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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Comics: The Old, New and Bizarre

I had no idea that Kool-Aid Man had such trouble managing his anger.

Archie seems to have gone to more trouble than one normally would to rescue Betty. Read closely what the hero has to say.

Oh no.... how frightening. Snowmen are taking over the Earth.

Batman and Robin have a secret.

Disturbing. On a few levels.

They're kind of like Gumby and Pokey. But not as fascinating.

Seems Spidey got a little carried away while watching midget porn.

Gee, I wonder what being Queen of The Lizard Men actually entails.

When you have a problem or certain needs, you can always count on Afrodisiac. At least, that's what those 2 white chicks say.


Me-Me King said...

No, Spongebob is not gay! But, his Teletubby Tinky Winky buddy is.

Kelly said...

That's what I heard. Now go forth... spread the good news. Spongebob is NOT a fudgepacker!

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