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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hey, mays I borrows your toothpaste?


rusty said...

I have a shitload of Spiderman toothpaste Warwick Davis aka The Leprechaun is totally welcome to for the solution to his apparent hygene problem. He lives in a tree, I pity the poor guy!

Kelly said...

I'm sure the dentally-challenged leprechaun will appreciate the offer of your spiderman toothpaste. Perhaps he will give you a pot of gold.

Me-Me King said...

My luck, I'd catch the leprechaun and he'd demand a kiss before handing over his pot o' gold.

Me: I caught you!

Him: Give us a kiss, lass, and I give ye me fortune.
(Moves in for kiss.)

Me: Ok, if I must. (Closes eyes, holds nose and purses lips tight to make sure no tongue enters.)

Kelly said...

But then the leprechaun plows right through your lips, your teeth and your tounge and he has his merry way with your tounge and when you're finally able to free yourself from his tiny lil' deformed hands, ya stick out your tounge and quickly notice a strange, bubbly green blob on the end of it.

Anonymous said...

Everybody wants to get into the act! First, the LOLcats, now LOLprechauns! Ooh, yippee! My life is complete!

Kelly said...

Well, it's about time these LOLprechauns made your life complete. Not sure what that means but my head isn't twisted on straight. zippity-doo-dah.

Me-Me King said...

***MMM spits and hacks***

Kelly said...

LOL. And then the blob of Leppy Goo magically jumps right back onto your tongue.

Hey, I spelled "tongue" right, this time. Hooray... or something.

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