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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Katey Rides A Pot Bellied Pig

I went to my sister's place for Easter this Sunday. After eating dinner, coloring eggs and hunting for them, my neice is placed upon Ginger the pig for a jaunty ride. I tried to ride him but he didn't care for the extra 200 + something pounds on his back. Go figure.


Me-Me King said...

Yeee-haaaaw, ride 'em cowboy!

Michael said...

Thats scary. How did you train him to stand up and wear sunglasses? And act like like a mime? You could make some real money with that animal.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Michael, that is truly amazing what that "PIG" can do!
Kelly - Don't you know how to spell your own Goddamn neice's name?!! It's K-A-T-E-Y you dumb ass!!!
Much Love from Auntie Kay

Kelly said...

Aww gee, I can really feel the love.

To Michael: You are funny, even when you compare me to a pig. Remind me to send you a turd as a gift this Christmas. And it won't be Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo, either.

To my Auntie Kay: Thanks for the reminder that I'm a dumb ass. I had almost forgotten. Guess because I'm a dumb ass.

Oh well, it's not like Katey will care. I'll just bribe her with a toy and she'll be good to go. Ha ha hahahaha. Anyway, I'll be a good goddamned uncle and change it.

Much Love and Obvious Sarcasm, Kelly

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