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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Media Provides New Mass Hysteria

You can always count on the tv news, Internet and newspapers to work their usual redundancy on one or two topics, for however long, until they catch on that the viewers/readers are getting bored with it and then they move on to the next thing to hype. Hell, if they're not trying to scare us with the possibility of a hacker attacking our power grids, it's a flu epidemic or the latest tiny tidbit about the recession.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has come out with the news that they're going to change the name of swine flu to something else. It seems folks around the world are panicking from all the media hype and killing off all the pigs for fear of getting the flu. Dumbasses. The brand new name for it is influenza A(H1N1). Thanks, I feel much better now.

Who knows? Maybe this swine flu really will turn out to be fatal for the masses. But until then, when I see some real numbers, I refuse to give a shit. Don't give me this 6 dead here or 1 with the sniffles there. More people than that are dying with AIDS every day.

Hey, wait a minute, we haven't had a terrorist scare in awhile. Isn't it about time for one of those? Do they still have the "color wheel" notifications? Was there ever a teal alert? I really like that color. There was a time, in the past, when I would get caught up in the media frenzy over the "big deal of the day". I'll admit it. But after the media monster has "cried wolf" far too many times over the years, you get tired of it and wise up. At least, I have.

The reasons they hype it up could be any of the following:

A) To get big ratings/make money
B) To offer a distraction from the real news that certain political and powerful organizations would have reason for the public not to see
C) Just because there is no other news so they have to hype something in order for consumers to watch and buy what the advertisers are hyping in their commercials/printed ads/propaganda.

In summary, my recommendation is to not freak out. Calm down. More importantly, when you see any news that you believe may be hyped for any of the reasons listed above, give it the finger and pride yourself on being smart enough to know better.


Anonymous said...

Your Uncle "J" & I have a theory about all the world tragedies. CNN creates all of them so they have something to cover on their network. They are probably responsible for all the wars of our time. We think they "framed O.J.", and are reponsible for all terrorist attacks, etc. So, call us crazy or call us genius?
"Auntie Kay"

J. Alden Page said...

No kidding. It's worth mentioning on the news... maybe. But nothing more than a passing mention. Problems like the recession, running out of oil, china taking over the world's economy, and global warming all seem like much more important issues to me. I would love to hear honest debate about solutions for these things on the news rather than flash bang hype.

It seems weird to me that' it's considered "phase 5" now when there has only been 13 confirmed deaths. The common cold is totally kicking its butt! We have enough on our plates to worry about without the news making this seem like a new catastrophe.

Kelly said...

Auntie Kay: Yeah, you and Uncle "J" could be right about CNN creating "the news". The only thing I find crazy are people who are closed minded to possibilities and blindly accept whatever they're being told. There are more sheep in this world than not.

Kelly said...

J.Alden Page: I agree. Hey, and you and I both know what the chances are of hearing honest debate about real solutions. Hell, we can't even seem to have that with the leaders of the world. The human race, in general, are a paranoid species that would rather act on something than contemplate the possible repercussions of those actions.

It's like.... Let's see if this works. BAM. Hey, anyone see my fuckin' hand?

Oh my, you say, 13 deaths? Will there be anyone left alive on Earth tomorrow? Heh heh. Hope not. This planet needs a break.

Michael said...

Well I heard the best way to avoid getting this flu is to stop shaking hands.

Michael J Fox must be shitting his pants.

Kelly said...

heh heh, that was rough, mister

Anonymous said...

I almost shit my pants when I read the comment about M.J. Fox! GOOD ONE! CRUEL, but very, very GOOD! Autie Kay

rusty said...

I'm dead right now, a victim of swine flu. I told ya those blue masks did not work!

Kelly said...

I'm sorry to hear you're dead. Have a nice afterlife, Rusty. Maybe the pink mask would have worked better for ya.

Blogger said...

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