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Monday, March 16, 2009

Tree Man- Before And After

When I first heard the story about the "Tree Man", the Indonesian fisherman suffering from human papillomavirus, HPV, a rare immune deficiency, I was interested in learning more.

For 20 years, Dede Koswara lived and struggled with something you think you would only see in a horror flick. Covered with huge tree-like growths encasing his limbs, Dede was unable to feed himself, work and move about like a normal human being. The only income he had was made during his brief stint in a travelling freak show. Unable to touch his children and support them, Dede's life has been a life of constant struggle.

Luckily, there are doctors that are trying save this man from a life of pain and disfigurement. Dede has just underwent his 9th surgery.

Details about his condition, his two decades of hardship associated with the disease and the major operations that were performed to give this man his life back are detailed in the following links and video clips.

Tree Man on Discovery Channel
Tree Man's Ninth Surgery

Be sure to check it all out and be sure to be thankful you don't have to live with tree branches growing from your arms, legs and feet.


rusty said...

I have been following Dede and the other sideshow people and am so glad they fixed him!!! I felt so bad for that guy, I almost cried! That is so awesome!

Kelly said...

Ah, that's cool you're following their story. Yeah, I feel sorry for him, too. I'm glad that doctors here and other folks around the world are stepping in to help him. Hope the mega doses of Vitamin A help combat his HPV. If you find out anything new, let me know if you can.

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