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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Easing Back Into Sanity and Heading Into Fall

My wife, friend and I went to the state park, recently and took some great nature shots and photos of some of the old shelters. You can really see the leaves of the trees changing colors now.

We spent a couple hours here, walking, talking and goofing off. As always, nature never lets me down when I'm badly in need of peace and relaxation. While here, I could feel the weight (my family) slip off my shoulders, leaving me to experience the quiet and simplicity of my surroundings. My friend and I took pictures of wild geese, lakes, shelters, stone drinking fountains, trees and more.

I needed a day like this.

Take a look at my tree shot close ups and tell me you don't see a dragon's face, a vagina, a set of boobs and a crooked cock!

Yeah, you see it, too. Don't you, you perverted fucker?!

After spending the last few days easing back into sanity and attempting to escape the pain and insanity of some really bad weeks I had earlier, I can honestly say the tension is lifting. I've seen a couple movies, went out to eat, celebrated my birthday at my wife's folk's place and taken a couple walks.

I can see where we are going to have some challenges ahead with the repair work one of our cars badly need but couldn't get to, my health, my wife's worsening health and other things down the road... But, at least, while I head deeper into the new Fall season, my head feels lighter and I can think more clearly and positively. I'm going to take the advice my doctor gave me today and stay away from my Dad for awhile. Maybe I'll make contact with him sometime next week. Depends on how I feel.

There's something else I've been thinking about and that is the high possibility of me creating a photo blog in the near future. The new blog will have nothing but interesting and/or cool photos on it and a few short descriptions of each pic thrown into the mix.

No porn, you freaks! This one will be semi-respectable and shit. Or even better. :)

If you can think of a nifty title for my photo blog and want to give me some ideas, let me know in the comment box or by email. Take care, everyone.


MarytrMom said...

don't know what time you got up....but...... I don't see the boobs. I see the rest of it.
Pictures are cool. I wish I could take them properly. The name of your new and "clean" site would probably depend on where you live (maybe). I ponder the ol' brain (without hurting anyone).

Glad you took a break. I don't think I could live around my family. We visit once a year and that is plenty.

Gorilla Bananas said...

I like the look of that place - if the trees were a little thicker it would be gorilla country.

I saw the vagina instantly because it's like the engorged vulva of a female gorilla in season. See you later, I'm off to get laid.

Kelly said...

MarytrMom- Good eye, there. I forgot tree boob picture but meant to add it. When I created this post, it was about 6 in the morning and my brain was telling me to go nighty-night but I wouldn't listen.

Thanks for the 'cool pics' comment. I wish I could get away with seeing them once a year.

Take care

Kelly said...

Anyway... I added it so that everyone could enjoy nature's boobs. :)

Kelly said...

Gorilla Bananas- Hahaha. Yes, and some vines to swing on would likely be of benefit in gorilla country, too. Did you see the vagina instantly because you're a HornDog Gorilla? I think you are correct, sir, in identifying the likeness to the engorged gorilla vulva.

Enjoy getting laid! I'm envious.

bazza said...

A title for your photo blog? You said it Kelly - "Semi-respectable and shit"!
Have a great weekend, Kelly.

klahanie said...

Hi Kelly,
My friend, I believe that is just the kind of positive distraction you need. You are taking some excellent photographs and yes, I can see all those naughty (knotty) things you mention.
Kelly's Kamera Kaptures some very excellent photos. Keep going with this and have a peaceful weekend. That's and order! :-)
With respect, Gary.

The Wolf said...

I agree with Bazza that you're new blog should be called "Semi-respectable and shit" Hey if you on't use it I'm going to for a new one that I've been thinking up, I'm still trying to figure out what it's going to be about but that title is gold.

Kelly said...

bazza- Why... That just might work! Gosh... Thanks Bazza. lol. Although that may be a rip dandy blog title most any other time, I think I'm kinda looking for something else. :) Enjoy your day.

Kelly said...

klahanie- See?! I knew you could spot out the knotty things, too. You must be a pervert. Congratulations! Welcome to the club!*

*No member fees required. Ooh la la.

Thanks for the excellent photos compliment, Gary. A photo blog would be a good distraction. I agree. I think a picture blog might be a great idea for many reasons. I've always loved taking pictures since I was a kid and at one point, I was taking so many pictures up until my 30's- that I had managed to fill 27 big photo albums in a 20 year time period. It helped that my family traveled often during vacations.

I really like the title, Kelly's Kamera Kaptures. I will have to think about that one. The tiniest problem I have with that title is that I don't want any idiots on the web to shorten it to KKK- I don't want to be related to that organization in any way, shape or form. Or do you think people would that?

I'm taking your order (not to mention my doctor's) to stay the hell away from stress. :) And I can already feel a difference. Have a great day, dude.

Kelly said...

The Wolf- LOL. Yeah, that title is pretty nifty and swell and dandy as fuck. It would also make a great t-shirt slogan. Wear it to church or your next business meeting.

As my early Christmas gift to you, I shall now bestow you with bazza's wonderful blog title and hope that you have many happy moments with it. Woo & hoo.

Regarding your new site's title, I think your new website should be about gaining confidence in life and different methods for pooping.

So there you have it, my friend. A new blog title and a new purpose in life. Ya can't beat that with a cat o' nine tails.

Static said...

Hmm..a nifty name for a photoblog, eh? about "Semi-respectable Psycho Photoblog"?

Kelly said...

Static- I will take your suggestion under consideration, friend. Prizes awarded to the winner include one free dinner at the Droopy Nipple Cafe in Hicksburg, Tennessee.

Thank you for participating.

MarytrMom said...

okie dokie......your pervert-ness is complete.

Kelly said...

MarytrMom- Thanks you and God Bless. LOL.

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