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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What a Beautiful Musical

Check out this musical, featuring Lego toy people. You may be surprised how good it is. Heh heh.


Me-Me King said...

This is cool, but I don't remember a dog in Silence of the Lambs.

Kelly said...

Oh yeah... the freak who had a thing for womens skins had a pet poodle, which was weird for two reasons. 1) He didn't seem like the poodle type and 2) The way he seemed to care for it.

Eventually, the dog slipped off the ledge of the well and fell down to the bottom, where the senator's daughter tried to hold it for ransom against the freak.

Does that jog the memory?

rusty said...

Dude, do you know how happy that video just made me lol! That is probably my most favorite scene in a movie. The legos and the whole musical element, hey...very Sweeney Todd, I love it, word!

The Russmeister

Ahhhhhh, precious!!!

Me-Me King said...

Oh, yeah - now I remember. These brain farts of mine seem to be more frequent.

Kelly said...

Welcome to my world there, Me-Me. Heh heh.

Kelly said...

Hey Rusty, glad ya liked it and made your day. It was twisted, funny and artsy enough to make it on PC.

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