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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hawaiian Adventure: Evening Sky and Oddities Found in Hawaii

Hey there, everyone!

Remember me?  Yeah, it's been awhile.  I was absent from the world of blogging because my wife and I were on a cruise in Hawaii from the 29th of September through October 6th.  I've been recuperating and getting things back in order ever since.

The first day and night was, during our adventure, September 28th, and all about flying for 10 hours on two different flights to Hawaii and staying at the Marriott Hotel in Honolulu.  Our first flight was from Cincinnati.  The flights going to Hawaii weren't as bad as I thought they were going to be.  I watched two and a half movies on the biggest plane that had seven seats going across each row (one of them was Prometheus- which I liked) while my wife read a book on Steven Tyler.  The 2nd plane, on our second flight we had to take, was in Utah.  The Salt Lake City airport is tiny compared to the airports in Honolulu and Cincinnati, where we joyously we ended up, with only a little turbulence, experienced, during the long flights.

The Marriott Hotel offered us some great views of Waikiki beach in Honolulu.  We stayed there our first day and night before boarding our cruise ship, Pride of America, the next day. Staying at this 4 star hotel on the 19th floor gave us a breather and a chance to look around Honolulu before we started our 7 day cruise, the next day.  There was an incredible 33 floors to this hotel.  It was pretty friggin' big but some buildings in Honolulu stood taller.

Honolulu is a very busy place with a lot to see.  Tattoo parlors, bars, malls, small mom and pop stores, crazy traffic, a melting pot of people, surfers carrying surfboards and a beach that makes you feel as if you're dreaming.  My wife and I loved it.

We took walks along Waikiki beach, enjoying the water and talking to people and being invigorated by the beautiful scenery.

We had an awesome, entertaining time on our cruise and on five different islands in Hawaii.  I will be doing a series of posts of our time spent in Hawaii and on our cruise ship.  Events and places I write about won't be in any particular order.  I'll just be talking about this or that.  I'll be mixing it up and going crazy with it.  Lol.

Note:  I spent my birthday in Hawaii, during our cruise and island time.  How cool and great is that for a gift?

I'd like to show you this poem.  I wrote this during our time spent at the airport, in Honolulu, before coming back home.  I was almost completely exhausted, beyond repair, when I wrote this, but I was inspired by a particular picture I took during our cruise.  I took it as I stood on our balcony, outside our stateroom cabin on the ship.  I felt at such magnificent peace.

This poem is called "Evening Sky"


I say to the evening sky
Tomorrow will come
With what it decides

Some will make what
Seems to be mistakes
While others will see and take lessons
That they might embrace

I see and feel the peace that affects anyone of us
The Hawaiian atmosphere offers locales, beauty and kind people
You can't help but feel blessed

Or be still

Take in the nature
That surrounds you in joyous or troubled times
Embrace the peace that takes care of you
While you stand, walk, run or hide
For a time

Meanwhile, say hello and goodbye
To that unbiased night sky
Tomorrow still comes
As you let those thoughts fly

I took this shot while standing on the top deck of our cruise ship
Going over the mountains to land in Salt Lake City

Taken from our room at the Marriott hotel in Honolulu.  You can see the ocean and beach from where we stayed.

Waikiki beach, as evening comes

Oddity #1- While we were on one of the Hawaii islands, we found out that there were numerous locations where people were being overrun and annoyed by numerous random chickens and roosters and if you happened to run over one, you had to get out of your vehicle, pick up the chicken, barely alive or dead, to throw it away or eat it.  No joke.  We were told this by a native Hawaiian man.  It was a law or something.

Oddity #2- My wife and I, almost continuously, encountered an elderly couple, strangers, that actually lived a few small towns away from our own town, back home, in the mainland.  They were nice and we enjoyed talking to them.  We found it to be such a coincidence that we were staying at the same hotel, going on the same cruise and we had lived so close by to each other in our home state.  That's nearly 4,300 miles away.

Even on the last flight home, we bumped into them again.  His name was John and her name was Connie.  Sometimes we would help each other locate where we had to be or where we wanted to go on the island or on the cruise or at the hotel.  I think we gave each other a sense of comfort and a feeling of contentedness, knowing we were around, off and on, people that were from our home state.  They were likable, helpful, interesting, conversational neighbors during our entire adventure.

Oddity #3- We learned that a lot of their highways on the islands are made partially from lava rock that has been mixed with asphalt.  They make good use of any lava that erupts and pours from volcanoes to build roads, walls that separate the ocean at beaches or property of any kind.

The lava creates new land, in Hawaii, eventually, but it is also used to build roads and walls on many of the islands.

Oddity #4- The Hawaiian word, mahalo, means "thank you" in the English language.  a lot of people will say this word to you if they witness you doing something thoughtful or nice to them or for another reason.  If you mix up the letters of this word just a bit, you can get "malaho", which our native Hawaiian shuttle bus driver, said at one point, meant a male body part (a man's genitals).  I've tried looking this up on the internet, for the hell of it, but can't find it.  Maybe I don't have the exact spelling of it right but that's what he told us.

Probably just fucking around with the tourists that we all were- but it gave us a chuckle, anyway.  A lot of people laughed.  We found everyone, on any of the islands or on the cruise ship, itself, to be friendly.  We talked to people from all around the world.  There especially seemed to be a lot of folks from Australia, the UK or the continent of Asia.  We enjoyed conversing with them about almost anything and learning about their culture and what they were paying for gas for their cars these days.  :)

In conclusion, I don't know if the shuttle bus driver was yanking my 'malaho' or what- but he sternly warned us not to say that dirty word to anyone on the streets on any of the Hawaiian islands or you would get a dirty look.  And maybe even a punch to the nutsack or coochie.  He didn't say that last part but I thought I would, because I care about your safety if you should go to Hawaii for a visit.  :)

Say, "Mahalo, Kelly!"

I'll be continuing this series of blog posts about our time in Hawaii for a short time.  I have posted all the pictures I took (around 530 pics- yeah, I know- WOW, huh?) during our Hawaiian adventure on Facebook, if you're interested.  I will be posting, in the future, more Hawaiian pictures on this blog and on my photo blog, Pics for Kicks, when I have more time.

We're taking over this island.  If you wanna get past me, you're gonna have to kill me and eat my corpse, damn it!
I'll be checking out and commenting on your blogs when I get the time.  It seems my birthday of October 3rd is being celebrated, off and on, this month, with friends and family.  I'll also be spending time with the wife and I'm still trying to put things in order and working on getting things fixed that happened right before our trip. I couldn't do things before our trip because we were busy and financially strapped.  For one thing, we had to buy a new, used car.  The old car broke down for good.  That put a huge dent into our spending money for the trip.

Later, someone ran into the back of our newly purchased car two weeks later where my wife worked.  Nope... no one saw what happened and nope... there are no security cameras aimed at the employee parking lot (how convenient and stupid) and yes, our insurance company will pay for getting it worked on but we still have to pay a five hundred dollar deductible.  Please don't ask any questions about the damage to the "new" car.  I'd rather not talk about it.  It's a thorn in my side or in my mind, actually.

I have a lot of those, of course.  Most are caused by people.  God, I wish I was back in Hawaii, already.  :) I try to picture myself there, nowadays.

Well, guys, that's all I can stand to write- for now.  See ya later, folks!  More fun and craziness to come!


klahanie said...

Hi there human Kelly,

Maholo for this posting. First of all, I'm quite surprised by the connecting routes you had to take to get to Hawaii. You both had a most delightful time during your time in Hawaii. And what with you guys cruising, I reckon that you really feel like you wish you were still there.

Like you say, despite the unfortunate mystery mishap with your new vehicle, you visualise that dreamy holiday and how much the positive distraction of a trip away, means to you.

What a birthday gift! A thoroughly detailed posting and I shall have to go back over it a few times to grasp it all. I now have the urge to go outside and see if we have numerous random chickens and roosters. Well, I can always go out for a dump in the garden....

My human would of commented, but the lazy old fart has gone to bed. Thanks for this first pawsting, sorry, posting.

You take care and keep smiling, even through gritted teeth :)

Pawsitive wishes, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, recently upgraded to superstar status! :)

Pickleope said...

I love Hawaii. Last time I went was to Kauai for our anniversary. Yes, chickens galore there. But beauty to spare. It happened right after I was released from my job, and it was actually pretty great timing. Glad you had a good birthday.
Similar to your "malaho" tale, I've been trying to verify something a friend of mine from Mexico once said. He claimed the phrase "Puneta Quata" (no clue on the spelling) means something about masturbating with a thumb in your butt. I cannot verify this. And trust me, I've tried...uh to verify the definition, not the act itself...(laughs nervously, runs away).

Kim Thomas said...

Aloha! I love your poem, and your photos -- ahh, wish I was there. I'm sure you do, too. Bet I know your "happy place" now! Welcome back, even though it undoubtedly sucks compared to the trip. Cling to those wonderful memories. And thanks so much for sharing it with us!

middle child said...

Looks and sounds like a beautiful place to be. My friend went to Hawaii and told me about the chickens running loose all over the place. I wasn't sure if I understood her correctly but now I do. Wishing you better luck with the vehicles and whatnot. And....belated happy birthday!

bazza said...

Hi Kezza, sounds like you had such a great holiday that you needed to 'recuperate' afterwards!
I would have loved to see the random chickens you talk about. There's a British expression "You must be pulling my plonker"; from now on I'll be saying you must be pulling my malaho!
Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

Dixie said...

'You say mahola, and I say hamola...
You say Hawai-ya, and I say, how-r-ya...
mahola, hamola, Hawai-ya, how-r-ya...let's yank the whole thing off!'

Btw, glad you're bok, bok, bok... bok, bok, bok...

Gee Kell, the poem was lovely. Seeing the accompanying photo immediately started my mind rolling. With the image still fresh in my mind, I reread it. It's very touching; I became a sponge absorbing the moment. Thank you for sharing that duality of vision!

Meeting the couple from your home state was pretty wild. Sounds like a 'ground wire'. Maybe you'll connect for a cookout and share mahooloos on the grill, he he he.

I'm glad you kept the cruise trip as a surprise for us blog groupies. Never let us see you sweat! Oh, and 'stay thirsty, my friend,' whatever that means. Missed ya face... happy belated you old fart-er!

billy pilgrim said...

sounds like an excellent adventure. i can almost picture you and the missus travelling to san lorenzo and meeting papa monzano.

i loved the beginning and middle of prometheus but the ending seemed to be a little too convenient. more interested in setting up a sequel than providing a satisfying conclusion.

Kelly said...

Yeah, the connecting flights were the least amount of fun on the trip. Especially, the very last flight home from Utah back to Cincinnati, coming home. It was cramped and the stewardess was giving the passengers crap that "if we were gold or platinum members of Delta airlines, then we could be sitting in first class." You know... instead of what a lot of people called the "cattle or sardine class" of seating. then she had the gall to ask for donations after each of these announcements, for some cause.

In any case, the other 3 flights, of which there was no other way around it, had to be taken and they were just fine. Lots of room, even in the economy class of seating. Our travel agent tried to get us a flight straight from Cincinnati to Honolulu but it just wasn't working out for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it happens that way. sometimes not. Considering we're 4,300 miles from home, I wasn't too surprised.

Yeah, because of the peace of the Hawaiian islands and the hospitality of the people living there, we do wish we were back there, enjoying the tranquility of the beaches and other scenic areas. As soon as we came home, we had to repair some problems that our car insurance had created for us... on top of both being sick, trying to unpack and everything else. I still can't believe that the insurance company, as much money we give to them as payment every 3 months, were trying to screw us over on paying our "not at fault" damages to our new car.

Yeah, anytime you feel the urge to kill chickens and roosters, by gun, knife or car, feel free to do so, in Hawaii. They welcome the deaths of chickens because there are so many and they're a freakin' menace. But that's the only menace that I saw that they had there. We didn't see any flies, mosquitoes, snakes or spiders on any of the islands.

Telly Gary, your owner, that he should go to Hawaii some day to experience decent weather and beautiful scenery. It's always 80 to 90 degrees F. there, on almost any island, except Hilo, with zero humidity. We it's 80-90 degrees here, it's like living in a sweat box. Hawaii is paradise. Prices for everything are higher because the huge import tax of bring stuff over from over the water (plane or barge) but cost of living there equals out.

I'll be sure to keep smiling through gritted teeth, even though I might have someone's arm in my mouth, before it's all said and done. The only thing I missed, while away, were my two cats. I doubt we'll ever get the chance to go back to Hawaii but if we do, I'd love it.

Btw, good to hear you made to the Internet Superstar status, Penny. Does this mean Gary, has bought you the very finest cuts of steak, prepared to your requirements, every day. If not, tell him to get on that... pronto! With your royal ranking, you deserve it. And to take care of himself. You, too.

Kelly said...

Kauai is beautiful, of course. We experience a Hawaiian luau, with all the mixed drinks you could guzzle I had 5 Margaritas and my wife had 5 Mai Tais... plus you could have all the the food you could eat, a stage show, people throwing fire batons in the air, music and so on. It was wild. A thousand people under one huge open top building with a two year old tree coming out of the roof tip hole.

Yep. chickens galore. If you wanted to go on a chicken killing spree when we were there, they gleefully encouraged it. I'm surprised to see there weren't any KFC's around. Pretty cool that you spent your anniversary there. I spent my birthday there. Any day there, for any occasion is perfect, really.

I know what you mean about having trouble verifying the slang language of a culture of people. As far as 'Puneta Quata' is concerned, I have seen that anything Mexican with a 'pune" and something and so on, means something having to do with a penis. I read about this several times in different places.

Kelly said...

Pickleope- I meant to say two hundred year old tree coming out at the top of that building. I'll try to talk more about the luau experience, later. there's a lot of ground I have to cover with this cruise ship trip.

Kelly said...

Hey there, Kim- Aloha back to you and a might 'mahalo' to top it all off like a sundae. Speaking of tasty sweet treats, they had mother-loads of fresh fruit on this cruise. Pineapple, mango, cantaloupes, watermelon, papaya, peaches, oranges and the list goes on and on.

Yes, indeedy, Kim... Hawaii is my happy place. A true paradise in almost every department. Scenery... beautiful... People courteous and helpful... Tranquility... Hawaii has it in Spades.

You better believe I clinging onto those wonder memories. We both are. I'm glad you enjoyed that I am sharing this with you, Kim. Hopefully, I'll be able to relate all of the amusing and entertaining highlights before Christmas arrives. Lol.

Take care, Kim. I'm still playing blog cAtch up but I'll be at your ASAP. :)

Kelly said...

Yes, it was a peaceful experience, on the whole and the scenery couldn't be beat. Everyone who can make it, should try to go to Hawaii at least once in their lifetime. Yeah, those chickens are running around like their heads are cut off... which... the local would like you to do to them... kill them... in any way possible.

I thank you, sincerely, for the luck and birthday wishes. Speaking of wishes... I wish I was back in Hawaii. Since I'm a Libra and not a big fan of anxiety, I could use the harmony back in my life these days. Take care, Middle Child! Mahalo!

Kelly said...

Yes, Bazza, on a cruise trip like this, plus a couple 4-6 hour island excursions, shopping, walking and all the rest, including the packing and unpacking, you really do need time to recuperate. No such luck, though, so far. My time has been spent being busy and/or sick, one way or another. I loved Hawaii and all of it's people, however. It's a wonderful experience everyone should have at least once in their lives. I highly recommend it! The fresh fruit was tasty and sweet. So were the female surfers... not that I got to taste any... but they looked 'sweet" in their tiny thongs and booby covers.

Nope... I surely am not "pulling your plonker", dude. Beside, I don't know you that frigging well. :) They reall are invested with an outbreak of chickens and roosters in Hawaii. Look at the comments, made previously, and you will see where I have gone into detail about it with another commenter who knew the truth about it, too.

My 'malaho' needs to go take a whiz in the loo. Please refrain from pulling on it while I make my way there. Thanks, Bazza. :) Lol.

Kelly said...

Dixie- I love that song at the beginning of your comment. I think we should have that recorded, professorially. I think it will make the top two hundred and fifty. lol. That last part sounds scary, though, when you're talking about yanking 'the whole thing off.' WOW.

That's for being glad I'm 'bok bok bok bok.'... and so on. Not mention liking my poem. I had a lot of things knocking around in my mind during the time I wrote that and it wasn't just coconuts... or malahos. :)

Meeting people from your home state in Hawaii, 4,300 miles away is friggin' wild. I have to admit that every time we ran into them, it was a source of relief. I can't explain it. Maybe it was the knowing that there was another couple, there, who you could really identify with. later on, we made friends with someone else that had lived in our home state 20 years ago. I doubt if we do any grilling out with the couple we had familiarized ourselves with, but I'm happy we talked and got to meet them on several occasions. Probably close to a dozen different occasions... everywhere. They were really nice. We helped each other out on finding places and answering questions, too.

I will be doing more blog posts on our Hawaiian trip as time AND opportunities allow. I miss ya face, too, Dixie. You should see my tiki! I'm 49, now. You believe that??? And here I thought the aging process ceased when you turn 40. lol.

Take care, my friend. Stay thirsty!

Kelly said...

Yeah, the adventure in Hawaii is one for the books. I ended up taking so many pictures that's going to take me another lifetime to put them in five or six photo albums, if we get them developed, too.

I would like to travel to San Lorenzo and have Papa Monzano give me a piggy back ride. If you'd like to join in the fun, you're welcome, of course!

I feel the same way about the movie, Prometheus, but I give it a four out of five. I sat that because I'd like to do the red headed girl in the movie.

You go and have yourself a quality day now, ya hear, Billy?

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing...

Kelly said...

Uhhh... You're welcome n' stuff.

unikorna said...

wow what an astonishing adventure. Hawai sounds so exotic to me...I am so happy for you and your wife...It must have agreed with you, considering the poem :). The muses are far more generous there in that amazing sun. I have a weakness for chickens so their presence would have been such a fun addition. And Happy Birthday :).

Kelly said...

Aloha, Unikorna and... mahalo!

Yes, it was a great adventure for us. We needed to get away and what better place to escape to than Hawaii. It offers entertainment, scenery and peace by the bucket loads.

You would have loved, chickens there, then. They were there in about every color and variety. You could have played tag with them and you would be it every time. I'm not sure what that last part means, but... anyway. :)

The poem was certainly inspired by our time spent in Hawaii and a few more things knocking about in my mind. Thank you for the birthday wish. Take care!

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