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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Caribbean Adventure: The Top Deck Action

Well, now.... What we have here in this here post is a right bountiful collection of scenes from the top deck of our cruise ship. Yep. If you kind folks have any questions, be sure to ask your ol' Uncle Kelly and I'm sure as puddin' on a stick that he'll get right back to you, concernin' your most excellent inquiry.

I've got a boner.

So here ya go!

Below is my wife, flipping out because she has spent too much "quality" time with me, on the ship. Either that or she's had four or five drinks too many and decided to break out in a wacky dance, accompanied with a contorted facial expression seemingly expressing insanity. Again, the insanity of having to live with me, 24/7 for the whole week.


Gucci Mama said...

It's beautiful! Looks like you guys had a fabulous time. I LOVE the drunken crazy dance. Nothing beats it. ;)

Kelly said...

Oh yeah, it was and we did. When I told my wife I put the picture of her drunken crazy dance on my blog, she said, "That's okay... I'm never going to see the people reading your blog so I won't be embarrassed." I'm glad she reacted that way about it. I could have been in some real trouble and deprived of nookie for a week or three. Whew!

klahanie said...

Hi Uncle Kelly,
Wow, the top deck looks like a happening place. I'm glad your wife was okay with you posting up the photo of her dancing. What time did you say for me to visit? lol
I have a question, Uncle Kelly. Where is the 'poop deck' located? I hope that wasn't too anal a question.

Kelly said...

Yeah, you could do pretty much anything on the top decks. Except stick your stinky in a lady's bearded clam out in front of the kids, grannies and retarded folks. I guess because if any of them seen that sort of thing, they would fling themselves off the ship before you could say Jack Splat.

You can visit here tomorrow. 2:30-ish. We'll both be in rubber suits.

Eh, scratch that. I've gotta go read heartwarming stories to the kiddies at the childcare center.


You can't miss the poop deck. You'll smell it a mile away. That's why some islands wouldn't let us port. They didn't care for our Mountain of Turds on the top deck.

How anal of them!

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