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Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Goddamn Easter To All

How would ya like to clean up this bunny's shit? Goddamn!


Tina said...

Holy crap! Is that real? I want one!

Kelly said...

Yeah, that rabbit is real. I read the true story on that beast. If you owned him, you could almost put a saddle on him and ride him like a horse. Heh heh.

~Static~ said...

That's not a rabbit. It's a YETI.

Kelly said...


~Static~ said...

Evidently, the giant rabbits do exist.
German breeder Karl Szmolinsky has been breeding the giant rabbits since 1964. A German gray giant can yield up to 15 pounds of meat. And the North Koreans in 2006, faced with a hunger epidemic, asked Karl for his services.

More on Giant Rabbits hereImages of Karl and his German giant gray rabbits: Monstrous rabbits will be roaming the Earth when we are all likelihood, they may be the reason why we become so.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the links, Static. Yeah, maybe monster bunnies will roam the Earth one day when we've destroyed ourselves-- along with the cockroaches.

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