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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What Is Considered Newsworthy

I gotta be honest. I've been so bogged down with family problems, I haven't felt much like blogging or going on the Internet. Of course, I have to check my family/friends email account for the latest drama. Wedged in between that sort of stuff are the inane forwards I get. A few are funny. Most are shit I can't delete quick enough. You know the type.

Cutesy pics of puppies and kitties
Lame jokes
Chain mails
Stories that are supposedly inspirational

When I do get on the net, I'm usually looking for things worth looking at and that serve as a temporary distraction from my insane reality. The temporary distractions have to qualify as something substantial, however. And by substantial, I mean it has to offer either real humor, newsworthy stories or solid entertainment. And by solid entertainment, I don't mean something like a goofy, obviously scripted Reality TV show where a thing called a Snooki has a nonsensical argument with another sub human thing that appears as if it has dipped it's face in a large vat of make up.

If (un)Reality TV shows aren't one of the signs of the End Times for the human race, I'll be surprised. These morons and anyone stupid enough to watch this shit should be deleted, as well.

What I still find amusing, annoying, sad and mind boggling is what passes as news these days.

I was checking out this website and it has given out, what they believe, are guidelines to what makes a story newsworthy. I don't agree with a few of these supposed factors that makes news worthy of conveying to the masses. For example:


Where they say that famous people should get more coverage just because they're famous. For an example, they gave the possible scenario where the Queen of England breaks her arm. That's news- to them. Not to me. I don't care what celebrity, politician or Oompa Loompa breaks their dick or ruptures a spleen. That's a private medical matter that's boring to me, personally. That bit of news I heard the other day about the Queen throwing a hissy fit over Prince William not consulting with her over his wedding details was an example of stupidity for many reasons. For one, that's a personal family thing that the media didn't need to say anything about. And two, Prince William should have told her that it's his and his fiancee's wedding and the Queen should go act like she's important somewhere else. I might also add that he should tell the bitter old nosy bitch to shove her asinine complaints way up her royal hoo hoo.

Suck on that, Grandmummy!

Timing or state of currency, according to the same website's authors is a big factor, too, as far as something being newsworthy. For me, that isn't as crucial as the content. Something substantial that happened a month ago may be something I haven't heard about yet- and want to know about. And certainly, when you're watching Network TV news, half of the time you're not watching anything substantial, anyway. More often than not, you'll receive a deluge of information about the antics of a celebrity (like Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan) and how they've gotten drunk, coked up, got naked on a merry-go-round and had sex with three albino midgets earlier that day. Or something like that. Who cares? That's on them. I don't care how many times they've gone through rehab. That's their personal business.

I know celebrity bullshit "news" is manna from heaven for the ignorant, but goddamn, does it have to be everywhere all the time? Give me a break! By the way, for all you folks living in Great Britain, that's America's sorry excuse for royalty-Celebrities. At least for some retards.

Bottom line: I'd rather hear, read or see significant news at the expense of up to the minute current news that is actually insignificant.

The Following Is Also Not News:

*Politicians bickering with other politicians in an endless stalemate of interests and agendas.

*Reports of doctors saying that eating too much of this or that is unhealthy and then contradicting themselves three months later to say eating this or that is okay again.

*Who, exactly, won the big million dollar lottery. I'm sure the person winning that lottery really wants their name announced so everyone can badger them for money.

*The latest electronic gadget

*High school sports game scores

*Anything having to do with Facebook, especially the nerdy boy Facebook creator, Mark Fuckburger (or whatever his name is). It's hard to believe they made Fuckburger "Person of The Year" in some popular U.S. magazine. Has he even gone through puberty yet?

*Biased opinions

*And more I can't think of at the moment because the coffee buzz is starting to wear off.

Like I've mentioned once before on this blog, Network TV news is (at least here in the U.S.) usually motivated by cross sector partnerships of big corporations, politicians with self serving agendas and self interest groups. You're only allowed to see what they want you to see. I'm not a conspiracy freak. You just have to do a bit of research to see who's owned by whom or who's being manipulated by whom. Reporters are paid their salaries to not say certain things against their employers/corporations. When you compare some of the more truthful and revealing news sources you can find on the Internet to the news you see on TV, those Internet news sources are more often accurate or dead on accurate. Not always, but the ones I check out are usually reliable.

The Following Subjects Are News:

*The deaths and strife of a mass of people (e.g. Haiti earthquake of last year, Flooding in Australia, The recession and unemployment issues, Wars). When major news corporations report about events such as this, they will usually stop reporting about it when the "next big news item" comes along, long before the strife or devastation has ended for the suffering populace in the region affected.

*REAL technological, scientific, medical breakthroughs that greatly improve or save people's lives.

*Climate change, environmental pollution.

*Positive solutions toward getting away from our dependency on coal and fossil fuels.

*Everyday people saving others' lives.

*And more I can't think of because the coffee buzz has completely worn off now.

But I think you get the picture, or at the very least, my point of view of what is truly newsworthy and what the media, in all it's varied forms, considers news. Your perspective may be different and I respect that. What I won't respect or tolerate is an organization or media outlet that is so completely biased that they will report something that is misleading or a total falsehood. And yeah, I know certain news is reported for reasons of ratings and/or greed- but that doesn't mean it's right and should be accepted.

When will people learn?


Sir Tom Eagerly said...

My dear sir. I really must protest about your cavalier regard for my second cousin, once removed - Her Glorious Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second, Empress of India and all her dominions. Anyway, she is a greatgrandmummy these days; don't you yankee chaps read the papers at all?
A Royal British firing squad has been despatched to Hicksville, where you obviously live, and will be knocking on your front door sometime very soon!
(Sir Tom stands to attention while 'Rule Britannia' blasts out from the wind-up gramaphone thingy.)
Ha ha Kelly, only joking!
I bet, for a moment, Sir Tom had you worried, eh?
And the toast is - 'Queen and Country'! Cheers old boy!

Gorilla Bananas said...

Well everyone has their own idea of what news is, so I don't blame the TV stations for catering for the majority. I'm getting the impression you'd like to hear more news about big-titted women singing songs in karaoke bars. I respect your point of view.

bazza said...

I tend to think that we get the news and programmes we deserve. Crappy reality shows (that's most of them) are cheap to make and will keep on appearing as long as enough people watch them.
You did make some interesting points about news content. That's editorial or proprietorial decisions; Rupert Murdochs media empire does not print or show what he disaproves of.
Look out for Sir Tom's army of henchmen coming to get you!
Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

Kelly said...

Sir Tom Eagerly- The Queen is your second cousin, once removed? Hmmm... Well, that doesn't surprise much since all of you seem to be related to each other over there (inbreeding). Ha ha Sir Tom, only joking! Aren't I a cad? The Queen is a greatgrandmummy? Why thats NEWS to me. lol.

Send the British firing squad over right away. Be sure to order them, as I know you have the authority, to terminate all the Snooki and Kardashian types of dipshits here before enjoying their tea and crumpets. Ha ha! Again, just jesting with ya, Sir Tom. No harm. No foul. Take care, man.

And, oh yeah, I do, unfortunately, live in Hicksville. Can I come over to Britain to live with you? I promise to drink all of your liquor. :)

Kelly said...

Gorilla Bananas- I do blame the TV stations for catering to the majority. Because of Corporate news catering to the majority, not to mention their own interests, a lot of news that that don't want you to know about for one reason or another is omitted.

That big-titted woman that is pictured on the post is the thing the media calls a Snooki. I just threw the pic up on the blog so people knew what "it" looked like so they could throw their monkey shit at "it" whenever "it" is seen in public.

Thanks for respecting my point of view, dude.

Kelly said...

bazza- I don't think we get the news that we deserve but I see your point of view. Because most people are too ignorant and eager to gulp down what passes for news (celebrity crap, for instance), I believe that you're implying, more or less, because of what they want- they should get. Personally, I don't believe people should get what want. They deserve real news to educate them- at least to some degree. God, most people are becoming dumber as the years go by as it is. Of course, relying on what's on TV these days for any type of education (with the exception of watching something on the History Channel or Discovery Channel or something like them) is a poor source to rely on.

Yeah, those crappy (un)reality shows are cheap to make. Any you're right, people will keep on watching them. Sad statement on society, isn't it?

Rupert Murdoch's editorial decisions are an excellent example of news censorship. Good point. And I can't wait for Sir Tom's henchmen to come over, Bazza. The tea and crumpets have been set on the table, ready for their arrival. Woo hoo! Take care, man.

THE SNEE said...

Hi Kelly,

I'm there with you....though I admit having a terrible weakness for "So You Think You Can Dance"....It's that Gene Kelly thing in me, I guess. Otherwise, I couldn't agree with you more! As always, you speak the truth...even when it's a tad disheartening! Hope you are well. I'm thinking a lot about you.

Kelly said...

THE SNEE- Hi Rebecca, Glad to hear you're with me on this. That dance show you speak of, I believe, is sort of like that celebrity dance show my wife forces me to watch with her, except without the celebrity "has beens" or "never nots".

If nothing else, I speak and write how I honestly feel. I think a lot of people don't and try to hide that part of themselves from others for whatever excuse. I thank you for saying I speak the truth.

I hope you're doing well, too and I'm grateful that you're think a lot about me. I hope you're not getting snowed under where you're at. The snow is one thing. The sub-freezing temps that don't allow the snow to melt is another. Have you heard that it has snowed in 49 of the 50 states? I think that may be a first since the last ice age. :) Anyways, take care, Rebecca.

The Wolf said...

Once again Kelly I'm in total agrement what passes for news is 99percent useless shit. Who the fuck cares what some snot nosed rich ass celeb thinks who pays someone to wipe their ass. I want to know abut the shit that matters like if the enviroment is going to cave in....but I'm not bitter.

Greg said...

Damn, How did I miss Charlie Sheen having sex with the midgets, or was it Lindsay Lohan? I need to hook cable back up.

It's all mindless entertainment anymore, even the news. There is no news, no in depth reporting informing us of what is actually pertinent and important. (Other than who's having sex with midgets of course)

I turned my television of years ago, and I'm glad of it because the crap that's on is awful.

These reality shows are just cheap ways for producers to make tons of money using cheap wannbe actors and actresses.

Why pay a real actor when you can get an idiot for free?

Loved the article on who own corporate news networks, it is so true, we hear what they want us to hear. That's why its so important to keep the Internet free from corporations.

Kelly said...

The Wolf- Know what ya mean. I don't care what some celebrity thinks. I just watch them to act. Like you, I'd rather know what's going on with the environment, especially these these latest days/years when climate change is getting increasingly extreme.

Kelly said...

Greg- Oh, didn't you hear the news? It was Sheen, Lohan and Dick Clark fucking albino midgets on the merry-go-round. Sure, Clark had that stroke years ago that left him unable to speak clearly... but he sure can make an albino midget happy as can of turnips!

I can't blame you for turning the boob tube off years ago. I would, too, but the wife likes it. Meh. Although I do like "Fringe" and a few others. No debate on why they put the reality crap on TV. I notice most of the wannabe idiots eventually fade into obscurity in a short time. Not short enough, however.

You're right. It is very important to keep the Net free from Corporations. Now go check out the big story on celebrity midget fucking! It will change your life and stuff.

klahanie said...

Hi Kelly,
I agree with you on this one. However, the media seems to assume what the public considers 'newsworthy'. Sensationalism sells. Positive human interest stories can be put on the back burner. A lot of folks are fascinated by what the heck the Royals or some 'reality' star are getting up too.
I'm with you but the media knows what sells. Personally I couldn't give a shit about the Royal family and would love to send them all over your way:-)
Oh, by the way, Sir Tom has been sent to a dark and dreary cell in the Tower of London...
Hope you manage to have some semblance of a decent weekend.
Take care, Gary

Kelly said...

klahanie- Oh no-no-no... I don't want the Royal family over here. :) Bad enough we have these wannabe star/ Reality TV sub humans, celebrities and other similar folks grabbing headlines that shouldn't be. If the Royals were here, too, there wouldn't be a scrap of real news on the TV at all.

Glad with you are in agreement, dude. Real news should take precedence over the trivial garbage. Whether it sells or not, the media should stick their sensationalism up their collective butt holes.

Good to hear Sir Tom has been sent to the Tower of London. He probably needs to "dry out", anyway.

My plan for this weekend involves drinking and having a good time with a friend. Watch it all get fucked up by good ol' Daddy! Zippity-doo-da! Perhaps he'll take another jaunty walk through the ice and snow tomorrow night.

Take care, Gary. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I think everyone should turn off the TV and wrap the chicken bones left over from the jumbo wings we devoured for lunch in the local newspaper and go read some erotica, instead!

What do you think, Kelly? ;-)

Kelly said... Good idea, Penny. Jumbo wings, a turned off boob tube and reading some erotica sounds like a swell combination.

I don't remember eating the wings, though. You must have ate all of them when I turned around and was checkin' out the busty redhead. ;)

kerrie said...

Hi and good day to you sir
You make and/or write some intesting heart felt thoughts. Thoughts that I have felt many times while sitting at a friends house and they have the TV on (while txting I might add).

Thoughts that after a few too many wines has me and my comments shown the door along with my pickled egg (the remains of a takeaway) and the farts that follow (just put that in for added humour ) I never fart !!! I am a woman who keeps it all in. Believe that and you believe the the Queen is worthy of the crown jewels she hides in her chest!
keep it real brother
ps thank you for the extra visit to my blog it really made me feel good I have posted a new blog and I hope you find it funny
K again

Kate said...

Couldn't have said it better myself so thanks for saying it!

Kelly said...

kerrie- Good evening/day to you, as well, Kerrie. And thanks for the 'hearfelt thought' comment. So your texting and TV watching pals show your pickled egg, drunken, farting keister out the door when ya tell them how it is, eh? Shame on them!

Something tells you don't keep all those aromatic poots in and you free them upon an unsuspecting gathering of good friends. That's what I do, anyway. I like to watch them cough, gag and puke up their toenails. Always puts a smile on my face.

Stay cool, Kerrie. I'll be by your site to see what new thing ya got cooked up, shortly.

Kelly said...

Kate- You're most welcome, Kate. I'm relieved when I find that there are still some sane people left in the world that agree with me. :)

Lana Gramlich said...

There is no "news" anymore, hon. Such things died with Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow. All we have now is infotainment designed to distract & siphon money from our wallets.
The 9 years I spent without TV were my favorite...

Lana Gramlich said...

The sad thing is, people growing up today think that what they're getting is news. They don't know any better, and that's a damned scary thing.

Lana Gramlich said...

You might be interested in "How to Watch TV News" or many of the other publications by Neil Postman.

Okay, okay...rant over.

Kelly said...

Lana Gramlich- You say the truth there, Lana. I have no doubt those 9 years were good without the shit on TV. The real news of yesteryear with Murrow and Cronkite has been replaced by infotainment, like you say. Sadly, most of the public eagerly gulps it down with too much ease. There are a handful of us who understand how things are, who's pulling the strings and who benefits the most from public ignorance but are unwilling to put a voice to their understanding.

People like you, me and an even smaller handful of others speak out and, at least, point out the truth of things.

The publication you mentioned does sound like something I'd like to read. I'll have to check that out. Thanks! Btw, rant on as much as you like. Take care, Lana.

CB said...

What I wouldn't give for a peek at emails between your ass and your family!!!

That'd be some quality fucking entertainment!!!

Kelly said...

CB- Well, hello there, CB! Haven't seen you in these parts for awhile. Welcome back! Here's your drink. Cheers!

Nah, the emails between the family and my handsome ass are kinda sucky and depressing. Now the Yahoo email I got for my fellow bloggers, only,... THAT is some fucking quality entertainment! THOSE- you'd like to check out.

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