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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Survived The Holidays

The mad scrambling done for the sake of Christmas preparations. The cooking. The clean ups. The gift givings. The multiple family visits. The drinking and whatnot on New Year's Eve . The headaches. The stress. The rare periods of bliss. The chaos. It's all over except the recuperating.

The moments that allowed me to engage the world of blogging, in any respect, were very few and far between. It may seem as if I ignored everybody and this site, but believe me, it wasn't a decision I wanted to make. I'm far behind on blog visiting. I promised one dude I'd write a post, for Christmas, on his site. That didn't happen either.

Right now, my head is chock full of sludge. That's the result of way too much "fun" on New Year's Eve. The party we hosted didn't officially stop until five in the morning. And I'm still trying to recover. It's been almost 24 hours since the party ended, too. I'm way too old for this shit.

To all of you I have shunned, both friend, family member and blogging pal, I am truly attempting to rise from the ashes of these damnable holidays to begin "socializing" again.

Please be patient and try to keep the noise down.


Me-Me King said...

I decided I was too old for that New Year's shit long, long ago. I always hated waking up with someone I was not that familir with. It always caused such a dilemma - do I fix him breakfast or not?

~Static~ said...

I'm too old for that shit too. I like the holidays and I like to party as much as the next guy, but not all the damn time - all week, all night long. I've had enough scatter-braining, festive gestures, junk food choking and death to last me a lifetime.

I need my beauty sleep as often as I can get it...popping a lorazepam or a xanax sure helps to unwind some days..that's what I'll be doing to recuperate. You can find me at the bottom of a bottle.

Yep, nothing a bottle of jack, some pills, and a razor blade won't fix.


*passes out

Gareth said...


The days when I could drink all day and all night and then carry on again the next day are long long gone!
Nowadays there is nothing worse than being woken up by the kids when you've got a stinking hangover.

Here's to a great 2009....

Majase Cyc said...

I feel deprived and left out!

I didn't know you through most of 2008 and therefore could not be ignored.

Now I feel...left out, inadequate, shriveled up like my trouser snake on a cold windy day after surfing.

Then, I started feeling better (i.e. engorged) when I saw the girl in the right column and read her T-shirt.

But that was only because I thought it said "I like to (P)art"; not fart.

Now I'm depressed again and will proceed to get

Kelly said...

@Margo...or would that be... Me-Me
Hehheh-you would wake up with someone you were unfamiliar with? That sounds as if you've been a naughty girl. As far as fixing him breakfast or not... I say screw him. Get his unfamiliar ass out the door with a swift kick to his used-up, shriveled nutsack.

Kelly said...

@Static: Yeah, I definitely could not part all week like in my younger days. Hell, I'm 45 now and my goddamn body is racked with high bp, diabetes, bad nerves and two and a half inch heel spurs that make me feel as though I'm walkin' on razor blades at times. Sounds as though you're a party vet, too. Be careful with the Xanex, though, dude. I knew a guy who got hooked on that.

Happy Goddamn New Year to Ya, You Mad Psycho Bastard

Kelly said...

@Gareth: Happy New Year to Ya!

Goddamn, I couldn't imagine wakin' up to kids after a night of partyin'. Sounds like a definition of hell. My worst morning after was when I woke up with my eyes glued shut with my own pasty vomit. I had puked up a pile of liquor and little bbq sausages into my pillow and rolled my big fat head around in it all night long until my face was completely congealed with a mask of chunky barf. It took forever to pry my eyes open.

Kelly said...

@Majase Cyc: I'm glad you stopped by, you crazy bastard.

Personally, I like girls who fart on the first date. My wife did and I fell in love. Please don't feel left out, depressed and with a shriveled dick, Majase. Perhaps you'll discover a sweet young thing that will do ya the honor of sittin on your nose and cuttin' a giant pussy fart on your face. Then... all will be well. A new start to a new year.

Hooray, I say. Cheer up! Have a bowl!

Me-Me King said...

"As far as fixing him breakfast or not... I say screw him."

I believe I did.

Kelly said...

Hahaha... That's true. You did. Guess I was being redundant when I said that. oopsie.

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