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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Special Gifts For Friends and Family

The following high quality products are perfect for friends, family, loved ones and those with sensitive heart conditions. Please take the time to browse this fine assortment of items and feel free to make any comments or suggestions for future offerings. Take care and have a beautiful day, everyone.


LadyTerri said...

LOL I want those pencil sharpeners :)

Chris said...

Who invents this stuff? Man, there are some demented people out there. Great bizarro hunting, though, my friend.

Kelly said...

LadyTerri: Yeah, they are pretty sharp, aren't they? Heh heh.

Chris: Yeah, the most demented folks out there are the ones who put on the "normal" act. Hey, and thanks for the compliment, dude.

Silly Swedish Skier Says So said...

The pencil sharpeners were my favorite too! I want the kitty one to wind up and make that awful noise cats make when they mate. oooh... someone should patent that. I'd put it on my desk.

Tina said...

LOL. These would all be awesome party favors. Jesus band-aids are brilliant.

~Static~ said...


Hey, was that second to the last picture a handbag made out of:?

a.) embryos
b.) assholes
c.) pink kittens
d.) pink kitten embryo assholes
e.) all of the above

Just curious, I couldn't tell what it was at first.

Also, the text comments on your blog is a black font which matches the background and you can't read them...until you click 'post a comment' that is.

Kelly said...

Tina: And the Jesus band-aids go well with your new Easter outfit, too.

Kelly said...

Swedish Skier: Actually, those animal sharpeners really do make noises, according to the catalog description. Of course, if a had a pencil rammed up my ass, I'd make a noise, too. The "screaming in god awful pain" kind.

Static: The answer is D. And inside each pink kitten embryo asshole is a fresh chocolate covered poop droplet that you can be shared with all the children in your family on Easter morning. What joy you'll bring to their hearts! Certainly, your reward will be the great cheer on their young faces as they happily suck away on their delicious candy.

P.S. Thanks for letting me know about the comment text color.

Collie *Pinklatex said...

I have always enjoyed a good spotted dick! and Marmite is friggen nasty!!!!

Me-Me King said...

#4 reminds me of the song, Mustang Sally - "Ride, Sally, ride"

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