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Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Little Piece of "Paradise"

Written about five years ago for another website, this is an excerpt from a sci-fi/erotic/humor story I created. Definitely NOT for anyone 18 and younger. It's pretty extreme, twisted and graphic to some people. Most people have told me they like the entire story, for one reason or another, and it has received an 8.5 rating out of 10 from the original site I wrote it for.

Remember... You were warned.

This is the excerpt from Chapter 2 of "Paradise"

Zahkra asked, "What happened?"

David explained, "Me and my buddies were driving all around, to the north of here…." Pausing, David glanced over and noticed Ulla's nipples poking through her halter top. Ulla winked at him. Embarrassed and stimulated, David felt his penis begin to swell. He continued, "At least I think we were north of here. Anyway, I kind of got separated from them and eventually came this way. I've been riding all day. Got lost and ran out of gas. I figured they would have found me by now."

Zahkra offered, "Well, David, we can take you back to our place. It's not far from here. We'll get your vehicle hitched to the back of the truck and take you there, get your tank filled and have you on your way again. Or we can drive you back to town, but first, you look like you could eat something."

Zahkra grinned, knowing exactly what the young rider could eat first.

As David pondered what he should do, Ulla nonchalantly walked behind David, casually pulled a small tranquilizer gun from the back of her shorts and shot him in the ass. The three mischievous HydraSians then commenced to hitch the ATV to the back of the truck. Completing that task, they loaded their captive in the truck cab and made the journey back to Sanctuary. Mission accomplished.

The captive, strapped and bound in the bed, was a twenty-something male with a burr haircut. His short stature and thin body made him appear even more helpless than he already was. His name was David and he was slowly regaining consciousness. The girls had stripped off his clothes earlier. His legs were pulled apart with tethers tied to opposing rails. Now, they were enjoying rubbing flavored oils on his chest, genitals and buttocks. The oils produced the added benefit of creating a warm sensation on skin when applied liberally, in which they were.

"Oh, I think he likes it," observed Fayne, as David's penis stiffened.

Zahkra brought over a needled syringe and announced, full of glee, "He will especially appreciate this."

Ulla pulled David's penis over to the side as Zahkra pierced the base of his penis with the needle. David winced. His eyelids fluttered. He opened his eyes, fully aware of his surroundings. He demanded to know where he was and why they were doing what they were doing to him. All the normal questions one would ask in such a situation. When David glanced over at the tray of peculiar devices and instruments to his right, he begged to be released.

Zahkra put the syringe back in the tray and while taking off her robe, showing off her size 36D breasts, she began explaining everything she thought he should know, for the time being.

"David, you are a guest in our home. As a guest in our home, you will follow our rules. Noncompliance to our demands will be rewarded with pain and possible death. The chemicals I have just injected into your body will better enable you to comply. One ingredient of this compound will cause your scrotum to bloat considerably and force fifty times the sperm production you would normally create. Another delightful chemical will make your handsome cock erect for 4 to 5 hours. Yet another, will keep your heart rate stable and prohibit it from bursting in your chest as we do what pleases us with your body."

David shouted, angrily, "Just let me go! My friends are looking for me!'

Zahkra assured her "guest", saying, "I've checked the surveillance monitors. Your friends have left. And you are…. Fresh Meat."

If you wish and are over 18, you may read the story, "Paradise" in it's entirety at this link. Or, if you'd prefer, I can email it to you.


Crazy Brunette said...

Well holy shit, I'll be checking that shit out ASAP!

The Wolf said...

Interesting story kinda reminds me of Barberella and other sci-fi type stuff that came out in the
60's and 70's

klahanie said...

Hey Kelly,
Excellent stuff. It's a shame it's not a real story. Or is it? Cum to think of it, I think something happened to me with some alien chicks in Vancouver. I think they came from Kansas....
Nice and graphic, for sure, in an alien and kinky kinda' way:-)
I shall go and peruse your link.
All the best and watch out for any babes who cum from Uranus....

Kelly said...

Crazy Brunette- You should. It's a very uplifting tale. ;-) Either that- or it's quite twisted. It's all a matter of perspective. lol.

Kelly said...

The Wolf- Did you get a chance to read the whole thing? Like Barberella? Yeah, it does have it's cheesy moments. :-)

Kelly said...

klahanie-Let me know what you think when you check the rest out. Thanks for the compliment.

And yes, it is a real story and yes, you were taken as a sex slave hostage from those chicks in Kansas. One of them went by the name of CB, I believe.

Tell me, did you feel "drained", when you woke up the morning after?

I'll watch out for the alien semen vampires who cum from Uranus. lol.

Thanks for the warning, dude.

klahanie said...

Okay dude. I shall be checking out the rest of your story and get back to you on that.
I had a hunch this was a 'true' story. And yes, I do recall that when I was taken hostage as a sex slave in Vancouver; one of the alien chicks from Kansas had this early 1960's retro look, complete with the 'big hair'. At one point, I wasn't sure if I was a sex slave or stuck in some rerun of 'Peyton Place' lol. Yeah, I know and this is coming from some dude whose icon shows a young guy (yes, it's a guy) wearing a dress.
Not only did I feel 'drained' but I had this sinking feeling.
Yep, watch out for those semen- sucking vampires who cum from Uranus.

Kelly said...

I just knew it! And you likely enjoyed every piece of your ordeal.

yeah, let me know what you think about the story. heh heh.


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