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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Virtues Of Hemp

This video explains the many benefits hemp would provide if we were to stop cutting down our forests and used hemp whenever we could.  In the past, it was used for paper, clothing, rope and more.  This clip brings up valid points worth considering.


J. Alden Page said...

I would watch it if it was working! I've tried coming back a couple of times.

Kelly said...

Hmmmm. It works for me, J. Maybe there's a problem on your end. It's a mystery.

J. Alden Page said...

That is strange. I even copied the link address earlier. It plays no though :)

Very good movie! It's pretty strange that people are so against legalizing pot. It's more mild than alcohol. You would be suprised how many Registered Nurses where I work smoke! Making it illegal doesn't stop people from doing it, it just makes it more dangerous and expensive. It's probably the most effective system we have for making and supporting criminals.

Kelly said...

Yeah, I couldn't agree more with ya, Jared. I've read articles and books on the subject of how the government and Big Tobacco compainies and others conspired in the twenties and thirties to make it illegal for their own money-making schemes.

And you're right, it probably is one of the most effective ways for making criminals. People don't think about. BTW, there's a big difference driving drunk and driving fried. Drunk: You're so tired and out of it, you're likely to run into someone. Fried: You're so paranoid that you actually drive safer than you would if you were sober and chemical free.

Anyway, I'm glad you finally got to see the movie.

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