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Monday, October 11, 2010

Japanese Naked Man Festival and The Great News

I have got some great news for ya.

One, I've had a nice nap.

It was, as far as I can remember, completely dream-free. Always a plus in my book.

Two, and probably most importantly, I got a call from the doctor's office about my bloodwork from my quarterly glucose testing during Friday's appointment for my diabetes. The doctor (actually receptionist-you never get to talk to the doctor) said my blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and the rest were NORMAL.

I was so overjoyed at this news and surprised, simultaneously.

I figured my levels would be completely fucked due to the overeating on the cruise we took, the stress of moving tons of shitola for a crazed father and my exercise routine being scrapped because of all the recent past events -that my levels would be up through the roof. Thank God, Jesus on a cracker, Zues, Bob Marley, Your Self, My Self, money or whatever fucking god you praise that everything came out dandy as chocolate peanut butter pie.

With little peanut pieces inside the pie.

Speaking of awe-inspiring imagery, I thought I'd share with you a video, below, that my sister recently inspired me to look into. This YouTube video is one that contains very strange content (no genitals are exposed-so you can breathe easy) but maybe it's strange to me because I don't see these sorts of shenanigans around here. The clip features several scenes of the annual Japanese Naked Man Festival.

Why is this dude giving a thumbs up in this picture?

Perhaps if you read on, you will find your answer, Grasshopper.

At one point, it looks as though they are trying to touch a bald guy, in a big crowd. Supposedly, like your typical god, this dude grants you good fortune -by simply touching his body. But GodBoy doesn't look too happy about it to me.

Nor would I. Check out the video for some laughs.


Donda said...

That makes me want an eggroll real bad!! Good going on the levels, I had gestational diabetes and had to shoot the insulin...that shit sucks!

Crazy Brunette said...

Well that bitch had to mention eggrolls and now I want fried rice too!

The Wolf said...

Okay it's official I've now seen more Japanese man boobs then I have at any other point at my life. Now I totally get why Japanese women like foreign guys....WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THEM.

Donda said...

Damnit Kelly! We need delivery STAT!

Damien Riley said...

Great news man. I am happy for you.

Kelly said...

Donda- Yeah shootin' insulin is mighty good fun. I do it to myself twice a day. Once in the belly. Once in the thigh. Boy howdy, do I laugh!

I sent a eggroll delivery man up to your place. He's going to give you and CB the works!

Kelly said...

Crazy Brunette- The eggroll delivery dude is on his way to you and Donda's place to give you both a taste of his meaty egg roll. He says there's no charge as long as you gobble it all up.

Donda said...

Well that'll just make my day!!

Kelly said...

The Wolf- For sure, I have no fuckin' idea what is wrong with them? Don't know which group you're talking about, for sure. The Japanese women or the men. From what I've seen- they're all a little nutty.

And when I first saw this video, I was eating a bowl of Cheerios and almost lost them all when I saw all these ugly lil' man boobs bouncing around.

Kelly said...

Donda- I'm sure he will. He says his are extra large, meaty and piping hot.

Kelly said...

Damian Riley- Thanks, Damien. It surprised the hell out of me. Normally, I hate surprises. Take care.

Gorilla Bananas said...

I'm delighted to hear your readings are good. Maybe you've been doing something that's good for you, like laughing or fingering your butt. The Japs are crazy. If they'd formed an orderly queue they'd could have all touched the man in half an hour, but having a big scrum and chanting is their idea of fun.

Kelly said...

Gorilla Bananas- That's funny. As far as my good readings go... I've been laughing more, lately. That much is true. Fingering my butt? Not so much. I think it would tickle too much. Besides, I thought only the monkey kingdom enjoyed that sort of thing. :)

You're right. It seems the correct procedure in touching a naked, Japanese bald GodBoy is to form an orderly queue. I think if you were to go over there during their Naked Fest and show them how to do it, they may just bestow the Naked GodBoy Crown upon your head- if you're lucky. Lol.

MarytrMom said...

a scrum? I didn't see any balls...but I'm sure they're in there somewhere~!

Kelly said...

MarytrMom- That's what a 'scrum' is? Balls? I agree... There are balls hidden in all that pile of flesh seeking to touch a bald guy. But I'm not gonna look.

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