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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

5 QUESTIONS For The Wolf

This is the beginning of a new post series, titled 5 QUESTIONS.

In these posts, I will ask an established blogger 5 questions that may range from the downright silly to the depraved to the serious. It is up to the highlighted blogger of the particular post to answer the questionnaire however they want.

Up first, is a good blog pal of mine named The Wolf. He's the soldier you see off to the right.

This guy is intelligent, tough and funny. Not to mention a little twisted. There's not much of a difference in our senses of humor. After getting to know him through comments and emails back and forth for a lengthy amount of time, I would say he's one of the few people that I know that are sincere, down to earth and show they have a passion for the truth.

The Wolf is the Blog Author of several excellent blogs that deal with post apocalyptic survival and his own personal experiences. I highly recommend them and I visit them every chance I get.

Here are his websites, with links directly to each individual site.

Two Foul Mouthed Fuckers --- The Wolf co-authors this blog with The Crazy Brunette Chick, another blog pal of mine.

And here are the 5 QUESTIONS that I asked The Wolf and his responses.

* What is the appropriate punishment or therapy for pedophiles?

Simple the death penalty. These fucks are known to re-offend, in many cases molesting dozens of innocent kids long before their ever caught. So why the fuck are these assholes lives worth anything. Now when I say death penalty I don't mean lethal injection or something "simple" FUCK THAT these puke pieces of shit should be dragged through the street and drawn and quartered (Like Mel Gibson's character in Braveheart at the end). Then their remains should be hung in public places as a warning to other would be pedophiles............but hey that's just my opinion.

* You have, in your possession, three railroad cars full of napalm, knives, guns, grenades, sex toys, food, water, booze, duct tape (always gotta have duct tape), a queen size waterbed and three of your favorite, hottest actresses, who are currently in heat and in the mood for man meat. Now, what are your plans?

I would usher in the apocalypse

* What is the strangest food/drink/thing you have ever consumed and did it have an effect on you?

I've eaten lots of weird shit, but the one that affected me the most was military rationed lobster. We were on exercise in Wainwright Alberta (Canada) and they decided to treat us by bringing in lobster for a party..........great idea you think WRONG. Generally the farther inland seafood has to go the worse it gets, and since those in charge probably didn't know anything about seafood, most of it arrived three quarters spoiled. I took one fucking bite and green ooze spewed out, I immediately threw up, and what got down my throat gave me the shits for a couple days..........good times had by all.

* What are your thoughts on the war in Afghanistan, the war on drugs and North Korea's general attitude toward the rest of the world? (Yeah, I know. I loaded that question up. I'm a bastard.)

I'm mixed on Afghanistan, being ex-army I've known some good people who died over there, but I know that a lot of them feel it's the right thing to do. I can't speak for American soldiers obviously since I'm Canadian, but most of the guys I talked to about it before I left were looking forward to going and felt confident in their abilities. What I fucking hate is that this could have been totally avoided. If NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) the UN or even the U.S with some allies had gone in immediately after the Soviets pulled out, The terrorists would never have taken control and Afghanistan would be a much better country. It would still be a shit hole in the middle of butt fuck nowhere, but it would be much better off then it is today.......they might have even had a McDonald's by now for all the cool kids to hang out and talk about mud bricks and sheep or whatever the gossip is over there.

The war or drugs is frankly doomed to fail. This is because those fighting it are doing it with one hand tied behind their backs. If they want to stop drugs like cocaine and heroin from getting into the country they have to go in and wipe the cartels and traffickers off the face of the Earth. They have to make it so unprofitable that no one will want to do it. I also think going ape shit on marijuana is ridiculous, it's practically fucking legal here in B.C and theirs no reason why it shouldn't be. Frankly the fucking government is stupid for not regulating and taxing it like they do cigarettes. The extra income could go a long way.

North Korea is one fucked up little country. The reality is there in bad shape, their navy is rusting in harbours, their military is starving and using 30-40 year old equipment, and their air force is ancient and falling apart. This doesn't mean their not capable of doing a lot of damage to South Korea though. They also have been doing their own nuclear and rocket tests for long range missiles. I don't think they'll risk an all out war though, to me this is just what they call "sabre rattling". They want to show the world they don't take shit from no one, but in reality they know their pretty fucked up.......they just don't want us to know.

* A drooling idiot suddenly jumps in front of you while you're on your way to get laid for the first time in a year. He dances, picks a booger from his nose and laughs, cutting the occasional fart now and then. After crossing his eyes and slapping his face cheeks like that retarded, screaming kid in the Home Alone flicks, he lets out a big long belch right in front of your face. The vaporous gas released from this insane person's piehole looks thick and toxic. What is the appropriate action to be taken at this point?

Well since I haven't gotten any in a long fucking time, I'm naturally inclined to be angry and violent. If some fucker did this to me I would ask him in a calm voice "Who's the boss?". If he replies with anything other then the correct answer I would yell at the top of my lungs "TONY DANZA BITCH" and beat his sorry oxygen stealing ass back to whatever fucking bridge or cardboard box he crawled out of. Of course if he answered correctly I would still beat his fucking ass. Are you fucking kidding me that cock jawed shit turbine belched in my general direction and stole precious oxygen from someone more deserving, he's gonna fucking die. Then I would skip to 7-11 buy a big gulp while singing Karma Chameleon by Boy George then go off and get myself some sweet lovin down by the river.

Thanks Wolf for your participation in Psycho Carnival's ongoing questionnaire experiment.

Anyone with a blog and is a regular or even a semi-regular reader of Psycho Carnival can contact me at this email address- if you wish to have fun with the gang and participate with our 5 Questions series. Anyone fitting the above description and is able to successfully answer my 5 Questions will be highlighted like the above blogger and backlinks to their blog(s) will be presented.

A win-win for everybody. I have a boner!


Crazy Brunette said...



I'm glad my questions weren't about the war and shit... Did you do that because you know that I'm more beauty that brains fucker????

Kelly said...

Crazy Brunette- Now... how'd you guess that? Ha ha ha. Yeah, The Wolf's answers are great. Funny and intelligent.

And like I mentioned before, each blogger's question set is sort of created with their (blog) personality, in mind. Not always. I like being unpredictable.

The Wolf said...

CB were you starring at my pic again is that why you said oh my god.

Thanks for the shout out Kelly and letting do this, very fucking cool.

Kelly said...

The Wolf- No problem, man. Thanks for the great answers. Very funny, intelligent answers. I'm with on every rant and word. Heh heh.

klahanie said...

Fascinating questions and excellent responses by 'The Wolf'.
I particularly thought his responses were spot on in regards to my own take on all the bullshit in Afghanistan. As he knows, all to well, a lot of good people have died over this conflict. American, Canadian, British etc., 'kids' losing their lives.
Nice idea for doing this, Kelly.
Big respect to the both of you, Gary.

Kelly said...

klahanie- Thank, Gary. I tried, on my end of it and I thought The Wolf did a great job with his answers. And I certainly agree. The Afghanistan fiasco is bullshit. Countless deaths, young lives for the most part and for what again?

Thanks for the compliments, dude.

May your day be blessed with blue unicorn poo.

Anonymous said...


Wow... You and The Wolf pretty much think *exactly* alike.. don't you? lol..

No wonder he co-authors a blog with CB... haha! No offense, CB


Kelly said... Well, hell, Penny... I'll take that as a compliment. Thanks. I'm sure CB takes no offense, either. lol.

Thanks for stoppin' by and droppin' a line. Snort snort.

One of The Guys said...

I enjoyed his straightforward, intelligent and sincere answers.

This is a cool series you're doing here Kelly. Smart!!

Kelly said...

One of The Guys- Thank you very much, Guys. And I'm sure The Wolf appreciates your compliments, too.

Take care.

Crazy Brunette said...


Well I better damn well get that my answers were fucking 'intelligent' too or I'm going to be mother fucking pissed DAMNIT!

No offense at all Vineyard.... Wolf and I are perfect for eachother!

And Wolf OF COURSE I was staring at your picture when I said,


;) Heart your face fucker

Crazy Brunette said...

Kelly, WHEN are you planning to whore out my NEW button??? You know... my awesome one????

Everyone else has gotten with the program! Work with me here!!!

Kelly said...

Crazy Brunette- Please stop having an orgasm while looking at The Wolf's pic. You're causing him to blush. He's sensitive that way or something.


I'm not sure which "new" button you are referring to, but I'll check out your site again to see what you mean. And I'll put it up here if it's something different than what I already have. Promise.

Your up, Sunday. Everyone's question posts are 2 days apart. Have a good weekend.

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