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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Unhappy Customers

Have ya ever pulled up to a fast food joint drive-thru and try to order something that wasn't on their "menu" yet? Isn't it frustrating?

It must have been especially frustrating for the two guys and one woman in Salt Lake City the other day. These people pulled up to the window and attempted to order a lunch item from the restaurant when McDonald's was still serving breakfast. After being told they couldn't have Big Macs or whatever, the two men got out of the car and blasted away at the window with sawed-off shotguns.

Luckily, no one was hurt.

Speaking of unhappy customers, I stumbled on a website the other day which claimed to have the top 7 phrases to use with customers that are unsatisfied. I'll list the first 3 phrases:

“The problem you experienced is no more acceptable to us than it was to you.”

“I understand your concern. What do you think would be fair?”

“Although you might not agree with my decision, I’d like to explain it so you can at least understand.”

In the case of the Salt Lake City incident, perhaps a couple new phrases could be added to the list. Such as....

"If you politely refrain from blowing my head off with your gun, I may be able to serve your interests better."


"Yes, you can have anything you want! Just please don't kill me, you fuckin' lunatic!"

Of course, the second option may prove more satisfying as it comes out of your mouth, but it may prove to be slightly troublesome in the end.


Me-Me King said...

That's one big giraffe. Imagine if ostriches grew that big. With my bad knees, well, I'd be a goner.

Kelly said...

If ostriches grew that big, that would be some mighty fine eatin'. I've had ostrich meat. There's a flea market in our area that sells buffalo, alligator and ostrich meat a couple times a year.

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