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Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'll Be Back

You're already missing the fuck out of me, huh? Heh heh.

Arnie Schwarzenegger said, warningly, in those Terminator movies, "I'll be back." But instead of coming back and shooting up the place, I'll hopefully be relaxed, yet somehow re energized. Where am I going? To the Caribbeans, friends, on a cruise ship. I've been blabbering about it on this site for months, off and on. And now, the time, is close at hand. After so long of dreaming about it, masturbating to the thought of it, it is finally fucking happening.

Thank freaking Zeus!

But before I actually go, I'm going to take some time off from blogging to take care of some shit here and spend some quality vacation time with the wife. She's been under a lot of stress, lately, from work and it has been affecting her health, unfortunately. Besides, that, I need a break from the blogging world. I'm starting to get a little burned out from it all. It seems to happen every four or five months to me and that usually means I need to take some time off. Recharge the batteries.

What this means to anyone has been dropping by the blog or interacting with me, in connection to the blog, is that I won't be posting anymore. I won't be commenting on any blogger's sites, either. At least not until the 2nd or 3rd week of September and then... wait for it... I'LL BE BACK! And then, after some recuperating, I'll be posting pictures of my Caribbean adventures and bragging about all of the food I ate on the cruise ship, the island excursions, the beautiful scenery and all of the good (hopefully) looking chickies I saw on the nude beach we're going to. It'll be my luck I see an old big bellied freak in tiny speedos that will cause me to barf up my once delicious food, but, at least I won't be here.

That's another thing. I'm tired of being here. The wife and I haven't traveled more than a state or two away in the 21 years of our marriage, with the exception of our honeymoon, so I think we more than deserve to get the hell away. Way, far away.

In closing, I say I have one more post to put up on Psycho Carnival before I make my temporary retreat. It'll be a biggy. And I will respond to any comments made on that post.

And two more things: I will respond to all emails I'm sent, so if you just wanna chat or see what's up with me, go for it. That will be great. And finally, I hope everyone's lives go about as happily as possible without my god-like existence and you remain safe and content.

Take care, everyone.


Gucci Mama said...

Well, I will of course spend the next month prostrate on the floor weeping in misery at the emptiness your absence will cause, but don't let that trouble you.

Have a fabulous time on your well deserved vacation!

Kelly said...

AAAWWW... I know Gucci Mama. I'm sure a lot of followers shall be doing the same, weeping, that is, from my absence. It will bother me somewhat. Then I'll cut a small, yet delicate fart and struggle onward somehow. lol.

Actually, I will miss everyone. Certainly, you, as well. That is the one thing I'll truly miss while away. The interaction between everyone. But, as I said, before, anyone can email me or drop me a line at the shoutbox on BC.

And thanks were wishing me a fabulous time. Stay well while I'm away.

bazza said...

Sounds like a well-deserved break for you and the wife, Kelly. Enjoy!

Brand New Day said...

Well Kelly, it's been nice getting to know you. I was liking you. Now I'm having a rethink, what with the cruise an' all. I've even dedicated my Friday post to you (publishing within next hour or so), for Big Butter Jesus' sake! And now you're going away. "Mommy, why do all the people I like go away?" I would say I hope you feel guilty, but that would be a waste of time. So instead I'll say I hope you and yours have a great time, and enjoy it ALL THE MORE knowing that there are countless minions left at home, bitterly nursing their insane jealousy! (I would normally say "Abide" to sign off, but you're not bloody going to, are you!) CHEERS MATE - HAVE A GOOD ONE! ;)

Kelly said...

bazza- Thanks Bazza. You take care of yourself while I'm away. But remember: I've got one more post coming up before I drop out of sight for awhile.

Kelly said...

Brand New Day- I'm not gone yet. I'll see your post about yours truly if you put it up. I won't be dropping out of sight until about Monday, likely. It's been nice getting to know you, as well. Too bad we're just starting to get to know one another. But, like I said, I'll be back in September and we can resume communication once more.

Thanks for wishing us well on the trip. Take care!

The Wolf said...

Fuck I was wondering when you were going on this trip. Now remember it's okay to take pics of the naked girls on the beach just make sure there's a boat or bird or some shit like that in the background to make it look like your taking a pic of that. That way if they get all pissed you cn say that your taking a pic of that boat not of them to wank off too. Of course we all know the truth.

Have yourself a good trip and remember whatever you do don't get caught.

Angry_Clown said...

You suck, where the fuck is my cruise? Damn you to hell Kelly. Yes you may "deserve" it but so do the kids in Africe that cant even afford food, so think of that poor little fat bellied black kid with more flies on his face then on the dog shit beside him whilst your partying on deck with the other well to do folk. Remember Titanic also just to scare the shit outta ya!

Kelly said...

The Wolf- Yeah, I bet you were wondering when, man. I've been talking about it so long here, saying it was going to happen this summer but, somehow, managed to not leave yet. Hahaha. What I didn't say was... WHEN during the summer I was gonna go.

I'm going to take your advice when it comes to taking pics at the nude beach. I don't want some big-tittied gal's hubby or boyfriend to try to take my fool head off while I zoom in on her coochie. Later, I'll wank off to the pics while my wife is eating at the boat buffet.


Thanks for wishing me a good trip, Wolf. Take care of yourself.

Kelly said...

Angry Clown- Where is your cruise? What? You didn't get the cruise tickets I sent you in the mail? Well, darn it. I'll have to check up on that. Someone will pay, I tell you. lol.

Hell, I'm already thinking of that poor little pot-bellied African lad with the flies. That's why I had to get up and fix myself a pizza with extra cheese. It made me hungry.

As far as the Titanic goes, I doubt we'll be running into any icebergs where we're headed but there is always the possibility of a big ass tidal wave hittin' us and capsizing the ship. If that should happen, my last thought will be... Gosh, I sure wish that Angry Clown fella was here to enjoy the fun.


klahanie said...

Hey Kelly,
Here's wishing you and your good wife the very best in your upcoming adventure with a bunch of semen, I mean seamen and seagals on the Good Ship Lollipop or whatever the name of the boat is.
Seriously, the next few weeks will, I have no doubt, be a positive tonic for both of you. Relax, enjoy and ease that stress.
I look forward to your next blog before you take a sabbatical from blogland.
Oh yeah, if it is the 'Love Boat' you are on, I will be 'Gopher' if you can somehow sneak me on board.
You can be Captain Merrill Stubing and dress up in some real fancy white uniform and entertain all the other folks on the boat with your amusing tales about toadie. That would be great fun.
Take care and if you see Gilligan, give him a big man hug:-)

Kelly said...

klahanie/Gary- Haha... If my wife has her way about it-and with me-there will be plenty of semen spurting in our upcoming cruise adventure. This worries me a bit. I'll have to be bring loads of Cialis with me just so I can hopefully meet up to her high expectations. Damn, I'm tired already, just thinking about that part of the trip. :)

I'll try my best to relax and enjoy the cruise and all the excursions. I'm hoping for that moment of Zen when I go out on the deck at night and see the big ol' moon shining it's light upon the waters.

Yes, one more blog post before I take my sabbatical and it will be a doozy- sort of a summation of things I've been talking about lately, yet very lightly disguised in a way. You'll see.

About sneaking, you, 'Gopher', on board our ship....

Like Angry Clown above, your cruise tickets were sent, only recently. What? You didn't get yours, either? Oh darn it. And I can't wait to dress up as Captain Stubing, shave my head and regale everyone with my wonderfully wholesome tales about Toadie. I'm sure my stories will please the crowd and endear them to me in such a way, that I will be the toast of the ship and will be asked to sit at the captain's table every single night. If not, fuck 'em, I will prattle on to anyone standing idle nearby, anyway.

(which may get me thrown overboard)

I'll be sure to give your boy, Gilligan, a big ol' man hug, as you so thoughtfully requested, if I see him, for ya. (What?- no love for the Skipper?) But I'll stop at packing Gilligan's man fudge for you. Even I have my limitations, I'm afraid. :) Take care, dude.

Dark Slander said...

Kelly, you definitely deserve this my friend. I wish all the best, I hope this cruise serves as a relief to you. Don't worry about your followers, I'll be sure to snatch them all up and run away with them.

Come to the Dark (Slander) side!

Anyway, Can't wait to hear all about the trip. Enjoy the family stuff too! Getting in touch with reality really resets your blogging priorities a bit.

Kelly said...

Thanks DS. I hope this cruise will bring us both some amount of peace of pleasant excitement in what we do. Going to snatch up my followers, aye? Ha ha.

Yeah, trip will likely give me more to blog about. Later.

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