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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Give Teachers The Respect They Deserve

More often, you hear of cases where hot young female teachers are having sex with nerdy male students. Trouble is, the little dumb asses tell their friends and eventually, the other teachers find out, then the school board, then the cops, thus ruining the fun for teacher and student. It's a real goddamn shame when the dude can't keep his mouth shut when a gift like that gets dropped in his lap (I'm talking about-her head-in his lap). Thought I'd add that last part because, as you know, I can be too subtle, at times.

Now to me, that's just being ungrateful. If I had a secret like that, I would damn well keep my mouth shut and keep the Love Train ah chuckin' along.

In high school, we had a beautiful blonde teacher that taught English. At least, I think she did. The guys weren't really focused on the subject she taught. Good BuhJesus, the tight, low cut outfits she would wear in the mornings would cause all the guys to pay attention and raise our phallic flags in her honor.

One morning, Miss Busse (We called her Miss Busty -clever, huh?) was passing back our homework papers that she had graded the night before. Miss Busse personally stopped at each student desk to deliver the graded homework. As I was fantasizing about all the various positions I would have liked to put Miss Busty in, I felt a sudden touch on my shoulder. It was Miss Busse. She bent down close to me. I could smell her hair, the natural scent of herself and in the corner of my eye, I saw her creamy, awesome boobs about ready to fall out of her low cut blouse.

As she placed the papers on my desk, I nearly exploded.

Miss Busse, her voice smooth as warm velvet, said, "I can tell you worked hard on this. That's why I gave you an A. Keep up the hard work."

I thought to myself, I am keeping up the hard work. If it were any harder, my zipper would pop off, hit Paul in the eye to the left of me and blind his sorry ass.

Back to my point: The lesson to be learned today is, if you have a hot teacher willing to give you extra special attention, don't blow it. Be grateful for such a generous educator. Give her the respect she deserves. And, most importantly, don't brag to your idiot friends about your good fortune.


Me-Me King said...

'Your post raises' the question that 'begs' an answer. In high school, just how many 'positions' were you actually aware of?

Kelly said...

While I was in my teens, I read a lot of books pertaining to sex. The Kama Sutra was one of them. Plus, my father gave me his porn mags after he was done with them.
Thankfully, they weren't sticky. I was brought up in an open minded family when it came to sex. All questions were answered. Not that I had to ask. I had about a dozen books, both medical and instructional, concerning sex.

The real kicker is.... I never had sex until I was 21. I did everything else before then, but... Well, I'll stop there. Heh heh. Probably boring you.

Majase Cyc said...

I had a Science teacher in 7th grade that was hot as Georgia asphalt.

She also wore outfits that would simply not be allowed in schools nowadays.

A rumor started years later that she moved to Cali and became a porn star.

So naturally I scoured and endured hundreds upon hundreds of hours of research trying to locate her movies.

Sadly I never found her, but I wore out three VCR's in the process--now I have permanent carpal tunnel in my wrists.

Worth it? you may ask.
"You betcha!"

Kelly said...

Wowee! That's quite surprising, even from you. It kinda makes me want to ask a question, but since I'm such a gentleman, I shall resist. Damn, I starting to sound like Jeffman or Lord Likely. Geeesh!

Anyhoo... Too bad about not finding anything about your teacher on the internet. I would have liked to have checked her out. Eh, oh well. Earlier tonight, I was checking out sexy pics on the internet of the host of "Chelsia, Lately" on the E! channel. I like her humor, attitude and boobies. LOL

Kelly said...

Ooops, Majase, I thought you were someone else. Ya see, I've been kinda drinkin' a bit for the last hour and for some reason I thought I was commenting back to a certain female blogger. Damn. Anyway, now that I look at my comment, the first paragraph does not apply to you. The second... yeah.

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