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Monday, August 2, 2010

Strange What Is And Isn't Accepted

What I'll be ranting about today is from the point of view of someone living in the U.S. This post will be about the odd general beliefs of American culture, though many of these beliefs are shared by the rest of the world's populace. Enjoy. Think. Scratch your ass. Or all of the above.


Corporate greed and greed, in general is perfectly acceptable. When this society hears of corporate greed as in the case of Goldman Sachs, the mortgage bankers who routinely screw people out of money, giving exorbitant amounts of money to their CEO's, it makes the news for a couple days. Then the public yawns, when some form of corporate greed is exposed and says, "Well, what can you do?" and keeps working to pay their bills, raise their families and repeats the routine the next day. It's an old story. Pathetic and true. Any outrage may last a day at the most, if there is any.

We're encouraged, in the U.S., from an early age to adulthood that the accumulation of money and material things is the normal course to go in one's lifetime. Money is the end all-be all of existence, after all. And the void in your life must be filled with crap bought at the store, mall or online. Having enough currency to be secure and have a safe place to live in is simply not enough. Enough is never enough for us. We're fat? Yep. Have too many toys, trinkets and electronic gadgets? Sure. The rest of the world hates us? You bet. Do we turn a blind eye to what we are?

Well... Is the sun hot?


I'm surprised that the English dictionary doesn't define a deviate as someone who believes life can be enjoyed by experiencing the simplest of things. You know. The sight of a flowing river or mountain. Love. Peace. A drive through the country. Creating something positive. Sharing something of yourself.

Eh, I guess someone like that would be called old fashioned, out of place. A real nonconformist! A real nonteam player! You better hang that illogically thinking head of yours in shame, freak! Your kind is not welcome and you shall be shunned!


War. What goes with greed better or is more associated with that cultural disease than acts of war? Well, I mean other than vast, pointless loss of life, whether it's military personnel or civilian. War is accepted, sometimes thought of as patriotic, even, and happily used to rob someone of their land and/or natural resources. Doesn't matter what innocent people are killed. Those civilians' deaths may make the news that day or not. Doesn't matter to the public. You can tell because we allow it to happen. That's called encouragement.

War is often celebrated- with the giving out of medals to people who kill other people, parades, banners or news of a battle triumph. Often, it will be explained away as perfectly acceptable using various excuses to justify it with the history-proven reliability tools of manipulation and propaganda.


Talking. Listening. Understanding. Peace.


Celebrity or wannabe-celebrity worship. We can throw youth in the pot, as well. Our society and our media glorifies the rich, famous, young, thin or those trying desperately to be any of those things. That type of societal sickness has always been a great source of ridicule for me. Who's responsible? Media. Magazines. TV producers/networks. Ourselves, for buying into that shit.

Reality TV is as far removed from reality as you can get. It is all poorly scripted hogwash. The attention needy fucks on those low budget (to the networks advantage) shows are advised to act this way or that but they can't even convincingly do that. If I want to watch fiction, I'll watch a real TV show. Give me real actors and a believable storyline, for chrissakes! Or give me an interesting documentary! Anything but reality tv slop.

Youth is overrated, as well. Most movies star young actors these days. Older, more believable and interesting actors have been pushed to the sidelines. Most commercials are geared for the 18-24 demographic with the unnearned spending money mommy and daddy gave to them. My motto: Fuck 'em! That goes for those who cater to them, in any way, especially.


Not paying attention to any of them. They have no more value than the rest of us.


The narrow-minded religious beliefs of organized religions. You could easily demonstrate that this, too, can be connected to greed and war through the uses and sources of books, newspapers, Internet, simple observation and common sense. Try it. It's fun. But I can't be held accountable if your brain starts to hurt from thinking differently. Just sayin'.


Believing in things that most people scoff at. Examples: Ghosts, Extraterrestrials, some things that can't be seen with your eyes, ESP, an afterlife (not necessarily a Christian version) and other phenomenon I could go on about but won't. If I did, I'd never finish this post.

Remember folks: There's no such thing as a 100% guarantee on what is real and not real. That goes for anything. What was scientifically proven or disproved in the past can be squashed like a bug tomorrow.

Keep your mind open for anything. And feel free to dwell upon anything I said. And let me know if your head starts to hurt. I need a good laugh.


The Wolf said...

I great man once said the best proof of intellient life in the universe is that it hasn't contacted us.

I totally agree as a society (Western civilization in general) were pretty fucking dumb. If we were only a fraction as greedy as what we are now there wouldn't be any famine.

As for money yup you nailed it right on the head. If you don't have any cash you're not getting anything and you're preceived as a loser.

I can't wait for the day the apes are going to take over, mabye they'll do a better job.

bazza said...

A lot of sense has been said in this post Kelly. Many wise words have been written. I don't agree with The Wolf that Westen Civilzation is 'fucking dumb'. We don't mutilate people for petty crimes or jail them for disagreeing with the government or ban them from seeing whatever they want on the Internet, do we?
While there is a lot wrong with our society, perhaps we should count our blessings too!

Kelly said...

The Wolf- So true on your first quote, dude. lol.

Sadly,as you more or less said, poverty and famine, has been created or allowed to happen as a result of greed, corporate or otherwise. In other words, I agree with ya.

Those 'damn dirty apes'* or a lifeless freakin' turd could probably do a better job than humanity has. I have zero respect for most of the supposedly intelligent top of the food chain... be they a scientist, someone in a position of authority or the average human being.

*Just in case someone out there doesn't know, it's a quote from Charlton Heston (a real actor) from the movie "Planet of The Apes"

The Wolf said...

@ Bazza I never said we shouldn't count our blessings. And I agree compared to some countries which are barbaric we have it pretty good. What I'm trying to say is that as a civilization we in the west are greedy and are dumb as a whole when compared to other countries.

Dark Slander said...

Great post Mr. Clown, although I'm going to have to play devils advocate and pick on a few of your reader's comments.

Firstly, I understand I am not an American. I do however live there for about 20% of the year, and have for quite a few years now so I do get so observe the culture to a great extent.

1) Capitalism, I'm strongly for it and hugely a fan of the free market. I am also willing to accept that a few people will get their heads stomped on as others try to reach the top on a strictly small business level.

However I am not for giant corporate powers who buy and bully their way into positions of absolute authority and are able to extend an influential hurt over all smaller bodies in an area.

I am for an unrealistic middle ground where huge wealth is obtainable, but huge power isn't. This however, does not exist.

I am equally in agreement that people do not appreciate the little things and are almost never happy with living "mundanely" or within their means. Material wealth rules all, and happiness to many is synonymous with it.

2)War: Well I'm also pro-war. But only under extreme circumstances. This is however very subjective to my own meaning so I'll explain.

If a Nuclear power were to suddenly go rouge and decide to wipe, say England or Australia, off the map. As an allied country I would have no qualms with my country waging war to defend allies.

I also have no qualms in waging war to defend innocent peoples. A good one to fight would be the drug warlords and blood diamond slavers of Africa.

I do believe in causes of justification, and worth but the ones you describe like land grabs and wars over resources are as dimwitted as they are unjustified.

I also believe your country has made great strides in "Talking. Listening. Understanding. Peace.". Many first world countries need a better lesson in this, but some progress has been made. Also there has been cases where this hasn't exactly worked, especially appeasement.

3) I can't say anything against the celebrity worship. I think it is the downfall of intellectual culture and North American culture as a whole.

Historically it has its roots in all cultures, and societies but in my opinion it has never been such a detriment until the last 100 years.

I do have my role models and those I derive inspiration from but to me these are people of a greater measure, those who added to the betterment of mankind and innovation. Most celebrity idols of today offer nothing but an empty cultural experience.

4) Conventional religion in my opinion has become overly dangerous in my opinion. It lays waste to independent thought, and perpetuates ideas which are unprogressive to the whole of mankind.

I disagree with your feeling that some of the fringe ideas you mentioned are totally unaccepted. They may be not part of generally accepted culture but some of those concepts are widely accepted.

The number of people flocking to Pagan, and Spiritual faiths is astronomical in the US and has been on an upright curve for some time (although it is leveling out now). Ideas of ghosts and UFO's are also nearly mainstream.... so the fringe ideas aren't so fringe as you may think. There are huge supporting subcultures for them.

As for your comment about Science, it is merely a medium to best explain the empirical world. Given limitations in technology or in some cases people to think up theories not everything can be explained. It is probably even naive to think we can explain everything, but science has a place in trying to best find the empirical absolute... some can be found and some will come in the future, others will always be mysterious.

Well that's all I really have to say on your post, It was a great read and I hope to see a greater discussion arise from it.

Dark Slander said...

My original comment was too large so here is my second part for the comments and discussion:

Now I have a bone to pick with your commenters...

The term I see the term barbaric being thrown around in the comments. This is one of the most unnerving subjective terms to those in my field of Anthropology. There is no such thing as barbaric, there is no such thing as a value point for what an individual country does or doesn't do. This is simply because the moral and ethical codes of our countries are purely influenced and biased by our culture.

Even if you find certain practices barbaric, horrible and even evil. As an on looker from another culture we literally have zero say. I do personally believe in a general human standard of dignity, and such things have been established but many cultural practices demonized by this very standard are largely rewarded and cherished in some cultures. It is a judgment call which cannot be made by any one culture despite individual disgust.

Kelly said...

bazza- Thanks, bazza, for the 'wise words' comment. Yeah, we do still have more freedoms in this society. I just wish society, as a whole, wasn't so narrow-minded and greed-oriented. Take care.

Kelly said...

Dark Slander- Good Lordy, man, you left a hefty chunk of comments. :) I'll try to address most of them. At least the first set. The second set, I'll let any previous commenters respond on their own behalves, if they care to. Doesn't matter to me. They may feel as though they've already made their points and are done.

Okay. Where to begin? Let's do it point by point.

On point #1, I'm in full agreement with ya on that one- so I have nothing to add.

On point #2, I'm anti-war, for the most part. Only, as like you said, a country, like North Korea, for instance, would be successful in nuking our country or an ally, then we would have no choice but to defend ourselves and them. But, if the talking, listening and sincere attempt to understand with a country like that could be a preemptory action to ensure (or try to ensure) something like that wouldn't happen in the first place- well, then, that would be the best course. I think we basically agree on #2 so I have nothing more to add.

On point #3, I agree with ya there. Although it is odd when you say you can't say anything against celebrity worship but turn around and say ' is the downfall of intellectual culture and North American culture as a whole.'

For the rest on point #3, you've said basically what I said in the post with a few added things. I can't say I have any role models, per se. I would say I've been INSPIRED by the likes of George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, Kurt Vonnegut and a few others. Truth Tellers- with a great sense of humor. Truth always goes down better with at least a bit of humor in the mix. Sometimes without it, the truth seems harsh and people will shun it because of this harshness- and not learn or gain wisdom. But with some people, even this doesn't help. There are those who argue for the sake of arguing. Oops... And I've been inspired by my father. Last, but certainly not least.

On point #4, I disagree with that the concepts I've brought up are widely accepted. Many people, from all walks of life, still roll their eyes when you talk about anything I mentioned there. I've experienced this personally I don't know how many times and I've seen and heard people, on TV or elsewhere in different media formats dismiss it entirely, laughing all the while. people who believe in what can't easily be proven are to be ridiculed. No matter how many huge flocks there have been, they will likely never outnumber those who are so narrow-minded that the possibility that those people are right is non-existent. Have more people started believing in the phenomenon I've mentioned or have given it a chance? Sure. But not enough. Like I said, society, as a whole, scoffs at the ideas.

And yes, Science is one of the better ways to explain things. But I won't say that that is even 100% true. Since I have never explored the entire universe and don't know for certain that other life forms (if they exist- I personally believe they do) haven't discovered other ways to figure out things we don't understand, I will never give it a 100%.

This is what I stand by. Thank you for saying this post was a great read. Take care.

Static said...

I agree with all of your viewpoints here. Modern civilization is all so ass backwards. But, I'm tired of thinking. I wanna be like everyone else and scratch my ass for a while and shoot babies. Shooting helpless babies is fun.

Kelly said...

Static- Yep, modern civilization sure is. Scratching your ass and shootin' babies? I think that's the national pastime in North Korea and China but I can't be sure.

Know what's more fun than shootin' helpless babies?

Whipping old folks and diggin' your spurs into 'em as they give you piggyback rides to the local strip club. If it's a smooth enough ride, I'll be nice and stick a sugar cube in their mouth.

Andrew G. Carson said...

Greed be it corporate or otherwise pisses me off what has it done for the western World this last decade, a f***ing recession that killed off half of the banks and the pensions of the working class along with them and Simon f***ing Cowell making a Billion Dollars selling s*** music to the masses. I'm not bitter though, lol, great post Kelly.

Kelly said...

Andrew- First of all, Howdy and Welcome! And I feel you're right. Greed is the main thing that created the recession, hurting everyone job-wise and in so many other ways. And unfortunately, when banks take a hit, they pass along their damage to us, the consumers by fucking us over with increased charges for this or that.

Simon Fucking Cowell can stick all his money up his ass and dance a merry jig for all I care. He's nothing but an arrogant asshole to me.

Take care, dude.

Static said...

@ Kelly: If it works for politicians, it's good enough for me.

Kelly said...

Static- If what works? The toaster oven?

Sir Tom Eagerly said...

Good Lord Kelly, you've brought all the intellectuals out with this post! I will take the position of Ludwig Wittgenstein: "Whereof I do not know, thereof I will not speak".
However I do think you made some spiffing points (that means they're good) and blow-me-down even my gay friend Bazza said something sensible at last!

Stela James said...

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bazza said...

To Dark Slander: Do you seriously think that people in countries where basic freedoms are not available accept their situation because of their cultural references? Do you not think that, even in countries that we think of as having a 12th century outlook, they are not aware of what is happening in the rest of the world?
You claim to be an anthropologist but you are as up-to-date as Margaret Mead!

Kelly said...

Sir Tom (most) Eagerly- Yeah, that seems to be the case, in regards to the intellectuals... Until you came along... heh heh. Just kidding.

But, really, you have a good 'position' there- If yas don'ts knows it, don't speaks of it. But, on the other hand, can any of us say that they know anything- for certain? People can tout what they say are facts all they want, but I'd prefer to think of them as opinions... Since "facts" are often disproven in time. And there's nothing wrong with opinions. I enjoy reading them. They inspire good old fashioned thinking.

Thanks for saying I made some 'spiffing points'. Now I'm off to the nearest porn site to spiff all over myself.

Brand New Day said...

World peace is about control. The rich over the poor, one way or another, money is king. But I personally feel that the advent of the Internet is changing the balance of power. Technology is allowing people of all races, all social circumstances (not completely yet, but pretty much),and all beliefs, to be interacting on the Internet. I'm a Scot/Brit - you're a Yank. At the moment our governments are in bad moods with each other. That may affect how our national news channels may report on eg. the Gulf situation, but you Kelly, and I BNW, are chatting and getting to know each others opinions/styles, and anyone else is free to comment. That, to me, is democracy. China is starting to change, because the govmnt there cannot have complete control over mobile phones, tweeting etc. Isn't this all great? I feel we're moving into a time when the Power shifts back to the People. Money is loosing it's grip as people loose their faith in it as the ptiority in life. Life is short, the life of our planet is getting shorter as we mess it up. People are beginning to realise this.
And realise that it's life, and people who are the priority.
(Well, people and fun!)
Abide, Dude.

Static said...

@ Kelly: IF sticking all their money up their asses and dancing a merry jig works...then..I dunno. Maybe they can make an HONEST living doing that? =)

Kelly said...

Brand New Day- I've given your opinion a lot of thought and I think that you and I and the rest of my disciples should start an Internet revolution. You may be my captain. Or maybe a skipper. Either way, you'll be on the front lines of battle and I'll be safely behind you.

Seriously though, you do bring up a good point about the Internet, the exchange of ideas and how news is being changed, maybe for the better, because of the Net.

Thanks for commenting. Take care.

Kelly said...

Static- Or they could go on "America's Got Talent" and perform their act. I've seen worse on that crapathon. Only the "cream of the crop" on that show.


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