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Monday, December 10, 2012

Inspirations and Heroes

Many times I believe humans use the term "hero" fairly loosely.  For me, a hero is someone who saves a person's life or risks their own life for someone else.  People, for example, who fall into the category of heroes would be, in no particular order: firefighters, good doctors, good nurses, first responders, EMT's and sometimes, the police, I say, somewhat begrudgingly.  When cops aren't focusing on some activity that's determined to be part of the drug war and actually going after murderers and rapists and preventing people from being hurt or killed- they're not only doing their job and committing to it, but they earn the right to be called a hero.  Now you get why I said 'somewhat begrudgingly' because, in my opinion, cops deserve to be called that when they are doing something beyond what I guess you could call "their call of duty."

Remember, while reading this:  These are my opinions.  Please don't throw the dictionary at me or pull quotes on me.  :)  I've nearly started lynch mobs on my blog in the past and I think if some of the comments had gotten any further, in intensity, I'd would be hopping a jet plane for Hawaii for fear of death threats.  Speaking of which, I went to Hawaii a couple months ago but that was to see the TUMULTUOUS CHICKEN INVASION.  Oh, and endless debates bore the crap out of me, too, but more importantly, I think those types of people who engage in eternal internet debates are for those who believe there is an argument to win or for someone's self-feeding ego purposes.  Eegads! And Holy Doritos, even!

I can't, in my right mind, call an athlete a hero.  An athlete just doesn't fit the description of hero for me.  They can be considered an inspiration to some people, though.  For those who do the hero worshiping thing toward someone who can run a ball, hit, catch or kick a ball, tackle someone, make a home run, or make a field goal, hit a puck or something akin to anything like this please take your misplaced adulation away from me as quickly as possible or I'll violently retch the contents of the little TV dinner I had this morning.  I'll aim for your shoes, too, right through my magical computer monitor.  The little frozen piece-of-crap dinner, I had, earlier,consisted of some type of meat, smothered with orange-y cheese.  Please, no dick jokes.  I'm running a monastery here, not a blog, for crying out quietly- instead of loudly. (singing) "Ohhhhh holy night, the cows are slurping upon dick cheese..."  Oops... I better add a smiley face to note I'm joking about the monastery bit.  Hopefully, I'm not too late..  :)  There now.  All better, right?

Note: Misdirection infused with humor is a useful tool to avoid endless debate.

Example:  Person One might say, "Why do you always leave the dishes in the sink for more than one and three quarters of an hour when you can put them in the dishwasher?"

Person Two might reply, "Do you think that spot on your back I noticed the other day might lead to something or be the symptom of something... like a disease?"

Then, if it works out, Person One will ask for more details about the spot or try checking it with two mirrors.  You can imagine how that works, right?.  We've all done the mirror trick.  No penis jokes, please.  Or, if you're really lucky, they'll ask you to apply some kind of ointment on the spot.  That's when you use gasoline, a lighter and maybe a rag on their back.  But be careful! You don't want to be burned, after all.  Anyway, the argument or debate may be averted when they are on fire and pushed off the balcony or into a deep hole in the ground.

Unfortunately, you can't do this on the Internet but you can use diversion techniques, with type written words- which are either subtle, shocking or somewhere in the middle.  You can think of something, I'm sure.  Have you ever poured yourself a cup of tea or coffee and try sweetening the tea or coffee while talking to someone on the phone?         

Maybe athletes, good teachers, certainly, parents or an intriguing spokesperson inspire others to do better or improve themselves in many ways.  They could inspire you to get fit, gain confidence, perhaps, view situations as an advantage and that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  They can also help you change your perspective for your own personal growth during your lifetime.  Who knows?  There are, obviously, other examples of people I'm not mentioning.  But I can't, for the life of me, bring myself to call them a hero.

Being a rambler when I write, I have to control myself.  If I come up with more than the allotted examples, in this case, my blog license will be revoked.

Personally, for me, however, there are people who, accordingly, could be classified, often, as "those who inspire."  Like Gandhi or Buddha.  Excellent examples.

Isn't it odd how people who inspire peace or love are always getting executed in the history of the Human race?  Nah, we're certainly keeping up with our rapidly increasing technology with our ability to empathize and care for our fellow citizens.  Right?  I need to take a look outside and dream of elves, riding sparkling unicorns right about now.

George Carlin and Kurt Vonnegut have inspired me to think in comedic but honest terms.  I've listened to every word from George Carlin, on albums, his books and in HBO specials and have greatly appreciated his truth and honesty and have laughed until I'm breathless while enjoying the truth of what he has said.  I've read and re-read Kurt Vonnegut's books like Breakfast of Champions and Slaughterhouse Five and all the rest he's written (got his whole collection) and I've gained wisdom from his unique prose while having my laughs and deeper thoughts, all the while. I don't base all of my personal beliefs on what they have said, but they definitely have inspired me.  Infusing humor and honesty.  They are natural partners and can be easily swallowed in one or two gulps.  No need to say what you were thinking there.  You're naughty!

Also:  Don't allow me to go into a bookstore!  I've lived in one for four days and dined on overpriced coffee, hard cookies and crappy paperbacks.

True Meaning of What I've Just Said:  I read a lot.

The band, Rush, are a progressive rock band that have been around for 44 years.  Yeah, that's when they formed.  In 1968.  They had some popular hits in the past but for some strange reason, they're still too underrated in my book.  In my book of those have inspired me, the members of Rush, who are Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart and Geddy Lee should be put right up there with the Beatles.  That's my opinion.  Don't set me afire!  Their lyrics to their songs are absolutely meaningful, the drumming by Peart is powerful and masterful and the guitar work by Geddy and Lifeson is too artistic too describe.  Plus, Geddy's singing has only improved over the years, too.  For some people, his singing was/is off-putting.  But not to me.

My Aunt Kay bought me the DVD, Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage for my birthday, around October.  It's an amazing, in-depth look at their beginnings, their challenges the group has faced, how they define or not define their music and the mechanics behind how they've stayed together for so long.  Even if I wasn't a Rush fan, I'd find it especially interesting.  Early concert footage of the band on the DVD is very cool and gratifying, too.

I love Led Zeppelin, too, for the same reasons and they inspire me.  Another big influence or inspiration would be Pink Floyd and then you have Queens of the Stone Age and on and on and on.  I could name so many bands you would want to break my fingers or something.  What are you doing with the Molotov cocktail in your hand?  Are you about to set me ablaze?  It's not even Christmas yet!  And I won't fit in your oven, either, unless you...

Note: Even your friends or people you see on a daily or weekly basis can inspire you in ways you haven't thought of yet.  Or maybe they already have.  It's happened to me.  I've even refrained from belching at inappropriate times while they babble about.

But, anyway, yeah, when you think of your heroes and inspirations and the whole notion of those ideas and how others perceive their own- or not- it's something worth thinking about- until we've run amok with chickens as the Mayans predicted what would happen during the End of Days.   


klahanie said...

Hey Kelly,

Total agreement on this. The word hero is overused and true heroes are those who selflessly would save others or put their own lives at risk to save a fellow man or creature.

And heroes can inspire. And inspirations such of those who set examples of positivity for us, despite their own problems, are lessons that can lead onto better things in our lives.

And your musical choices are very much personal favourites of mine. In your own way, my friend, you inspire me and you are a hero in your own special way. I think our support may well save a life.

You take good care and I'm deeply grateful for your kindness.


Pickleope said...

Sorry, Person 2, the distraction technique never works in the long term.
Yes, the term "hero" is confused with "inspiration" and "mildly entertaining" way too much.
I don't think I have a hero. "Hero" is someone who inspires you and who you want to live your life like, right? Well I sure as shit don't want to life like George Carlin or Hunter S. Thompson.
I guess it's you, my hero is you. Guide me, sansei.

bazza said...

Hi Kezza. Well, having reached number 37 in the 'My Heroes' element of my Blog maybe I had better have a re-think! I agree with much of what you have said here; it's probably just a matter of definition. Maybe I should have called the series 'People Whose Achievements I Admire' but it doesn't have the same impact!
That two really interesting posts in a row now! Blimey.
Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

Gorilla Bananas said...

I'm glad you mentioned cops, even if grudgingly. It made me think of Steve McGarret and Hawaii-5-0. McGarret was so dedicated to his job that he gave up sex. Chin Ho didn't, but was just as big a hero. The good news is that humans are indeed better at empathizing and caring for their fellow citizens than they used to be. The evidence is in this book.

billy pilgrim said...

i shared a room with a man named eliot when i was briefly institutionalized and considered to be a danger to myself. eliot was the most generous and caring man i have ever met. my only regret is never having the pleasure of hunting house flies with eliot. if eliot isn't a hero then whoever wrote the book on it doesn't know heroes for sour apples.

Kelly said...

klahanie (otherwise known as Gary)-

To Everyone, really...

Sorry for the long delay in responding, people. A lot of things have been going on my end and, more importantly, when I respond on my blog or someone else's blog, I like to give more than a one line response or something that has substance and relates to the post. I didn't feel as though I could answer my comments on this post the way I'd want to and have time for.

With that out of the way for all, here, to read...

Gary, I'm glad we're in agreement over the redundant and misplaced use of the word "hero." Heroes and inspirations are both people and things that we can learn from. I hope my point and opinion gets across from what I write in the post, because frankly, being misinterpreted, words being twisted or ignored, completely- or also having assumptions made on topics I've written on in the past is getting tiresome.

I noticed from our interactions toward each other that we both share a lot of likes for the same bands.

I'm glad we've gotten to know each other over the years enough to have that admiration for each other. You have inspired me more than a few times, as well.

I could use some support now but I know you have your own problems. Between this troll woman on Farcebook who's telling lies about me the depression I suffer more profoundly this time of year to my own family and financial woes, it's been a nightmare the past couple of months.

Take care, Gary. Have a good life.

Kelly said...

Pickleope- Actually, it has worked the distraction technique does work. I've had to try it out on a couple of chimps before and also more than a few people who are easily distracted and incredibly annoying and dense in the head.

No, a hero is someone who saves your life or someone else's life. An inspiration can be a person or things that inspires you in one way or another. This difference was explained in the post in several different ways in the hopes someone somehow some way could grasp what i was trying to say.

George Carlin and Kurt Vonnugut, for examples were inspirations to me because they gave out very astute observations on life the behavior of most members of society. Glad I'm your hero. I know you mean that. ;)

Kelly said...

bazza- No, it's a matter of opinion rather than definition. I'm glad you could understand and agree with some of what I said here. You could start calling your series 'People Who Inspire You' or whatever you want to do.

Gee, I'm glad you thought the past two posts were interesting. :) Blimey, indeed.

Kelly said...

Gorilla Bananas- Chin-Ho gave McGarret major buttsex while the other guys on the force watched. In the latest episode of Hawaii 5-0, McGarret enters a contest to see how many coconuts he can stuff up his rectum. He always wins so no one really places bets any more.

I read that book and found a lot of flaws with his reasoning. Humans, in general, have become increasingly less caring and their infatuation with wealth, technology and power prove this point with every day that passes. Besides, my post was about inspirations and heroes.

Kelly said...

billy pilgrim- That was funny, dude. Maybe I'll meet Elliot when I'm institutionalized. If I did, I might call him an inspiration but never a hero.

Dixie said...

i Kelly.
"Many a truth is said in jest." -author unknown, but we know what this refers to... and when we take time to ingest the words' meanings... wisdom follows.

Good grief, if only I could really visit you (and Mrs. Kelly), have a sit and chat might not ever exist again! Or does it now?

The links you supplied were well worth the watch; I'm grateful as some many people keep walking blindly into a brick wall ~ ya'll.

Hope your week isn't a total shit.
Peace out! Dix

Kelly said...

Howdy, Dixie,

Yeah. the unknown author is right. There's been quite a few people, throughout history, who put the truth in something said in jest. It would be nice if more people took the time to ingest the words' meanings to gain the wisdom from them, too.

I think it would be great if you could visit the Mrs. and I for a sit and a chat. It would be worth risking the space-time continuum. I did a blog post some time ago, talking about how interesting it would be to really meet the people we blog with online.

I appreciate you checking out the links. I think those types of people who keep walking blindly into the brick wall have done so, so many times, that they's put a hole in the wall from so many hits and have fallen over the edge.

No, the week I'm having isn't a total shit- so far. Last week was total shit but that was due to people trying to screw around with us and my grandmother being a b*tch. I'd rather not go into it. It was bad enough living through it.

I sincerely hope you have a great week and that you're doing well. Take care. Dixie.

Static said...

Hobos are my heroes. They go through a lot of shit on a daily basis, year after year, and they keep doing what they do because they love the lifestyle. Talk about dedication.

I didn't know they gave out blog licenses. Pretty sure mine was revoked, oh... about 350 articles ago.

The reason Rush never became as popular as Led Zep was because Robert Plant is a pretty boy.


Kelly said...

Static- Thanks for your comment, dude. A person could learn a thing or two about hobos from you.

If your blog license was revoked, then mine must have been, too, long ago.

Robert Plant is a pretty boy? Eegads! I never thought of him as being a pretty boy. Even when he was younger and John Bonham was still alive.


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