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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pervert Santa

Get him while he's hot! And trapped! I thought this was humorous.



That's exactly how I envisioned Santa to be- a complete perv. said...

Funny, I tried the same thing with my girlfriend, and SHE grabbed the shotgun too!

bazza said...

If someone had asked me to predict what kind of post that ol' Kezza boy would be putting out at this time of year this was it!
Ha ha! Lovely!
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Pickleope said...

You know there's someone out there with a Santa fetish. There has to be. There's a pervert for all occasions.

Kelly said...

ISRAEL CARRASCO- Yeah, that's how I've always envisioned somebody that has a naughty or nice list for kids and breaks into people's houses, wearing a red flashy disguise while carrying "a big fat bag".

Kelly said... Lol... Well, if your girlfriend had grabbed your "gun", instead, she might have gotten shot in the face.*


Kelly said...

bazza- You must have ESP, bazza, ol' chum. Either that or you know me well. :) Have a jolly one!

Kelly said...

Pickleope- You know, I've heard and read where a lot of gals, these days, think of Santa as a sex object. I guess they want a taste of his candy cane while fondling his big red bag.

billy pilgrim said...

where are those fucking elves when you need them??

i hope santa withholds their xmas bonus this year.

Kelly said...

billy pilgrim- Those damn elves should be putting a bag over Santa's other bag to keep the children innocent of such mind altering sights-- like St. Nick's frank and beans.

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