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Saturday, July 5, 2008




Damian (666) said...

uummmmm ok thats really good bro uuummm i have to go ok uummmm bye keep up the good uuuummm work? ok bye

Damian (666) said...

Keeping the random bloggers association dream alive bro!!

J. Alden Page said...

"So we went to the park together
We were walking in the midday sun
We met all kinds of people and we
We fucked everyone
We fucked a lady who sells ice cream
We fucked a man with a tan Shar Pei
Everyone who needed fucking well they
They got fucked today

So come on
Ooh ooh child, open your mind and your heart, feel the spirit moving through you
Ooh ooh child, you'll feel the warmth of the love when I stick it to you

Cause it's the first of May, first of May
Outdoor fucking starts today
So bring your favorite lady
Or at least your favorite lay
The water's not cold baby dip in your big toe
Maybe I'll see you in flagrante delicto
Grass below you, sky above
Celebrate spring with a crazy little thing called fucking outside"

Anonymous said...

A very long time ago a lady named Karen turned me on to a classic movie called "Deliverance." It was truly a classic American film! How appropriate that you celebrate the holiday with a clip from this wonderful family film.

Aunty Kay

p.s. The "lady" I refer to is Kelly's Mother. She was a classic herself!

Kelly said...

How true. Thanks Aunty Kay!

Drowsey Monkey said...

god that was a violent movie ... glad I watched when I could fast forward.

Damian (666) said...

It was a movie? i thought it was a magical window that let us see in Kells head?

Kelly said...

j. alden page: Your fucking poetry touches the fucking heart in all of us fucking sympathic, romantic souls. Well done, dude!

damian: A magical window? In my head? I guess I better pull the curtains, aye? Ha ha haha ahhha. Why, you sick, twisted.... so on and so forth.

drowsey monkey: Don't tell you didn't enjoy the wholesome story of four guys bonding out in the woods with a bunch of good ol' inbred boys? Gosh!

I picked this scene because of it's dark humor.

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