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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Disturbing Trend of Small Town Crimes By Cops and Crazies

The folks in my surrounding area are getting a little too crazy... even for me. I think I liked it better when they were all just a bunch of boring, redneck hillbillies that just sat around drinking beer and renting DVDs for their weekend's entertainment. There was a time when our neighboring big city of Cincinnati was getting all the bad press and media attention for gang related murders and widespread police brutality toward innocent and elderly people. You know... The easier targets.

Now the small town area I live in is getting that kind of attention this year. Some of the news is even garnering national media attention.


In the town of Rising Sun, Indiana, a couple rinky dink towns away from me, a boy by the name of Andrew Conley, 18 years old, decided to strangle his 10 year old brother to death because he wanted to be like the main character in the TV show, Dexter. Dexter is a serial killer in the show and apparently, Andrew was a big fan. The news of the murder made headlines across the U.S. and everyone expressed disbelief it had happened in such a small town.

At the time of the murder, Andrew was 17.

Andrew confessed to the murder, while in court, very calmly and gave intricate details to the judge and the courtroom audience of how it all went down.

Andrew explained that he choked his younger brother while they were playing around and wrestling on the ground until the boy passed out. He said he then dragged his brother into the kitchen, put on gloves and continued strangling him for at least 20 minutes. Andrew then confided that he put the boy's head into two plastic bags.

A coroner testified that Andrew's brother, Conner, may have still been alive for minutes or hours after that point, but the bags helped suffocate him and Conley repeatedly banged the boy's head on the ground before loading him in the trunk of his car to make sure he was dead.

Conley told psychologists he had been unable to stop and felt as if he were watching the murder outside himself. But the judge said that despite contradictory statements by Conley, experts agreed that he still knew what he was doing was wrong.

The judge discounted Conley's claims of remorse as "superficial and not sincere," saying he could have expressed remorse when he drove to give his girlfriend a promise ring with his brother's body in the trunk of his car but didn't.

The judge also noted that instead of telling his father what he had done the following morning, he asked for condoms and joked with his mother and watched football all day. Conley also calmly remarked that he had calmly stood over his sleeping father with a knife and considered cutting his throat.

Conley, now 18, was sentenced a month ago to life in prison without parole. The prosecutor said he couldn't get the death penalty because he was only 17 when the murder occurred.

A Couple of Florence Nightingales

Then we have two cases of two head nurses in two different nursing homes that were arrested for selling drugs; pain medication, to be exact, that was meant to be administered to two elderly women who were both suffering from terminal illnesses. One elderly lady was on morphine for her horrendous pain. The other, on a high dosage of Vicodin. Both of them died in agony due to the head nurses using the medication that was meant for them and instead, selling their medication for profit.

Who's Going To Protect Us From The Cops?

Then there is the disturbing trend, lately, where the cops in this area of small, strung together towns are getting in trouble for some pretty heinous crimes.

In the town I grew up in, a former Assistant Police Chief has been caught, arrested and fined for pilfering money from the police department he worked at. No jail time, however. He had been a cop there for close to twenty years.

Still another cop has been suspended, temporarily, from the force for two instances of Driving Under the Influence and crashing into someone on the last one.

Yet another cop, in my old hometown, has recently been arrested for beating his wife almost to death and he has been ticketed and given a little fine for his actions.

Even the mayor of the town I'm living in now has recently been arrested for driving under the influence and crashing into a parked vehicle.

Saving The Worst For Last

One former Assistant Police Chief was arrested earlier this year. This former Assistant Police Chief of one of these small towns in a Indiana police department will spend the next seven years in prison. The cop resigned in April of 2010 after being arrested for solicitation.

Police say the veteran police officer was chatting with whom he thought to be a 13 year old girl, who was, in fact, an undercover police officer in Ohio. The former Assistant Police Chief, while chatting away with the "young girl", also exposed his cock to her by way of using his son's computer and the son's web cam. It was later reported that he had flashed his genitals on several different occasions to other young girls, by way of web cam, after law enforcement officials confiscated the computer and checked out the history and video files on the hard drive and talking to victims of whom he flashed.

The court was thinking about fining "Officer Pervert" a shit load of money on top of his sentence but they decided, in the end, to refrain from doing so because his wife and two sons would be the ones to suffer. His wife, of nearly twenty years of marriage, is barely getting by as it is because she works at Wal-Mart. You know... Wal-Mart. That's the place where they treat their employees like shit and pay them next to nothing while they face and deal with the general public every day- a fate worse than death. I know. I was employed there for about three years.

Also, on a side note, if any employee at Wal-Mart is caught or rumored to have spoken about this woman's ex-cop husband (yes, she is still married to him) and the crime he committed, they have been told they will be immediately terminated on site.

By the way, I have nothing but absolute respect for anyone having to deal with an ungrateful, cold blooded team of management and your typical asshole customers every day. Much more so than anyone else in any other occupation- with the exception of firefighters, EMT's and people who help others out.

"Officer Pervert", who is 52 years old, had been a police officer for 25 years. As of now, this scumbag, piece-of-shit ex-cop remains held at the Switzerland County Detention Center until he can be moved to a state facility because they fear for his safety.

Hopefully, when they throw his sorry ass in prison, he will be eligible for the special Seven Year Plan of severe, sadistic anal raping as a lesson in justice.

Let's collectively cross our fingers, shall we?

The popular expression in our area, nowadays, is this:

If you wanna get a job as a cop with the police department- it's easy... Just commit a felony.

The Truth

All cops are not heroes and that's a fact, but because of the myth that "all cops are heroes," there's minimal call for disciplining bad cops, and maximal call for "forgiving," and "understanding" the tough work of being a cop. To me, that type of allowance is terrifying.

Police work is tough, of course. It's among the most difficult jobs in the world, work that deserves our respect. And turning a blind eye toward police misconduct by allowing crooked, corrupt, outright criminal cops to have long careers in law enforcement only makes it more difficult and dangerous for the good cops.

Letting cops get away with crime, or "punishing" police misconduct with long, leisurely paid suspensions, or probation, or sweet deals that allow a policeman's own police record to be expunged, or any of the other special treatments cops typically receive when they're accused of wrongdoing, is asinine and counterproductive.

And really, the same goes for any authority figure. They should be held accountable and the punishment for any wrongdoing on their part should be swift and harsh just because they have been given the responsibility of either leading and/or protecting people in their charge.

If you wish, I will gleefully volunteer for the job of doling out said punishments. I can be quite creative, I cheerfully assure you. I am smiling quite evilly now, as you can imagine. And can you just imagine me in charge of punishing such offenders? What fun everyone would have!

In The End

It's been an exciting year in my neck of the woods thus far. I wonder what will happen next in my sleepy little town. It's always been a source of mild amusement for me when reporters come around and do their usual commentary during these types of reports, saying the same routine phrase, "Well, you wouldn't think it could happen in such a small town like this but "so and so" committed _________ (fill in the blank for whatever shocking crime you can think of that could happen in a burg like mine).


Gorilla Bananas said...

I suppose the police can be infiltrated by villains like any other organisation. I believe a couple of NYPD officers were outed as mafia hitmen and convicted for their crimes. You would have my support as the dispenser of creative punishments, provided none of them involved the waxing-and-ripping of butt hairs. I am strongly opposed to that cruel and unusual punishment.

THE SNEE said...

This is your more serious side Kelly! We too have a growing crime rate in New England small towns. I attribute it to poor economics, boredom, and loss of moral compass. As for police corruption. I am cynical enough to believe that everything is corruptible if it is human run...which might explain Gorilla Bananas take on life. P.S. Do you want to borrow my son's rear view mirror glasses. You're guaranteed to stand out in any crowd and see behind you all the time. After all, awareness keeps stuff from creeping up from behind. Take care, and keep your camera on you at all times. You just might get a good 'shot' when you least expect it. Take good care of yourself!

bazza said...

Hi Kelly. I know I said i always come away from your site with a smile but the serious stuff is good too; it makes light and shade.
Alas criminality is on the increase all over the Western world.
In the UK there has been a steep rise in drunkeness and anti-social behaviour in smaller country towns which were once thought of as rural paradises. Lack of employment leads to a kind of hopelessness in young men and women.
It's hard to see where the answers are. For me it's not from religion or extreme right-wing politics.
Nice, thoughtful post.
Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

Good Sir Tom... said...

That Bazza's an intellectual heavyweight isn't he? But it's true - there is an army of young drunks who are challenging us older drunks for supremecy.
As for police corruption, I'll have you know that in the UK we have the best police that money can buy!
Toodle-pip old thing!

Lana Gramlich said...

I sometimes wonder what kind of crazy world we live in. However, denial has proven a greater force for happiness for me. It's much better to spend time sitting on my deck, reading, watching birds, perhaps sipping a margarita, than reading the news. It's sad but true.

Kelly said...

Gorilla Bananas- Well, with you being a gorilla and all, I can see where you would draw the line on the ripping and waxing of butt hair. For the record, so am I. But I'm not opposed to shoving a lit up bottle rocket up up bastard's ass as a punishment.

Kelly said...

THE SNEE- Amen to that, Rebecca! If humans have anything to do with it, you can pretty much count on something being corrupted in one way or another. As far as your son's rear view glasses... I thank you for the offer but I have my own personal attack kitty that stays with me at all times. He's small but has fangs like a Sabertooth. Woo wee!

Thanks for the camera advice. I try to keep it on hand as much as possible. You never know when you'll get a good shot of a UFO flying overhead. :)

Take care, my friend. Stay well.

Kelly said...

bazza- Thanks, bazza. True about the light and shade. As you know... I mix it up a bit. I can easily believe you have those types in the UK, as well. I agree. Unemployment, like here in the US, certainly does affect the crime rate. Like you, I don't find answers in silly religions and politics. Those are just tools for people to get something they think they want. But that's another post.

Take care, dude.

Kelly said...

Good (?) Sir Tom- Whatever happened to Fabulous Sir Tom??? Have you been demoted? What gives?

Oh Tom, I can't answer about Bazza's intellectualism because I'm still in awe over my own. I just found out my IQ is close to Stephen Hawking's and in celebration of this, I'm cheerfully wanking off.

Hahaha... You have the best police (corruption) that money can buy, aye? Well then... You fine folks in the UK are a very lucky bunch, aren't you? I'll have to drop by your place for a drink, eat all of your food and have a proper look-see. Once there, I can dazzle you with my intellect and magic tricks.

Have the bottle ready! Here I come!

Kelly said...

Lana Gramlich- Your alternative to the news of being on your deck, watching the birds, drinking margaritas and so on sounds relaxing. I do my own variation of that when the world weighs heavy on my shoulders. The news is so negative anymore but the light fluffy stuff they report is annoying as heck too, sometimes.

I often times wonder if I was born on the wrong planet because I certainly believe I don't think like most of the human freakos out there. Hahahaha.

Hey... and thanks for following. Just noticed. Take care, Lana.

Alpha Za said...

Great post man, makes me wonder about cops in general, yielding so much authority with such humble qualifications.

As for your punishment ideas, I say enroll him in some violent pay-per view gay gang bangs and email the invitation to all of his ex-friends, ex-wives, wal-mart co-workers, children's friends etc.

It'll make millions.

I'm not very nice.

Anonymous said...

I think I'll be sitting with Lana on her deck sipping margaritas, while you boys flex your muscles and deal with the bad guys.

Just make sure you are home in time for dinner. I'll have a couple of icy cold beers ready for you to enjoy while I grill your steak.

Lynn MacDonald said...

I think stuff like this has always happened, it was just before mass media could let us see it so quickly. Having said that, there is no doubt that disturbing shows like Dexter can have HUGE IMPACT on kids who are already screwed up. It's sad really.

Kelly said...

Alpha Za- Thanks. And welcome to the site. I have concerns about cops abusing their authority. I think it's gotten worse. I like your punishment ideas... which really are justice ideas, to be truthful. Anytime you wanna help start that kind of plan, I'm ready to help out.

And "nice" is in the eye of the beholder. :)

Kelly said... Well, now... Penny, you just go ahead with your good self and sit on the deck, ah drinkin' and such. Us boys are gonna get our hands dirty with justice and such. Yee ha!

I'll be sure to be home in time for dinna. I like make steaks medium well and my beer, cold tasty. :)

Yes, ma'am.

Kelly said...

Lynn MacDonald- Maybe it always has and the media, like you say, let's us see it more quickly. I can't say for sure. I don't think shows are to blame, however. I think blame should be placed squarely on the individual.

Either way, it is sad to see and hear of these things happening. Take care, Lynn. I'll be at your site later tonight to comment on your latest post.

DramaQueen said...

I never did trust the cops, but now they are giving me new reasons why not to. I'm about sick of special treatment for certain people. Hell I think it should be a harder punishment not less of one...I mean, shouldn't cops know the law better than anyone? So they know damn well exactly what they're doing is illegal.

Kelly said...

DramaQueen- Totally agree with you there. I don't trust cops. They've never given me a reason to. But they have given me plenty of reasons not to. Not just from personal experience but from stories I've heard and read of people I know and don't know.

Wouldn't it be a little more of a just world if the punishment for an authority abusing cop were harsher than say, a first offender of a victimless crime? Unfortunately, we'll never see that happen. They know what they are doing is wrong and they know they can get away with it. And the general public allows it.

Take care.

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