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Friday, September 17, 2010

Caribbean Adventure: Grand Cayman Islands

The day after our fantastic time in the Bahamas, our captain took us to the Grand Cayman Islands. Georgetown, specifically.

I loved Georgetown. It was so clean and beautiful. The waters in the lagoons were turquoise in color and crystal clear. The people there were hospitable and friendly. And the weather was absolutely beautiful. If I had a choice of living anywhere else in the world this moment, I would pick the Grand Caymans, for certain. My wife and I had a great time there.

Instead of embarking on any excursions, my wife and I took it easy. We drank some strong tasty drinks at the Hard Rock Cafe, had some fun shopping at the Bayshore Mall and Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville before venturing to a few lagoons to check out the various, exotic tropical fish swimming in the waters.

Check these out these photos of The Grand Caymans

Various memorabilia donated by rock artists to the Hard Rock Cafe and the main bar with all the drum cymbals

Other scenes of Georgetown, including Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville

The Stingray Fountain, in front of Bayshore Mall

We found this sign, detailing a bit of history of a pirate, sitting just outside Margaritaville. Had to take a picture of this. Heh heh.

Before going back to our ship, we stopped off at the Green Parrot for a couple of stiff drinks. We had to drown the sorrow of leaving the Caymans somehow. Heh heh. We really had such a great time time in Georgetown, we didn't want to leave. We found out that despite the lack of any excursions planned for this island, our casual exploration of it made for a relaxing, enjoyable day.


bazza said...

Looks like heaven on Earth Kelly.
Oh to be "Wastin' away again in Margaritaville"!

Kelly said...

bazza- Yeah, it certainly was that and more. The streets were clean. The weather, perfect. The people, the friendliest I've ever met. And the bartender at the Hard Rock Cafe gave me a total hard on.

klahanie said...

Hey Kelly,
Wow, it seems like you had a great time there. You have added some interesting facts and suddenly I got that Jimmy Buffet song swirling around in my head.
Very interesting, indeed. The 'Hard Cock Cafe', and a 'Big Black Dick'. No wonder it's named the 'Grand Cum On Islands' :-)
Seriously, glad you and your good lady had such a nice time in the Grand Cayman Islands.
Have an excellent weekend.
All the best, Gary.

Kelly said...

klahanie- Yes, we did have a great time there. Glad a I could help in sticking a song in your head that just won't stop repeating itself. Tee hee. Oh, how I love to aggravate folks. If you reading this now. The song has just hit REPLAY in your head. Like a hypnotic spell.

Seriously, The Hard Rock or as "some creative folks" would say 'The Hard Cock', was a good place to get sloshed, watch music videos on the big screen, check out some great rock artist objects on the walls and just waste away... in the best way possible.

My wifey and I were really getting into the groove of our cruise at this period of the adventure. Take care, Gary, and you have a great weekend, as well.

Sir Tom Eagerly said...

Funnily enough Sir Tom used to have some off-shore bank accounts in the Caymans until the UK revenue investigated! Dirty rotters. And I can say that more than a few 'Grand' were involved.
Never mind, onwards and upwards. It's not about me is it?
Sir Tom declares himself happy that yourself and Mrs K had an excellent time!

Kelly said...

Ah, Sir Tom, The Most Eagerly- So sorry to hear the UK revenue cut in on your financial action. Have you tried sending them a bag of your freshest poo?

Thanks. Sir Tom, we did have an excellent time.*

*hic... uh oh excuse me

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