of blood, he also walked off.
Not until some 15 minutes after he was shaken by the pedestrian — more than an hour and 20 minutes after the victim collapsed — did firefighters finally arrive and discover that Tale-Yax, 31, had died.

Firefighters were responding to a 911 call of a non-life-threatening injury at 7:23 a.m. when they found his body.
Cops said they received four 911 calls at around the time of the attack reporting a woman screaming, but found nothing. They received no other 911 calls.
The indifference of the pedestrians echoed the infamous 1964 murder of Kitty Genovese in Kew Gardens, Queens.
Her desperate screams after being stabbed failed to rouse assistance from the dozen or so people many neighbors who heard them.

George Subraj, owner of Zara Realty, which owns the building next to the murder scene, also gave surveillance footage to the NYPD for its investigation of the case.
The video shows an unidentified woman, standing about 5-foot-3 and wearing a jacket and skirt, walking down 144th Street near 88th Road with her cell phone in hand until.
As she walks under a protective scaffolding next to a building, a man is following her. He is described as 5-foot-6, wearing a green short sleeve shirt and dark pants with a green hat.
As that man accosts the woman under the scaffolding, Tale-Yax walks toward them.

Within seconds, the killer is seen on the video running out from the scaffolding and up 144th St, as the woman heads off in the opposite direction.
Tale-Yax then chases after his murderer, who had stabbed him several times in the torso with a knife, but immediately collapses face down onto the sidewalk.
Within a minute or so, the first of a long series of people begins walking by Tale-Yax without going to his aid.
That man, carrying a small bag, gave the dying Tale-Yax a glance before continuing on his way.
The victim’s body was claimed by someone whom the Medical Examiner’s Office declined to identify, and taken to a Brooklyn funeral home.

No arrests have been made, and the police have been unable to identify the woman Tale-Yax was trying to help.
Anyone with information about the murder is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline--------------------

What gets me about this poor human being, Tale-Yax, is not only lethally stabbed while coming to the aid of this woman, but he could have been possibly saved if anyone had gotten him help as he slowly died. An entire hour or so goes by as 25 fuckers walk past him, not doing much of anything, except giving him an indifferent look. One asshole adds insult to the man's dignity and life by lifting the head of the homeless guy, sees the big pool underneath, drops the head and keeps on walking. Wow! Wish I could find that indifferent asshole and cave his head in with a baseball bat. I know the "an the eye for an eye" thing doesn't work for everyone but it can sure make a person feel good in certain situations.

This should be the kind of news that bothers everyone.

If you've read or have seen this story on the news or elsewhere and didn't feel something... anger... pity... disgust... something.... Then I encourage you to re-evaluate your humanity or lack of it and try hard to get some of it back again.

If that's the standard way (the completely indifferent way) of Big City Pedestrians, in regards to their fellow human beings, homeless or not, I don't want to live there. I'll stay in my small town where people wouldn't do walk by and do nothing to help somebody who is dying. I've read pathetic comments on this story suggesting that these fuckers walked by because they thought he was just another homeless bum, lying on the sidewalk, sleeping off his booze. Because of his stature in society, he did not rate as a human being. To these people, his life had no more value than a turd.

Hey, you fucking assholes in New York, I've got news for you! Tale-Yax was a human being. Even before he saved that woman's life. Don't stand there and take pictures of the man to add to your collection in your Facebook photo album, you sick fuckers! Don't walk by when you see someone that may be dead or dying!

Do something!

The video below shows Tale-Yax, the human being and the indifferent fuckers who walked by.


klahanie said...

Hi Kelly,
I have seen this awful video on another site. I commented on there and the folks who do that site share our feelings on this horrible video.
Thus, I did not watch it again.
What it demonstrates is that blight upon humanity called apathy. A lot of folks just don't want to get involved. A sad and shocking reflection on some segments of a rather disturbing society. The real truth is it aint just a 'New York' thing. It happens everywhere.
I can honestly say I would not have walked by. Action, like you note, may have saved that poor soul's life. When I see a brother or sister in need..I always try to give them a hand
Peace, Gary

The Wolf said...

I agree with Klahanie it seems to be a growing problem in every large city I've lived in or visited. Even up here in Canada in cities like Toronto and Vancouver this kind of stuff is happening, and frankly it makes me sick to my stomach. I may not be able to do much to help depending on the situation but I sure as fuck wouldn't stop to take a pic then walk off, you do what you can to help somebody who's in trouble.

I had an incident a few years ago where I was ill became dizzy and collapsed on a busy street. And while this was nowhere near as serious as what happened in the video, not one person helped. So it's no suprise to see sick fuckers like this treat another human being in this fashion.

I'm glad you put this video up, hopefully it drives the point across that this bullshit needs to change.

bazza said...

Kelly, I don't know if you saw the movie Midnight Cowboy made by the late British director John Schlesinger? There is a scene where he got an actor to lie on a New York sidewalk in much the same way as the victim that you describe here. I can’t quite remember but I think it’s shown during the opening credits where hundreds of pedestrians are seen walking by the ‘body’. Most of them are studiously avoiding even looking at the man.
That was in 1969; things don’t seem to have changed much

Kelly said...

klahanie- Yeah, it seems you hear more about it going on in big cities... everywhere. Pretty sick and disgraceful. New York is just one of many where it seems the citizens are desensitized and feel nothing for their neighbors. And to me, it begs this question... When does not getting involved- actually "getting involved" by way of allowing something happen- like letting a man die? I agree that you should do something to help 'a brother or sister' out in times of distress. If you don't, you might as well be an animal, right?

Take care, Gary

Kelly said...

The Wolf- Yeah, I'm sure it happens in big cities around the world, as I said to Gary. Somehow, it makes me more pissed off when I hear or see about it in my own country, close to home. The cops in Cincinnati, a fairly large city close to me, has corrupt, dangerous cops in it that like to use tazer guns and batons on people until they die from heart attacks or other physical damage. Most of the cops are like this, there. Police abuse is in our local news about every couple of weeks. One time, around a year ago, about four Cincinnati cops jumped an 86 year old man and beat the fuck out of him and he wasn't even the suspect they were looking for. Very few witnesses to this type of abuse come out due to fear. But I feel you should stand up to fear, kill it and do what's right.

Hell, yeah! Now I'm rantin' like a mad man! Hahaha. I need to calm down now and breathe deep with the caterpillar. Aloha.

Kelly said...

The Wolf- I forgot to ask... Did you come back to consciousness on your own and get yourself up from the sidewalk after awhile? What was the end result?

Kelly said...

Bazza- Well, I've only seen parts of "Midnight Cowboy" to tell you the truth. I've always wanted to see the whole thing and it's odd that I haven't. I think I was maybe a teenager when it came out. I'll have to check it out. The scene you are describing where the guy is lying down and people walk by gives a powerful, meaningful message. And yes, I certainly agree, things haven't changed much. Actually, I think they are getting worse. Everyone is connected to each other, electronically... but not emotionally. Sad, man. Thanks for commenting and take care, dude.

Mr. Stupid said...

This is horrible. I wonder how people can stoop down to such a level when they don't have even a bit of humanity.
Even the woman he saved didn't make a 911 call. As you mentioned, maybe the man could have been saved if at least one guy had acted.

VineyardRoad said...

Unfortunately, most people are fearful of 'homeless' and avoid them completely.
It's not unusual to see a person laying on the street in NYC, usually just drunk and asleep.
Will people stop and help someone now after seeing this video? I wonder....

Kelly said...

Mr. Stupid- Good question. I don't get it, myself. You're right. The woman he saved didn't even make a call on his behalf. Really sick. Take care, man.

VineyardRoad- In answer to your question... I doubt that people will change and help someone in desperate need like that.

I put the video on my blog to get people to recognize what's wrong and right when it comes to helping someone in that situation and if I can put things in perspective for just one person in a future scenario like this, then I'd be satisfied. Take care, Penny.

The Wolf said...

Yeah I was able to get back on my own feet, but just as I did some grubby teenage street kid ran up and demanded I give him some change. lol go figure the only person to aproach me wanted something........needless to say I punched the fucker in the throat.

Kelly said...

The Wolf- Of course, some punk ass fucker wanted something while you were try to regain your breath and composure. Isn't that always the way shit goes? Lol... You punched him in the throat? Sounds about right.

Dark Slander said...

I have seen a lot of this on the news, and scoffed mostly at the reporting of it. There are many who accuse "godlessness" as the main cause for both the incident and the not wanting to help.

As an atheist I took great offense to this, and coming from a very atheist country I know this isn't true at all. Americans don't like to think this but from an outside perspective they are paranoid and unfriendly. This is of course speaking generally.

There is a certain feeling of discomfort they get when they associate with unknown people, or situations. A few years ago I went to a grocery store while I was in America. A man dropped a dollar bill and I went to retrieve it and give it back and I was literally stopped by the family I was with because it made them too uncomfortable. Partially because of many fears of the unknown..

I still feel bad about that incident because it isn't in my character. I now try to push this boundary when I am there and break that social barrier.

It is an unfortunate event.

Kelly said...

Dark Slander- "Godlessness"? Really? I haven't heard that mentioned but I believe it. I don't know why somebody has to attach religion to the incident. To me it has to do with either doing the right thing or the wrong thing in a dire situation. There are plenty of people, as you well know, around the world who know nothing about God or are atheist, agnostic or whatever but they still know that letting someone die is the wrong thing to do. People can say they ignored him for this or that reason but it still isn't right. Someone could have made a 911 call earlier for this guy, at the very least.

Oh yeah, I know what you mean about Americans being paranoid and unfriendly, in general. I live here. Anything different or unknown is a big fear factor for them. We still haven't grown out of our "Puritan Society" stage. We're still backwards when it comes to anything sexual or progressive. But boy, do we love our money and our electronic toys. That, we get. War is fine, too. Just put a magnetic ribbon decal on your car's back bumper that says, "Support Our Troops" and that makes the needless deaths of young men and women somehow okay.

The family you were with who gave you the look- their behavior was unfortunate. If that had happened around here, in my small town, your action would not have been frowned upon. I've gone into Wal-Mart, Kroger's and other public places and have seen people dropping/leaving stuff- wallets, keys, etc. and someone behind them, will pick up whatever they drop and hand it back to them without even thinking about it. In fact, the other day, I gave a set of keys back to a lady that dropped them. And a month ago, my wife accidentally let her wallet slip out of her pocket while working out and there was a message on our answering machine from the gym staff, saying that they had her wallet. Nothing had been taken out of it when we went back. Maybe it just depends on where you live in that particular situation.

Anyway, take care, dude.

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