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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Seduce Me- The Duck and The Bedbug

Watch these clips from Isabella Rosselini's show, Seduce Me, on the Sundance Channel. They're freaking bizarre and funny as fuck. Trust me. You have to see these to believe 'em.

There's nothing quite as humorous as watching a human being getting gang raped by ducks, I always say. And the bedbug clip certainly had "a point" to it. Not sure what, but I'm sure it's there somewhere.


klahanie said...

Well fuck a duck. What a fowl and suggestive video. Did I ever mention that 'duck' is a term of endearment in these here parts? Hmmmm..
Must go now, I want to see what's happening with my bedbugs.

Kelly said...

klahanie- Hahaha... 'fowl'??? No, you've never mentioned that 'duck' is a term of endearment in those there parts. And now I am wondering about the people in those there parts that you dwell in that somehow associate the word 'duck' with a term of endearment. Can you explain this, Mr. Smarty WordPlayPants? Say that 17 times fast! Why? I don't know.

The bedbugs are having an orgy on your bed. They are inviting you to join them. A tough decision must be made. Please, for goodness sakes, do the right thing, man. LOL. I think that means "Lick Oscar's Lollipop" or something.... I don't know. I'm rambling. Time to go. Bye. HAVE A NICE DAAAAAYYYYY!

Gorilla Bananas said...

That labyrinthine vagina was amazing, a penis could get lost inside it. Now I know why female ducks don't need a purse.

Kelly said...

Gorilla Bananas- You're telling me, Gorilla. I tried to buy my female duck a purse and it told me to go fuck off and that she didn't need no goddamn purse. Then I smoked another bowl of oregano, scratched my hairy nutsack and went back to sleep.

klahanie said...

Okay, just cause it's you, I shall explain. 'Duck' kinda' is a replacement word for 'love'. People here get called 'duck', 'hen', 'chicken' and these are 'fowl' expressions.
When I first moved here, I had a sore neck. People kept saying, 'Are you all!' So naturally, I ducked. LOL 'Lick Old Lesbians'
Right time to flock off with the ducks and then continue my orgy with a bunch or horny, quite literally, bedbugs.....

Gorilla Bananas said...

Your female duck has spirit, I think I'd like to meet her.

I believe the English use the phrase "Hello Ducky!" as a greeting. It is discussed in this link.

BTW, I really loved your previous post. There was I thinking you were just a funny guy who made people laugh, but that last post showed me what a deep, multi-faceted dude you are. You gave me so much food for thought that my brain is now on a diet.

klahanie said...

Hi Gorilla Bananas. Actually, the common phrase used in England is 'hiya duck' and is a commonly used colloquial phrase in the more northern parts of England.
I have hardly ever heard anyone, anywhere in England use the term, 'Hello Ducky!'
All the best and cheers! :-)

Gorilla Bananas said...

Hi Klahanie. "Hello Ducky!" is a camp expression, possibly more common in the south. Apparently it's been used in six movies.

sexnfries said...

well I know need more therapy, just when I thought I was doing fine...need something to blame..thanks

bazza said...

Actually a once-common London expression is 'Lord, love a duck!'
Many think it's cockney rhyming slang. Can't think what it rhymes with.....
See my post on cockney rhyming slang here
Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

Kelly said...

klahanie- I wish you well in your bedbug orgy. Judging from that very educational video, you'll need it.

More importantly, I thank you for taking the time to explain the 'duck' expressions. That's odd that they equate the word 'duck' with 'love' but hey, here in the U.S., we've got a shitload of odd expressions or odd meanings for different words so I can't judge, really.

'Lick Old Lesbians' sounds like a game show. The one who licks the most crevices and wrinkles is the winner... And the prize? A nasty yeast infection on your tongue and lips.

Thanks for all the comments, dude.

Kelly said...

Gorilla Bananas- Yes, my female duck does have spirit. When she says "No!", I know I'm not gettin' any tail (feathers).

Thanks, man for the 'previous post' and 'multifaceted'comments/compliments.

Yeah, I do a variety of posts here on PC. When you visit, you never know what you're going to get. I don't care for the "staying in one genre type of blogging" approach. I feel I'm not staying true to myself if I do that. Plus, it's very confining as time goes by.

Take care, Gorilla.

Kelly said...

sexnfries- Ahhh- I'm so happy I could contribute to your insanity. You're welcome. lol. So what do you plan on telling the therapist?

Kelly said...

bazza- So what did you think of the videos?

MartyrMom said...

what the fuck?
porn bedbugs and fucking ducks?
bugs do bite
and ducks do fuck
and many drakes have no luck!

Very educational thanks for the public service

The Wolf said...

What in the fuck was that?????? I don't even think my mind can get around how twisted that was......AWSOME. That's kinda what's inside my head, minus the ducks and creepy weird chick. It has more war related stuff, ninjas, dead baby jokes, and leprichauns who burn things while saying "blarney" and "shenanigans"....what was I talking about again?

Kelly said...

MarytrMom- Ah, what a beautiful way you have with verse. You could write children's books.

And you're most welcome for the public service. I try to service the public any way I can- with my pants down and a smile.

Kelly said...

The Wolf- If you have those types of shenanigans going on inside your head then you should definitely NOT be allowed out in public for the public's safety. Actually, because of that, you should be allowed out among the crazies. I can just see you, armed to the teeth, dealing out justice to the annoying, egotistical and retarded. Of course, there won't be anyone left, but hey, sometimes you gotta break all the eggs to make an omelette so frighteningly huge, even Homer Simpson couldn't scarf it down.

... Uh, what was I saying?

LilPixi said...

Wtf is wrong with her?! lmao. Wow, man, she takes strange to a whole new level.

Kelly said...

LiliPixi- I don't know wtf is wrong with her but I do know one thing... I just gave you an award. Check out my latest post to see what I mean.

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