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Friday, January 7, 2011

Two Freaks- Caption This!

Perhaps these are two lovebirds, on their way to the opera and a night of fine dining at a four star restaurant. Who knows? One of them could be considered dressed for the occasion. The other, with the black magic marker going through his nose, is clearly prepped for surgery on one of his patients. That would be amusing, wouldn't it, if just before you go under from the general anesthetic, you look up to see this dude's face and he's telling you that he will be the one to perform the operation on you? Wonderful.


Maybe they just look this way because they're seemingly at the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Odditorium. I'm guessing that to be the case only because of the background behind them suggests this to be the case. Again, I don't know. Either way, I think they're putting on quite a show and are badly in need of attention. They're hungry for it- so much so that they might just tear the meat off your forearm with their teeth to get it.

If I were there at the time, seeing them as they are here in their full glory, I would console them both, acknowledge their existence and simply say, "I see you." Then give them the thumbs up and quietly walk away, perhaps looking over my shoulder just once in case the blue man with the FREAK tattoo tries stabbing me in the back. Just because he obviously likes to be pierced doesn't mean everyone else enjoys it.

The lady standing beside him seems perplexed. Maybe she smells something funny. Maybe Mr. Blue Freak has just pooped himself. Or perhaps he's cheerfully fapping his pierced one eyed trouser snake beside her. Just guessing. I make no assumptions. Just suggestions. Either way, the lady in black is either deeply confused or has trouble focusing or has poor judgement in choosing friends or life partners. I don't know. I do think they both need some type of help for one reason or another.

If there were some sort of charity I could give to, in order to help them out, they could certainly count on me to drop a shiny penny into the bucket. Or a turd. Whatever helps. I'm a giver that way, you know.


Gorilla Bananas said...

If I saw those two in my neighbourhood, I would assume one was a cannibal and the other was the main course. In other places they might pass for a cute couple - I hope you get a wedding invitation.

Sir Tom Eagerly said...

One prides oneself on getting along with 'people of colour' (although I view that expression with distaste).
However, I think blue might be going a bit too far, what?
Chin chin!

Kate said...

I found you from To Discover Ice. I love your site. I’m going to poke around a little bit, but don’t worry I’ll put everything back where I found it!!

Kelly said...

Gorilla Bananas- That dude is running for mayor in my home town. Thank goodness. It's time for CHANGE. Got the wedding invitation yesterday. According to the registry, they both want jewelry and human limbs.

Kelly said...

Sir Tom Eagerly- I've always viewed that particular expression with my left nipple. It acts as my all seeing eye. Personally, I would have went for the purple look with a forked penis instead of forked tongue. But hey, that's just me. Cheerios cereal, ol' chap.

Kelly said...

Kate- Dang it, I thought I was doing a good job hiding from you. :)

Seriously, thanks for saying that you love it. Compliments will get you everywhere with me. Poke as much as you like and don't worry about putting it all back. My maid will do that.

As my policy states, I'll be by your site to leave a comment. Comment for a comment. Take care, Kate.

bazza said...

At the risk of being carried away and locked in the Tower of London I think these two would fit nicely into our Royal Family.
I think she (that's the being on the left of course) is saying: "But I can't marry you. You're a giant worm and I'm your other end!"
Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

Tom of BigBearTube said...

I would caption this this way: Two lovers that look weird will stay forever!

Greg said...

The woman is going cross-eyed obviously because she is trying to imagine her nose with a pen stuck through it.

the guy, well his chest says it all...

kerrie said...

Hi K
what a site for sore eyes! so much to look at like Kate I amy poke about a bit look forward to more stimating pictures- pleasant dreams

Kelly said...

bazza- Agreed. I think they these 2 would fit in nicely, as well. Imagine the scintillating conversations they could have with the queen. maybe they could sort things out with the wedding plans that seem to be a big debate over there now.

And yeah, she is probably saying just that thing. Take care, man. Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Kelly said...

Tom of BigBearTube- Your explanation could explain my wife and I, too. hahahaha. Oh, I kill myself. :)

Kelly said...

Greg- I think you're right on target. How in the hell did he do that? That's also the same look I always get when I'm trying to breathe when my wife cuts a fart at the exact same time I lift the sheets to slip into bed beside her at night. Quite a treat, that is.

Kelly said...

kerrie- Howdy, Kerrie! I figured it would be the other way around. My site was making your eyes sore. (little chuckle there)

Like Kate, poke about as much as you want. I'll just giggle and toot. Have a great weekend!

klahanie said...

Howdy Kelly,
I know, you've been anxiously awaiting a comment from me. Yes, shy and humble me. A comment that will make this world and all known dimensions, a better place. Oh well, maybe next time.
Now then, despite what others may have said here, those two were last seen having oral sex in the McDonalds in Stoke on Trent. Heard a rumour they were heading over to my neighbourhood.
I see that Kate has poked your site, just like she poked my site. Now, that was fun.
Take care buddy and you stay positive or I'm gonna' kick your lil' ol butt:-)
With respect, Gary.

THE SNEE said...

Hi Kelly,
Where do you find this stuff? I would like to see these two open a restaurant in New Hampshire. I think they'd spice the place up a bit. The sweet lady on the blue guy's arm looks like she might benefit from an intervention from my husband. Not to mention, we'd always have a pen available when it came to signing for the check.

Kelly said...

klahanie- Why yes, I have postponed doing everything (even dropping a load) in the event you should come to my humble abode (blog) and leave a spectacular, earth-shatteringly profound comment. And now that you have, let the party begin!

You heard these two lovebirds were having oral sex at McDonald's? Was any "special sauce" being created? This news is so cool. You should find out where they live, peep into their bedroom window and fondle yourself. Hell... it beats going to Wal Mart's on a Saturday night to check out the freaks. B-o-o-o-ring!

Yes, I saw that Kate has been making her rounds... your site, bazza's and more. As for myself, I enjoy being poked... but not in my "back door", if you catch my drift. Dude, I wish I could stay positive these days but it's impossible now due to what's going on. I'll try to explain it in my next post. I'm doing good just by continuously pushing forward. I don't have much choice.

Take care, friend.

Kelly said...

THE SNEE- It's a secret where I find this some of this stuff... but I'll give you a hint. Two words... Google and Images. But that's not my only source. I have many.

It would be better than swell and cooler than the bee's knees if these two had a restaurant where you live. Imagine the delectable menu items! Creamy Eyeball Alfredo, anyone?

Intervention from the hubby? Is he a therapist? And that pen would be handy. Take care, Rebecca.

THE SNEE said...

Ah Kelly, you've forgotten already that the dear hubby is an eye guy. Yup! The type that makes eyeballs all pretty.

Kelly said...

THE SNEE- Oops. I forgot. I'm sorry. I have the memory of a pea. Take care, Rebecca.

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