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Saturday, December 13, 2008

One Year Blog Anniversary

Zippity-Freakin-Doo-Dah, folks. I've made it a whole year making the magic happen. I created this masterpiece, for you, you and the asshole on the left just to show ya how much I care. And I care a lot. I've touched many of you heathens (but only on the taint) and made ya believe in the Good Lode again (And what a load he hath given us, thus far). Yes, throughout this past year I've used this blog to shape minds, mend broken hearts and spread good cheer (which I call, humbly, shit).

I've had fun. I'm serious now. Puh-puh-please believe me. (stuttering problem)

As an added bonus, I've met (not in persons) many bloggers that I call friends. And they're the best kind of friends, too. They laugh at some of your jokes and won't ask for money. Can't beat that with a paraplegic midget. But please call me over when you're about to try. Buh-dum-bum.

The first blogger I befriended was Sy from The Wheel Is Turning But The Hamster Is Dead . He's got a real flair for humor. The funny kind. And a good guy, from what I can tell (Hmmmm). And he's British so he talks funny. (Just kiddin' mister Sy) Seriously, Sy and I were crackin' each other up (with sledgehammers) all the way back to the days of bloggerforum. Thanks, Sy. Check out his damned site for damned laughs. Damn it.

Since then, I've made a crap load of buds from other blogs. Some are still kickin' it with their blogs. Some have disappeared into the mystery hole where bloggers lose their way or get terminal writer's block or they're kidnapped by an old drugged out carnie, named Hank, of course, with a massive booger hanging out his left nostril and hands drenched with goo.


Look to my right column. It would be the one on the right. Where it says, Check Out These Blogs Or Suffer Horribly. Okay. Now, do yourself a favor and check all of them out. Or you will suffer horribly. Really. Seriously, all these people running these blogs provide nothing but top quality laughs, entertainment and information. They're the best. I would call them friends. Damo, from Angry Clown is throwing up even as I write this. Good.

To me a blog is an amazing way to express your thoughts. It's a more distinct, clearer way, for certain. The details are in the words, folks. It's one of the true benefits of writing out your ideas. I've gained infinite (well, not really infinite) amounts of wisdom, laughs and whatnot while blogging with you folks. I hope you've gotten at least a teeny tiny bit of something from me. (not that funky stuff)



Sy said...


Happy damn anniverary my friend. I got you a card and some beers, but *hic* I have NOOOO *hic* idea where they went.

Keep up the good work fella!

~Static~ said...

Hoowee! I just loves it when you touch my taint. Since you've violated our private moment by telling everyone about it, can I have some money now?

[...]Can I have her phone number? I want to tie her up and get kinky.[...]
In response to your comment on Thought For The Day Too on December 12, 2008 2:15 AM

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary and many more to cum, I mean come!

Me-Me King said...

Ding dong the witch is dead...oops, wrong song.

Happy blogging birthday to you
I love your blog too
I read it with habit
I got you a mad rabbit

And many more!

Bikran said...

congratulations man .

Kelly said...

Sy: Thanks, Sy. And thanks for the effort in sending that beer and card my way. It's the thought that counts, you drunk maniac.

Static: Taint that somethin'? You askin' me for money and thinkin' you might be gettin' it? You must be outta yer doggy lovin' mind.

Big Al: Thanks for the congrats and cum (I mean protein shake). I gave the latter to my elderly neighbor that lives acroos the street and told him it was egg nog.

Me-Me: You're quite the poet. Thanks for the birthday song. But I thinks it's time to put the bottle down and step away. Seriously though, tanks!

Bikran: Thanks!

timethief said...

Happy anniversary and many more to come I hope. Best wishes for great blogging in your second year. :)

Kelly said...

Thank you, timethief. And on behalf of all bloggers out there, thank you for your considerable support in all things "bloggy". You share how much really you care.

Keep up the rewarding work.

Claire said...

Oh the British talk funny? You wanker!

Happy One year anniversary :)

Kelly said...

Hahahaha.... I thought that might get the attention of all you Brits. Yep, I'm an American Wanker. The worst kind.

Thanks for the congrats and being my stalker. Time to go chase woodland animals. Bye for now.

RecycleCindy said...

Hey congrats on the one year birthday for your blog. Thanks so much for the kind words you posted about my blog at BlogCatalog. Best wishes for many more years.

Kelly said...

Thanks Cindy. You are welcome about the kind words. They were meant. Keep up the great work on your blog.

rusty said...

Yay! Happy Birthday!!!

Kelly said...

Thank you, rusty! And thanks for the awesome blog review at BC.

Majase Cyc said...

Happy one-year bro!

Although I've only recently discovered your blog, I've read through a booty-ful amount of the old posts.

I have laughed, I have cried (oh wait, that was from spilling coffee on me franks-n-beans); and...I'm quite certain you need professional help.

As a gesture of noobie-kindness, I can put you in contact with a counselor I use often. All she requires for a session is fresh toejam, crystallized adrenochrome, and a willingness to drain her nose warts.

I know, I know, it's a bargain hard to imagine, but I can actually go out in public now, albeit with a leash.

And believe me, once you see the sexy wench, you'll jump all over it.

Kelly said...

HaaaaaHoooo, Majase Cyc. Thanks for the congrats.

I'm glad I could make you laugh, cry and burn your holly berries with a scalding hot cup of joe. I'm surprised my wholesome, uplifting writing didn't cause ya to shit yer pants as it does with some.

I certainly appreciate the offer of a counselor but I'm already seeing a therapist. Ha ha. See. You're right. I really am nuts. For real. But I'd still drain your counselor's nose warts. I would never pass up a chance to do that for total strangers I meet on the street. It's always a good time! Yahoooo.

You sound as demented as I am. In my world, that's a compliment. If you're done with that leash, I could use it on my sexy wench. She struggled so much during our last "episode", she broke free. Naughty. Naughty.

Good hearing from ya, bro. Stop by again. Hippy Holidaze!

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