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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Joe Rogan Speaks The Truth

I intended to put an entirely different kind of post up here on the site but since I'm still working hard on it yet -and I found this great video- I wanted to put this on here for everyone to see and listen to. Joe Rogan, a comedian and a guy with a lot of truth to share, did a radio interview last year about the human race. I just stumbled on to it.

I've been a longtime fan of Joe Rogan's and I gotta say, his thoughts on the "human condition" pretty well match up with my own. Scary, huh? I think his words in this video are well worth thinking about. Please watch it and share your opinion. In any case, an open mind should not be faulted. That should be kept in mind while watching this.


Gorilla Bananas said...

You know, the world really is fully of crazy connections like he said. Take his name, Joe Rogan. That's very close to Josh Rogan, which is "Rogan Josh" backwards, which is an aromatic Indian meat dish. I'm not sure what his advice would be for students struggling with their quantum physics homework. Maybe they should forget it and watch a sci-fi movie instead.

bazza said...

Hi Kelly. I think we might have a (friendly) difference of opinion here. Just what, exactly, is this guy trying to say?
*Quantum physics is so crazy it should be banned?
*Kids get too much homework which trains them to be a "godamn fucking drone"?
*Distractions (like popular magazines) should be banned?
*There's no room in life to think about weird maths if you need to buy gas and the baby's cryin?
*"There's too much stuff going on"?
*The Large Hadron Collider doesn't get enough publicity?!
*Fox News is part of a conspiracy to keep us down?
Gimmee a break! This man is saying nothing concrete or of any use at all!
Rant over. (Big smile).
Well, it would be a dull world if we all thought the same way.
Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

Kelly said...

Gorilla Bananas- That's very funny about the Rogan Josh thing there. Personally, I don't think he was implying what you said and I find it odd and disconcerting that you couldn't find anything you agreed with, regarding what he said- but that's your opinion. I respect that. Take care.

Kelly said...

bazza- That's okay, bazza. (Friendly) differences of opinion are welcome. :) Like with the commenter above, I expected at least a couple things he said would be agreed upon, but, oh well. I think some major points have been missed, too, which is a shame. At least I can take from this that we can respectfully disagree. I'm won't elaborate any further. As always, take care, bazza.

klahanie said...

Hi Kelly,
I was expecting some well spoken, witty and hilarious dude. Sadly, my friend, his monotonous drone and his over usage of 'you know' was doing my head in.
He didn't say anything, as far as I'm concerned, of philosophical value. Heard it all before. As far as I'm concerned, I'd much rather read your postings than listen to some unfunny or unoriginal dude like him.
Respect on this Kelly, but Joe Rogan gives me this great urge to do something exciting like stare at the walls and twiddle my thumbs :-)
With respect and good wishes, Gary.

LilPixi said...

I think this is awesome & they're exact observations I've made myself, time & time again, but they are things that do need to be put into words & widely recognized. I think that's the point here.

The problem I'm having is that it keeps buffering & it's taking me centuries to get through to the end, and I'm too interested in this.

More commentary to come. lol.
I love this, Kelly. Reminds me so much of the conversations one of my best friends & I frequently have.

LilPixi said...

People don't think about the bigger picture, they don't want to. Too much to think about, too scary to think about.......

But moments like these when you do stop to think about it, it's INCREDIBLY fucked up, ESP. how society strolls along everyday in their comfortable lives & uses that as this protective shell from this fucked up reality & absolute wonder that is life, life on earth.

The facts most barely ever stop to think about, incredibly well spoken by Mr. Rogan.

Kelly said...

klahanie- I'm disappointed that you found what he said to be lacking. In fact, even though it's completely irrational, I've been kinda bummed how people responded to it thus far. Shocked, really. Not on a personal level but in the fact I was hoping that someone would take something positive (just a little) from it. But that's neither or here or there. But, like I said, I'm open to everyone's opinion and asked everyone to share what they thought so I must respect that. I will say no more about the subject because I doubt it would do any good. Take care, man. Can't wait to share our fascinating updates on Farcebook. Ha ha. :-)

Kelly said...

LilPixi- Wow. Someone finally got what he was saying. I really was beginning to think that everyone was just going to go along with the majority and basically say the same thing about this video. Thank God. You're like a beacon of light that has restored my faith that some people can think on their own and not go the comfortable route of playing "monkey see-monkey do" their entire lives.

And that was one of the points he was making in the video- that too often people go about in their daily lives, like you said and use that group mentality (conformity) as a protective shell. Like Rogan said, mindless distractions like the media crap we're spoon fed (like which celebrity is in rehab, in jail or snorting coke off a hooker's back) gets more attention than the real news (like poverty, needless wars and thinking beyond our own little niche in the world).

The fact that you took a great deal from what he said gives me faith again. Even if you had just taken 1 thought-provoking idea from what he said at all -instead of completely disagreeing with all of it satisfies me. Thank you, take care and I'm glad you got back from your trip okay, obviously (from what you wrote on Twitter last night).

oops... I'm rambling again. :)

Rico Swaff said...

Haha and to kinda add on to what the Gorilla was saying, Josh Rogan starts to sound a lot like Josh Groban.

I love Joe Rogan trips.

Kelly said...

Rico- How ya doin', dude? Haven't heard from ya for awhile. Yeah, I dig when Joe Rogan goes off like that. He's a comedian but he also has his serious or "think outside the box" type moments, rants. I put a link to his website in the third column here, along with some other interesting sites, if you care to check it out. Take care. I'll be headin' your way soon.

bazza said...

Hi Kelly, me again! I would be sad to think that you would drop a subject that interests you just becuse you got some different opinions. Gary and I might be wrong! I say, go for it if you truly believe it.
Trying to find a positive, I have to admit that the notion of a straight line from the top of my head to the the nearest star is neat!
Keep on truckin'.
Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

Kelly said...

bazza- Thanks, man. Whew! I gotta admit that when I saw your name pop up in my email that you left another comment on this particular post, I thought you might have taken my response personally and went off on me. It's happened to me a couple times and wasn't pleasant. I'm very glad that you, other bloggers and I can have a difference of opinion and all remain great blog pals.

As you know, I sometimes put purposefully controversial (in this case, not purposefully) stuff on my blog. I guess this was one of them, which- I didn't realize it would be. Anyway, I'm rambling again. Thanks for finding the positive. :-) I shall keep on truckin' and you do the same, my friend. Take care of you and yours. Sincerely, Kelly.

Greg said...

Kelly, got to tell you I've never heard of the guy and I'm glad that you put this video up. I'm going to look into his other work.

It blows my mind when I reflect upon how enormous the universe is, and the unanswered questions that are out their.

I had a conversation the other day with a lady at work, about the kids in school and she was telling me about all the homework kids get nowadays, and I'm like what about playing, dreaming and wondering about life.

Society is training our kids to be slaves, feeding them the ideas they are supposed to think instead of allowing them to think for themselves.

I'd agree with him about the garbage that passes for news that is rammed down our throats, but what would I have to make fun of.

I liked the video!

Kelly said...

Greg- Hi there, dude. Yeah, Joe Rogan is probably most famous for hosting that game show "Fear Factor" where people had to slurp down disgusting shit like the vulva of goat or the sperm from a bull. These contestants (idiots) would do it for money and he would make fun of them. It was funny.

He's done a lot of funny CD and concerts, a couple HBO specials and other things. I put the link to his website up in the 3rd column to the right on the blog, along with other recommended sites.

I ponder the same things about our world, our untapped abilities and the universe. It's hard to imagine the possibilities... but I try. :-)

That conversation you had reminds me of something George Carlin, my favorite comedian of all time, would say about our society regarding kids. He basically said what you were talking about how kids are being brainwashed, being pushed into all these little organizations and sports, having too much schoolwork and all the rest without being able to just be themselves and be creative, dream and wonder.

You and I both are on the same wavelength and I'm truly happy to know there are people like you that realize these same things. You think for yourself instead of what society tries to program us to think. And buy. And consume. And so on.

Glad you liked the video and got the major points it conveyed. Cheers!

Static said...

Hehehe...Mr. Bananas comment made me laugh. His students and sci-fi movies remark is as poignant as Mr. Rogan's comments are - irregardless of context or intentions. We all need to stop and smell the roses occasionally. It keeps us grounded.

I think despite Joe's somewhat rambling message about people's interests and how crazy quantum physics is, if you look deeper than that (and I think he was saying it that way to reach those who are not very articulate or contemplative to begin with) I believe Joe makes some valid points.

Mr. Rogan poses some philosophical questions here, such as the dichotomy of values and interests we hold in mainstream culture. Those contrasts between what a majority of people think are important (especially in the Western sphere), what the human race is actually a part of, and certainly what we should contemplate when contributing to it. These should be thoughts that cross our minds at some point. What is important in life?

All those things that we think or do are important on some level, of course. No matter how mundane they are. But what should have priority in our thought process: what is most important to the human race, what is the bigger picture are the questions Mr. Rogan suggests.

I think the last thing anyone of us is going to be thinking on their death beds is: "I wonder if these shoes match my skirt?" or "Will my favorite team win the Super Bowl this year?" or "I wonder if so-and-so will get back together with so-and-so?" or "At least I was right."

There's even a hint to the idea of a higher power in his remarks. If I didn't know any better I'd say Joe Rogan is a philosopher of sorts. Either that or he's a hippy. =P

Kelly said...

Hey there, dude. How's it going?

My take on Joe's philosophies and "ramblings" boil down to that he obviously sees the big picture. I think he explained how he felt about our place and our need to ask each other/ourselves why we are who we are- even clearer. Being a philosopher, myself, I understand where he's coming from when he speaks. As a comedian, he's hysterical but it's his constant barrage of truths and points of interests that should really be captivating us instead of inane reality shows that the majority of Americans are ga-ga about, unfortunately. You should check out his stand up show, Talking Monkeys in space, if you haven't already. I dig people who are funny and make you think. Like George Carlin, Kurt Vonnegut, Bill Hicks and Bill Maher- among others.

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