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Monday, February 28, 2011

Denial Comes In Many Forms

My wife, my friend, Steve and I were watching the movie, Anger Management, last night. It's a comedy with Adam Sandler, Jack Nickolson and Morisa Tomei in the main starring roles. One of my favorite movies of all time. It's off-the-wall, hysterical and has an undeniable message. And this is a message that shows the truth in how people interact and cope with each other, themselves and how they play mind games to manipulate themselves and others. But you're not going to get any of this unless you're paying attention to the movie.

Nickolson plays the character of the psychologist, Dr. Buddy Rydell, who is trying to help Sandler's character, Dave Buznik, with his anger issues.

If you've seen the movie, you may remember the lines of dialogue Jack Nickolson spoke to Adam Sandler as he explains the difference between explosive anger and implosive anger.

Dr. Buddy Rydell: Explosive is the type of individual you see screaming at the cashier for not taking his coupon. Implosive is the cashier who remains quiet day after day and then finally shoots everyone in the store. You’re the cashier.

Dave Buznik: No, no, no. I’m the guy in the frozen food section dialin’ 911. I swear.

Check out this funny scene from the movie in the clip below.

Unfortunately, I suffer from implosive anger. I wish it were otherwise but it isn't. I don't deny the fact that I and others around me may suffer from my choice of keeping shit inside until I go off like fireworks in a portable toilet, but most of the time, I'll deny whatever is eating at me until the inevitable event occurs. I think a lot of people, if they were honest, would say the same. You want to avoid confrontations because they are unpleasant. In an individual's mind it may seem as if they're trying to give the person, thing or problem chance after chance to say the right thing or resolve itself but it is also a form of denial. It especially becomes clear when you want something to happen and, obviously, it isn't going to happen. Acceptance can be difficult.

Explosive anger can be bad, as well. You can't just go off on someone because of something they said. And you shouldn't punch a wall at the exact moment something negative occurs to you. There should, if humans were rational, be a real attempt on the part of the person feeling like they're "getting the shaft" or being insulted to restrain themselves from abrupt, extreme violent verbal or physical abuse.

Honestly, which one of those types would you say you have? Remember... When you are true to yourself with one thing or another in your life, it lifts yet another burden from your shoulders as you make your journey. I just made that up. Pretty good, huh? Not only profound but I somehow manage to stay humble, too. Amazing.

My friend said this last night, after watching Anger Management:

"Denial isn't just a river but it's a way of life for some people." Get the joke?... De Nile? (as in the Nile River)... and denial? Sure, you're likely not laughing until you piss yourself but I liked it. Hell, you might have heard it before. I don't know nor care but it's a true enough statement.

Well, curiosity got the best of me and I just looked it up. It's been said already. Sorry, Steve. lol.

Here's another quote, from the great philosopher, Aristotle:

“Anyone can become angry - that is easy, but to be angry with the right person at the right time, and for the right purpose and in the right way - that is not within everyone's power and that is not easy."

Have you noticed, during the last ten years or so, that they keep building bigger and bigger cruise ships? Over three thousand passengers could fit on the cruise ship, Freedom of The Seas, we took last summer. After that, another cruise ship, Oasis of The Seas, was created. It's five times larger than the Titanic. It can hold 5,400 passengers and 2,145 staff members. And there will be more cruise ships coming, from what I've read, that will be even bigger, if they haven't been created and launched already. More lives on board. More lives at stake if something goes terribly wrong. The notion that plans to evacuate people are guaranteed to work simply isn't true. Things can and have gone awry on cruise ships.

The Carnival cruise ship, Carnival Splendor, had a fire in their engine room, last year, that shut down all the power, stranding over 4,000 passengers and staff members out in the middle of the sea. People endured three days and nights without hot food, cabin lighting and air conditioning. Their story could have ended a lot worse, of course. And in the future, with companies willing to raise the ante of Potential Life Loss VS. Rising Profit Margins on the continuous building of massive ships, one holding more people than the one before it, something horrendous will eventually happen. The odds for it are obvious.

There have been other cruise ship events in the past that were near disasters, by way of lives being almost lost. Take the MTS Oceanos, for example. Ten years ago, this cruise ship was sinking after an explosion was heard. Water rapidly rose up through the hull, generator room and beyond. The crew took off, leaving the passengers stranded. Very few were led to the lifeboats to safety. While the captain was one of the first to get off the ship, most of the passengers were left to fend for themselves. Luckily, the on board entertainers assisted the passengers and kept them alive. Click the link for part of that story.

There are other examples, other scenarios that have happened. Like everyone on board getting deathly sick from bacteria or one thing or another. I think that happened last year. I forget which cruise ship. I doubt it was the Love Boat. You can look it up, yourself.

The point is:

It's all for the purpose of making bigger profits, building these gigantic floating cities on the oceans. And all those people. Just think about it! Denying that something terrible will happen is easy and arrogant on the part of these cruise lines.

You might have heard the news about news reporters going into Egypt to report the violence and the protesting against President Mubarak. One female reporter, Lara Logan was raped and assaulted while there, trying to tell what was going on. While I commend her on wanting to get the truth out there to the rest of the world, since Mubarak was trying to keep the truth from getting out, by way of television and the Internet, I think she and her news crew were somehow denying to themselves that something horrendous could happen to them in the middle of that powder keg. Brave, but stupid. Denial of what will likely happen in a scenario like that is stupid, especially when it comes to your life possibly being snuffed out and your family paying the price, in the end, for your bravery/stupidity.

Oh, and hey, my fellow Americans, get a goddamn clue! The world hates the U.S. because we meddle into their business and their problems and their affairs so we can make a profit from their misery or whatever they got that we happen to want. Wars. Oil. Politics. Corporate greed. Government. All linked. When one country sets up military bases all over the world like they're the New Roman Empire, what kind of hostility do you think that will bring about from the rest of humanity?

We're a country full of fat, rich, obese people that let out cries of patriotism because we're given misinformation to instill that fucked up sense of patriotism. Delusional. A nation of fuckers in denial. Just keep giving us that paycheck and we'll keep performing our expected tricks for you . Continue to drill for oil in the water, in the national parks or wherever. Intrude on what's left of our privacy. Do whatever you want. We just want to be left alone and left dumber than a box of rocks. We can't be hassled or bothered by the truth of things.

And global warming is just a myth, of course. Sure. A lot of idiots were claiming that the harsh winter we had was proving global warming was just an alarmist piece of propaganda. Yes, in 49 of our 50 states we did have snow falling. True. This is and was a very extreme winter. I've done my fair share of complaining with good reason but the facts are the facts. The deniers have said, more or less, "Fuck what 95% of the scientists have as proof of global warming." Btw, would you care for an explanation of why our weather is becoming so extreme, hot and cold-wise, and that it is most certainly connected to climate change? Click here for that answer.

While we're on the subject, check out this informative little clip for a bit of good cheer.

Don't forget to continue to pump that poison in the air and keep the profits rolling and keep those corporation execs and bank CEOs in their mansions and their private jets. Don't worry. We'll just keep working and hiding our heads in the sand. No questions asked. Just deny that it is happening. We'll keep doing that until we've wiped out every last plant, tree, animal and pocket of clean, breathable air.

Then it's "Goodbye, Mr. Blue Sky!" You sow what you reap, fuckers!

I'm sure we're not the only ones to fall into the denial trap. The German citizenry were certainly suckered in by the Nazi party rhetoric during WW2. They made themselves believe it in the hopes that their economy would become repaired and they could live a better life. Of course, some threats, attacks and outright murders were committed to help persuade the folks. The Jewish people and more ethnic groups got to suffer for the German people's delusion and belief in that propaganda. Gas chambers. Concentration camps. Torture. Cruel medical experimentation. Denial mixed with inhumanity can bring forth catastrophic results.

I called my sister up, today, after she was finished plucking a couple turkeys she had in her pen of chickens and ducks. They all get along, in case you're wondering or making assumptions. She said she was going to make sausage out of the male because adding spices normally reserved for sausage masked some of the stronger taste of the male meat of the bird. The female turkey doesn't have that strong of a taste to them, she explained. I asked why was that. She said because the testosterone somehow permeates the meat of the males and gives them that slightly nastier flavor. Females don't have that kind of taste to them, according to her.

She went on to say that these big meat butchering companies treat their cattle and pigs and chickens like crap by feeding them in confined spaces and putting them through hell before they find their way into the supermarkets. As a result, the meat is slightly or more contaminated by these chemicals or hormones produced in the meat that causes them to have that strong, unsavory taste.

Japanese Kobe beef has a much better taste to it than American beef because they treat their cattle with tender loving care before they kill them, slice and dice 'em and serve their flesh on your plate. Mmm... I'm getting hungry. Let me give you a real nice massage, like they do in Japan, before I cut off your head, tear out your guts and divide your body parts among the masses. The cattle might being treated better at the time, but in the end, it's kind of a nasty little prank, is it not? All that tender loving care and then WHAM! They're meat for humans in the end, when only recently, they were being pampered.

My point is that there is denial with that aspect on how we treat our livestock and the connection with what we're putting into our bodies. Still, I'm not going to stop eating meat. I'll be honest. I like meat. If you and I were on a deserted island and there was no hope of rescue, I wouldn't turn your back! I'll make you my meal of choice if I feel desperate enough. Mmm... I hope there's a little garlic that's washed ashore, to go with your rib meat. Don't you deny me your flesh, now, friend. :-)

Denial comes in many forms, for the individual and groups and nations of people. What you, we or I choose to ignore and deny can and will likely, in the future, present a grave danger, if it hasn't already.

And, in conclusion, I say, "Have a pleasant afternoon and sunny tomorrows, everyone! Yipee!"


LilPixi said...

I don't know where to begin...

Anger Management - It's a classic!
I am without a doubt the explosive type. I cannot hold back at all, esp. in the face of injustice, or immoral, sick, twisted cruelty. People also have to remember the fact that I'm part strong Irish blood & part Sicilian. I can barely help it. lol

But as much as my anger has caused issues for me, the situations it's both gotten me out of & put me into may be for the best. I have to be true to myself & my beliefs on morality. My anger aiding me to flee a corrupt system/environment for example.

I think denying reality & the way I felt would have ended the situation much worse for myself.

Cruise ships just freak me the fuck out. Thanks but no thanks. Doesn't seem like a fun way to die. Sounds like hyperventilation into a paper bag.

I recently saw Jenna Jameson speak out about Mcdonalds & how they torture their chicken. It is fucked up how Americans just consume & don't think about it nor care.

Really great post, Kelly. Denial does indeed royally fuck people. said...

I'm with pixi... so many different ways to comment...

I agree with a lot of your points. Especially about our government recently. I just vented about the last 11 years in government myself, so I feel strongest about that subject.

I've never been on a cruise ship, and I have no desire to do so. Backpacking in the wilderness and open air sounds more fun to me.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Modern humans are so reckless. Charging around the world in cruise ships, airplanes and cars. Gorging on meat which makes them unhealthy, and farts up the atmosphere with greenhouse gases from all the livestock they breed. How much safer they were back in the jungle, when they only had to worry about crocodiles and snakes.

Anyway, the new fact I learned from this post is THE WHOLE of Australia is a US military base. Better watch out for boomerang-throwing terrorist who wear Crocodile Dundee hats. They must be pretty upset with all those American soldiers in their country, forcing them to eat hamburgers and stuff.

kerrie said...

I have missed a few blogs and your is the first for a week or so and what a blogg to get into.
Anger managment where do you start... I like anger it fuels so many things and I like angry people dont know why I think it because I am so useless at it...yet I have lived with angry folk all my life they where so angry that I never got the chance to be.I just kept telling I am on my own I spend half my time in the car giving the finger and the other half swearing at my computer what that about? my mouth is like sewer ...and dont get me started on those damn banks!!! loved you post
it was the tits

Kelly said...

LilPixi- I can see your point about taking a stand against cruelty and injustice. Now that, I will get angry about and say something. I'm explosive more when it comes to others or a topic I'm passionate about. But I've got implosive anger when it comes to something directed to me, personally. Then, I will take it for a little while- then BOOM.

I don't doubt that being part Irish and part Sicilian plays a role in your personality like that. I know someone close to me that is part Irish and part American Indian (Cherokee, to be specific) And damn, she does have a temper. Lol.

That's interesting what you said about denying reality and your situation. Had to laugh about what you said about cruise ships. And yeah, Jenna Jameson was right about speaking out against McDonald's. The huge corporations don't care how the animals get treated. Neither does your average American. It's really sick.

Thanks for the compliment and I hope you have a good day.

Kelly said... Yeah, ranting away about the government is one of my favorite things to do on the blog, too. Glad you read the post and appreciated it. We went on a cruise ship last year and it was one of the best times I had in my life. But it did have some bad moments. I got sick, for one. Had bronchitis during the middle of it. Plus, we had to go another route because of a hurricane. But other than that, it was fun.

Backpacking and going out in the wilderness is something I enjoy doing. Have you ever been to Red River Gorge, in Kentucky?

Kelly said...

Gorilla Bananas- So true about the meat gorging being unhealthy. Humans are a real pain in the ass. And if they wouldn't breed so damn much, we would need all this farting livestock to feed this overpopulated planet that adds to the Greenhouse effect.

I wouldn't mind going back to the jungle. As long as no jungle beasts start messin' with my junk while I'm asleep.

Lol... Yeah, we've taken over Australia. We're going to set up hundreds of McDonald's there and serve up Double Cheese Kangaroo burgers.

Kelly said...

kerrie- So you have paid me a visit, finally. I was starting to get worried about you. I thank you, sincerely, for choosing my blog as the first to visit after a lengthy break from the blogworld.

Well, it seems to me that you can still give the finger on the road and swear at your computer is a sign you have what is considered healthy anger. You're not so extreme as to want to pop someone's head off like a wine cork and you're not completely quiet when it comes to letting out some anger. Your "telling jokes", is, I agree, a great way to diffuse a hostile angry situation. I tried that quite a few times, myself, with good results.

Glad you liked the post, Kerrie. Have a great and non-angry day! :-)

bazza said...

bazza- Hi Kelly. You've two posts for the price of one here!
I loved the film Anger Management. For me anything with Jack Nicolson can't be bad (can't say the same for Adam Sandler; I very rarely enjoy anything he does).
I have only ever done one cruise which was a week around the western Med. We woke up every morning in a different port. Naples, Marjorca, Tunis, Sicilly, Marseilles, Barcelona and Genoa. I loved it despite my expectations.
Everything we do in life is dangerous. While I am sitting here typing at my computer under a flat roofed extension a frozen fall-out from a jetliner's toilet couild crash through the roof and kill me.
May as well just get on with life!

Kelly said...

bazza- Yeah, I crammed quite a few items in this post. Before I go on, I have to say your comment didn't show up here before and I had to copy it from my email. I'm alerted by email when somebody makes a comment. Anyway, I put it on here. That's weird that that happened.

Yeah, I love most of the films Nicolson has done. Even if the film has a crappy storyline to it, Jack brings something special to the table, so to speak. :-)

Good to hear you enjoyed the cruise. I'd like to see those places you mentioned, someday. I liked our cruise in the Caribbeans. No, just the point I was trying to make about building bigger and bigger cruise ships is, is that I think it's irresponsible for cruise lines to keep doing that. It's like they're testing fate and it would be a lot of lives lost if a ship that size were to go down.

I hope that one of those huge frozen "snowballs" of human waste doesn't come through your roof anytime in the future. That would suck. :( lol.

Yeah, I agree with ya. No one should sit around and be afraid to try new things or whatever because of what could happen. gotta keep pushing forward. Take care, bazza.

kerrie said...

You to my good man and thank you for you last comment on my post I am working on a post ie thinking it up cheer

Kelly said...

kerrie- You're most welcome. I look forward to your next post. Cheers to you, Lady Kerrie.

Anonymous said...

This is a great blog-everything you had to say was completely true. If only the world all the world cared to be educated, then we wouldn't have half these problems! :P

Kelly said...

Thanks! I wish most people would care enough to be educated and take it one step further to do actually do something about it. I agree.

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