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Thursday, July 10, 2008

We Don't Care

The Senate has given King Of The World, G.W. Bush, it's blessing on the continuing intrusion by our government that allows for spying on Americans. The bill, that changed secret government eavesdropping rules for the worse, was sent to the White House, Wednesday.

The FISA bill expands the president’s powers of surveillance over American citizens but would also forestall civil suits against the telecoms that illegally participated in past surveillance. The perfect cover up for Bush's crimes.

Now that the Fourth Amendment has been practically destroyed, where is the public outcry in all of this? Why, there is none to be found, of course. There's not an ounce of principle or public interest in this legislation.

After all, it's not our problem. Is it?

Unfortunately, the general public mindset is this:

To keep working longer hours, perhaps a second job to pay for the outlandish gas, food costs and everything else.

Ignore the fact that our civil rights and freedoms are being stripped away.

And turn a deaf ear when someone speaks the truth about the illegal war in Iraq that has taken 4,116 (the count, so far) American soldier's lives since it's beginning and ruined the countless lives of the families and friends connected to those soldiers.

It's way past time to wake up, people.


LadyTerri said...

The gas prices here are breaking us!

Kelly said...

Here in the midwestern U.S., the gas prices are really high. $3.97per gallon here. It went down 2 whole cents since yesterday. Wooo hooo.

Tommy Buettner said...

Hey buddy, personally, if the government wants to listen in on my calls, it does not bother me. I have nothing to hide. Now if they continued to listen to my calls, I would me upset of the wasted man hours that they would use, since all my phone calls consist of me talking to wife about who is picking up which kiddo, who is going to the store, or our phone sex...WAIT, we only text message that stuff. ;-)

Kelly said...

You text message your phone sex, Tommy? Hmmm. So what do you say? I bet it involves small animals, doesn't it?

Ooops. So sorry. :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe people would pay attention if the bill was included in a press release announcing that gas prices were going up...

Anonymous said...

P.S. GWB is not king of the world - I am! Why do you think I call myself King Al I?!?

Kelly said...

Dang it, I forgot. You are the one true king, Al. Heh heh.

Qelqoth said...

1984, yo!

Kelly said...

Yeah, that's what is happening now, qelgoth. Unfortunately, we need a g'damn revolution. Ready to join me?

BTW, 1984 is a good read, but it is a depressing read. I guess because it seems so familiar with our times.

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