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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The other night, I went to my sister and her family's place. They had just buried their cat, Bully. Bully was a true hunting cat. He would catch pretty much anything on four legs. Mice. Moles. Possums. Raccoons. You name it. He even chased a friend of mine out of the house one time. That was the one time when he went after a two-legged creature.

Bully was a lovable cat, too. Everyone who knew him will miss him. He had more character and bravery than most people do.

Anyway, my sister decided to put him to sleep. He was in too much pain from all the injuries he had endured (such as losing his tail, teeth, chunks of his ears, claws and so on) over his many years. After burying him in their "pet cemetery", my dad, my friend, Jeep and I were looking at the moon and discussing the images we saw in the moon. Most people in the world claim to see either a man's face, a lady or a rabbit.

If you've seen anything besides these "classic 3", let me know.

Now here is a partial picture of a wooden door.

Now, I see the side of an orc's head. You know- orc- as in an orc from the "Lord of The Rings" movies, Dungeons & Dragons or the Warcraft games. See the big eye? The teeth? The upturned nose? The pointed ear? If you see something else, let me know.

Maybe you need a drink first.

Some people don't see images in anything- like clouds, for instance. They lack the imagination. Perhaps the logical part of their minds won't allow for it.

Many people only see around them what they want to see. Maybe they see only what fits into their agenda. I have no idea.

An example of this would be how people see you and how you see yourself. Which do you think is more important?

After checking out the moon and talking for awhile, everyone went inside the house and had some of my sister's cranberry-almond cheesecake.

I didn't think I would like it, at first, because I hate cranberries. But then, I took a bite and it was so good, I had another piece. Whoever invented this recipe, originally, created something truly pleasing for the masses.

Unlike this invention.

I guess this invention is to be employed to keep you standing upright, in case you are falling asleep and standing in a dangerous environment, such as a building construction site. This woman's hard hat would suggest this. But the rest of her suit doesn't really fit what she's modeling for. She appears to be wearing office apparel. As for myself, if I was at a busy construction site, I don't believe I could nod off with all the loud machinery and the possible heavy building parts falling all around me.

But someone thought this was a good enough idea to try to market it. But how much ingenuity does it take to attach a toilet plunger to a helmet?

PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING when it comes to the minds of the human race. It effects your opinion and the decisions you make.

Take this optical illusion, as another example. The afterimages of the complementary colors create movement in your peripheral vision as your eyes shift across the image.

I see those big wheels uh turnin'-turnin'-turnin'. I think that's from a Johnny Cash song. Now that was a guy with exceptional perception. He saw the truth of life, wrote about it and sung it for the masses. And it was pleasing.


Me-Me King said...

Those wheels are freaky! Kind of reminds me of the flash backs I was promised back in the 70's.

Kelly said...

Glad ya liked the wheels. I'm doing what I can to give ya flashbacks there, Me-Me.

Squall said...

you know the wood grain picture... if you flipped it over (so it was upside down) i can see a wolfs head :D

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