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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Couldn't Pull Away From This Clip

This video has an odd plot to it. And it's funny as hell, insane and kinda retarded. It may be a good idea to pour yourself about five shots of whiskey and down them one after another before hitting the play button on this clip. Thankfully, I was able to find a bottle of Bacardi in the cabinet and I had half that downed before finding this gem and checking it out. After the first minute, I was kinda groovin' to it. Drink up. You will, too.

I have this irritating feeling I'm going to be embarrassed for posting this clip tomorrow afternoon. Could be a fart bottled up, though.


Me-Me King said...

Fantasy meets martial arts - yeow! I think the guy is one of those freaks you were talking about.

MommyWife said...

Absolutely brilliant!! Didn't do the shots, but was hopped up on caffeine. Kinda works the same. All that was missing were flying monkeys.


Kelly said...

@Me-Me: Word has it, that jagged tooth freak from the video is flying your way. Be on the lookout. :)

Kelly said...

@MommyWife: The top freak in the clip is kind of a flying monkey. The hairless kind. And yeah, lots o' caffeine will play with your mind, dude.

RetroKimmer said...

Hey Psycho! I just did a makeover on screaming me me. We need to do you next! I could do some really fun stuff with this blog. Go look at Me Me and see what you think.

Kelly said...

I did and was impressed. I hope you received my email. I'd love for you to design my blog.

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