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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Beautiful and Majestic Poem


First you squeeze the tit

Then you pinch the nipple

Then you give the nipple a twist

It's all so very simple


Gucci Mama said...

Brought a little tear to my eye. So very beautiful.


Speaking of beautiful, my word verification is fukhed.

Kelly said...

Thanks, Gucci. Let me provide you with a Kleenex or a slightly used snot rag. Your word verification is 'fukhed'? Is that like pronounced fukked or fuck head?

Well, now I have something to ponder all day long. Hooray! :)

anyways... Take care. I'll catch up to your latest posts soon. My life has been rather hellish, lately.

klahanie said...

Ah, a 'posh' pair of tits
Let me put on my mitts
What the name that she calls
Why it's David
Also known as 'golden balls'

Sorry Kelly, that was my feeble attempt back. Please look after yourself.
Gary :-)

Kelly said...

Gary... You're a poet and didn't know it. Seriously, your equally beautiful and awe-inspiring poem was grand, as well. 'golden balls'... nice touch.

Three and a half erect stink logs up for your effort! Thanks, Gary. And yeah, I'll try to mend my shattered mind one way or another.

Though daddy has made me annoyingly batty

I shall refrain from going completely maddy

Gorilla Bananas said...

I'll suck your nipple
Until it's quite damp.
Then I'll squeeze it tightly
Between the jaws of a clamp.

Kelly said...

Gosh, that was sweet

Like a candy appled nipple
Between my two front teeth

I see you are a writer of delightful poetry, as well. Bravo.

Sir Tom Eagerly said...

Kelly, you are a cheeky chappy; you've labelled this post, among other things, as poetry. In the UK we have a Trades Descriptions Act, you would be illegal.
You know, don't you old boy, that nothing about that woman is real including everything you can see?
Cheers dear boy, onward and upwards!

Donda said...

I damn well knew that title was smoke and mirrors but I fell for it anyways. Silly me!

Kelly said...

Sir Tom- Oh my fucking goodness! I broke a code of some sort? Gosh, I hope the penalty will be stiff... like a rock hard nipple.

I'm crossing my testicles in favor of that, ya know?

So ya think that Victoria Beckham chick is a plastic surgeon's wet dream, aye? I think you should go up to her and give her a good feeling up just to be sure.

Kelly said...

Donda- Ha ha! I got you! How misleading I must be!

Static said...

Makes me happy I don't have nipples.

Kelly said...

Static- You don't have nipples? Oh lordy, what we have here is sumz kinds of cyborg or somethin'. Oh hell no!

Don't worry none. I'm sending you a bunch of nipples for Xmas this year.

Ho dee Ho ho.

bazza said...

There was a young lady from Cuffley*
Who liked to be treated roughly.
She said twiddle my teat
Until I start to squeak
And David, then you can stuff me.

*Victoria is from Cuffley, Hertfordshire, UK.

Kelly said...

bazza- Ha ha ha. Very nice. And very clever, bazza. Did you just make that lil' ditty up on the top of your head? If so, you're quick.

I didn't know Victoria Beckham was from Cuffley in the UK. For the record, I'd like to twiddle her teat and then some.

Squeak! Squeak!

joanne said...

so, this is where y'all hang out after the bars close and the pork rinds and beer are digesting?

the only rule for a poem to be called a poem is if it causes a reaction... so, you be a poet, even if others don't know it.

(thank you for your kind comment today... and thank you for the laughs)...

Kelly said...

joanne- Yep. This is the place for the pork rinds, beer, minor hallucinations, social disharmony and more wisdom than a barrel full of chalk.

Don't know what that means, but, eh, well...

And yeah, you're welcome on commenting. I've always seen your name and comments on Gary's site but never visited your neck of the woods until today. Glad I did.

MarytrMom said...

nip freaks of American and beyond
come to visit my blog MartyrMom!

Nipple Lovers and Ta-Ta Admirers join forces

The Wolf said...

Kelly I have to admit that poem made my cry, it's truly a work of beauty.

Wait were talking about getting rid of dead hookers after an all night drinking binge right ?

Kelly said...

MarytrMom- Ha ha. It's true. All nip freaks of America and the rest of the world should unite! Hooray for boobies! You'll have free beer at your blog, won't you?

Thanks for following and commenting. :) Take care.

Kelly said...

The Wolf- Aww shucks... Glad ya liked it. I worked hours, even days on this masterpiece. It not only made me cry while creating it, I beat off, as well.

I'll be over to help ya dispose of the dead hookers. I've got the hydrochloric acid if you have the bathtub.

Static said...

Lookin' forward to them nipples. =)

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