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Monday, January 12, 2009

Wallowing In Shallow

Big deal about the Golden Globes. The only reason I have ever watched them in the past was in the hopes of seeing up-close, partial boobie shots of my "favorite" actresses.

Hee ho.

What's so horrendously stupid is the media making a big deal about who is dressed in whatever brand name/"artificial" person as they have year after year. Who freaking cares?

I just wanna see boobies.

Most of these celebrities have so much goddamn makeup painted on their faces, they resemble department store mannequins. Have you ever seen one without make up. Scares the shit out of me when I see a picture of one. I want to throw up my hands and say, "Are there anyone of these media-worshiped people going to get to anything close to real looking. Not real close. I don't want to be startled and make a mess in my pants."


We've known a long time that you look pretty much like the rest of us. Tell your agent that your face needs to look like you've gotten out of the house a couple times in your lifetime.

And for all the rest of these wankers who buy those paparazzi rags over the counter. You can stand up and be counted as being just as shallow. Who's give a shit about celebrity lives?

Chance are, they may be as fucked up as the rest of ours. Again, who cares?

I shall now get off my soapbox and open my latest boobie magazine. I thank you, gentle reader, for your patience. Please..... enjoy my sarcasm. Goodbye for now. Don't get hit by any metal trains. See ya.


Sy said...

I find that it is easier to wait until it is all over, and then scour the sites for that elusive boob shot which between the 300 cameramen there is sure to happen!

Kelly said...

Sounds like good strategy, Sy. I tend to do that, as well as catch a few glimpses of LIVE boobies on the "boob" tube.

I guess I'm a perv.

Sy said...

You are a male...and they have boobies. It is nature my friend!

Me-Me King said...

Sorry...I misread the title, I thought it said "swallowing" mistake.

Kelly said...

hahahaha... speaking of perverts.... Heeeeres Me-Me!

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