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Monday, June 21, 2010

Do What Now?

This post could have also been called "Other Random Things I can't Stand" but I hate this title the best. So... it stays. Make sense? Doesn't need to, really. You're here, at Psycho Carnival. Just like real, ordinary life, it doesn't make a bit of sense at times.

I'm half deaf, if you remember me mentioning that before and when I don't quite hear every word that popped outta someone's jibber mouth, I say the average, normal, "Huh?" or- the ever fancy and imaginative "I didn't hear what you said."

I don't say the weak phrase of "Excuse me?" I'd feel like a girl if I asked someone to repeat themselves with those words. Fuck that, for sure. I would especially feel that way if I asked, "Please?" It makes you out to be a docile, subordinate little princess or fat fuck with a gag ball in your mouth-- whether you're a guy or gal.

But what I don't do and what I think is really rude and beyond ignorant is saying, "Do what now?" This can be interpreted easily as a smart-ass remark more than anything else because one, the person saying this is purposefully confusing you and twisting your intentions around. There is no 'DOING WHAT?'- obviously- because your question, likely, did not involve doing anything. It's really freakin' stupid. And rude. And if you say it around me, I will be highly tempted to knock you out on your ass and rip your jugular vein out with your fingernail clippers.

As you burple up blood from neck and mouth and shit yourself, I''l be sure to ask, "Do what now?"

Another thing bothering me is the ongoing love affair that the media has with youth. It's more prevalent today than ever and I don't get that shit at all. I'd rather hear from grown ups on the street or on TV or anywhere else. Not that youth can't be wise, at times. But, I can bet good money that there are more adults with more wisdom or more interesting things to say than kids. Sorry. I'm just stating a fact. You can twist the idea all around you want. But the truth is the truth.

Reality shows, movies, life sucking human predators that prey upon youth and all the rest with youth-related stuff can put themselves in a big hot air ballon and drift off far far away to Harry Potter Land or in the World of The Latest Youth Oriented Crap- texting, cell phone blathering, bullying online and in school, wearing makeup at too early an age to look grown up-yet make the mistake that men/women will look at you in ways you really do not want them to. And so on.... but you get the picture.

Which brings me to these "little girl beauty pageants" or "little girl tournament type dances" on TV shows. What kind of sick freak want to see these poor, parent-pushed events where young girls look like prostitutes with skimpy clothing and too much make-up? I'll tell you who. Pedophiles. They and weird producers who don't mind making money off fucked up shows like these. The news media is guilty, too. They promote and expose youth in every way imaginable and some in this society, buy into it because we're either just sick and we watch it or we're trying desperately to live our lives through these kids. That last part concerns the parents of these defenseless girls, mostly. The parents are sick, too and should be castrated or given free hysterectomies with a rusty spoon.

Beautiful imagery. I know.

Lastly, I hate myself for leaving off words or letters from words in a sentence. Why can't I proofread what I say properly? Am I insane?

Don't answer that.

Oh, I almost forgot. I have good news. I was able to get it up today. My prick, you know. After months of not having any luck, this magical stuff my doc gave me... Cialis... did the trick. Viagra just made me light-headed. I'm already fucked up enough.

My wife has shown her gratitude by not nagging me to clean the air conditioning filter. She did it, instead. Good woman. A woman's place is cleaning the air conditioner filter, as they always say.

Just kidding. Don't worry about me. The wife won't see this post so I don't have to worry about her cutting my fully functional erect junk cut off, tonight. 3 cheers!

And why is BP acting like they're such saints because they're promising the residents in the Gulf area a paltry sum, once divided, to be spread pretty thinly, when you consider the amount- among the residents in the Gulf region? The damage they have and will continue to cause will go way beyond their payment fund for the residents are going to get in monetary terms. What an insulting joke. I think BP CEO, Tony Hayward, whose yearly salary last year- totaling 4.7 million, should pay out of is own pocket, as well as the predestined fund amount. I also think he should drown in an ocean of oil- along with everyone else who are either profiting from or have helped create this mess.

Own up to your mistakes. I believe you pay for your mistakes in accordance for what damage you do... no matter what happens to you as a consequence.

I have more questions but I have to go put a smile on my face. Do what now?


The Wolf said...

Yeah kiddie pagents those things are fucking disturbed, nothing but a pediphiles wet dream if you ask me. I swear the whole concept was created by some fucking child molester looking for something to whack off to.

I agree those bastards in charge of BP and all those who profit from the disaster should be cooked in the oil that's devestating the region..........I suddenly have a craving for french fries, not sure why

Congrats on the bonner by the way, now you've got a place to hang you're hat

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, please?

That is said with the utmost respect, Master Heathen... the docile, subordinate little princess, that I am. ;-)

oh... congratulations on your erection.

Kelly said...

The Wolf- Thanks for the congrats of having a functional dick. I needed that boost. Heh heh. Sounded sick, eh?

But not anywhere near as sick as the kiddie pageants. I agree with you totally on that. Those fuckin' shows are bad for so many reasons, not to mention the pedophiles- which should have their junk cut off.

I wonder what Tony Hayward would look like french fried.

Take care. And heads up- you're up first in the Five Questions- first edition.

Kelly said... Ha ha... Something tells me that you're more the dominate type. Little princess, my ass! lol. Thank you for the hearty congrats on having a proud, upright meat kabob once more. The whole town had a parade for me. It was just peachy!

Take care and thanks for commenting.

One of The Guys said...

Yo! Congrats on the Cialis. Pretty sweet!

Are you sending us questions soon? Just wondering. We're up for it.

Kelly said...

One of The Guys- Yes, I'm currently thinking up ones for you, kinda fashioning them according to each blogger. No one will appear, on the blog, in any particular order.

And thanks for the congrats on getting it up. It is pretty sweet.

klahanie said...

Mr Kelly type dude,
I know what you mean. Why cunt I proof read my stuff better? I check and check and chekc my blog several times ovary and it all seems find then I press 'piblish' and then to my hor I notice that spellink mistak.
Well done on getting it up. You know you could of always shoved it in the air conditioning filter. I heard that works from someone else (I state unconvincingly)...
And when it comes to BP and the CEO. Have you ever noticed that the rich fuckers in these Organisations have reached the highest level of incompetence and get rewarded for it? Bizarre or what eh?
Thanks for a fascinating read, Kelly.
With respect and copy of your blog posted to your wife, Gary :-)

Kelly said...

klahanie- Mr. Gary type dude, how's it hangin'? Ah, who cares how yours is hangin'. Mine's an upright flagpole. The townspeople use my pole to pull up the American Flag every morning to say The Pledge of Allegiance. That's blind patriotism for ya. lol. Gotta love it.

Yeah, you, me and I don't know how many other bloggers I see make spelling and grammar mistakes. Of course, I say a mighty WHO CARES to that. If people understand what you're saying and you're actually offering some real substance what you're writing- then the anal re tentative, overly critical assholes can go fuck themselves. Sing to Toadie and pass the butter!

Whatever the fuck that means. And I agree with you on rich, conscience-free fucks being let off the hook and profiting from the misery of others- They can take a 3rd degree burn French fry bath in the Gulf oil spill areas.

I'll provide the flamethrower*

*I said, while doing a merry jig. I bid you good day and I'll be watching out for that copy.

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