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Sunday, March 9, 2008

SnowCrap 2

Mmmm. Yes. It has been a long time since I last posted. Too much has been happening. New job- of which I've been working eleven hour days. No sleep. Constant pain from my backbreaking job. Bad weather. A serious lack of time to do anything that allows for enjoyment or relief. But hey, am I complaining? Hell yes. If I don't get the poison out of my mind, I get a lil' wacky and then Mr. Wacky goes, "Weee weee weee" all the way to the Rubber Room Home.

I'm not sure how it's been around your neck of the woods but where I live, we just had over a foot of snow and ice dumped on us the last couple of days. Temperatures never went up above 27 degrees. There was a level 3 snow emergency in our county because of the road conditions. This means you could be ticketed for being out on the road, adding to the mayhem of skidding cars and stranded motorists. According to law enforcement, if you are stopped and questioned about being out and it's not an absolute emergency, you could be fined or arrested. Of course, this meant nothing to a few idiots.

My wife and I watched the news and saw lots of footage of people slip sliding away on the highway. One reporter asked a couple who were attempting to go up an inclined street where they were going. They replied they were going "stir crazy" and were on the way to get some burgers and fries.

Sounds like a good enough reason to risk your life and add to the chaos. I'm sure the cops and the people driving the plow trucks appreciated it.

Wal-Mart, sensitive, caring company they are (obvious sarcasm) were asking, no, begging their slave labor (my wife included) to come in and work during SnowMeggedon. Most of the businesses in the area were closed in the area. Imagine that. The Wal- Mart managers told their employees that if it got so bad that they couldn't possibly leave- they were allowed to work all day or all night long until they could leave.

Gee, that would appeal to me. Where do I sign up?

My wife didn't saying anything to the manager on the phone for a few seconds when she got the call. She was too stunned. When the manager's insulting proposition sunk in, she told them she wasn't going to risk her life. The manager feigned surprise toward her response.

Well, that's all for now. Maybe I'll be able to post again sometime within this century. I would cross my fingers but it hurts too much.


Drowsey Monkey said...

glad to see ya back, and congrats on the job...eventho it sounds like a tough one!

I've been inside since Friday...I guess I'll venture out tormorrow sometime.

Kelly said...

Hey, thank you. Good to be back. I haven't had the energy to comment on any of my old regular's sites. Or post on my own. Yeah, the job is a killer, especially for my heel-spured feet. Lots of standing on concrete with only a few ten minute breaks.

I'm not sure how it is where you're at, but here, the snow is melting away rapidly. It helped that it got up to 47 degrees today.

Take Care!

Lord Mardee said...

Glad to hear bout JOB yeah!!!! (i think)Some of the Dumb-Ass Peaple that are running around with no care in the world what happens to them.Need Fucking Shot for endangering others.When the PoPo says stay off the roads unless you are emergency vechels at a Level3 That is what they mean.STAY OFF the FUCKING ROADS Most fokls would go that but there are a few of us that are Married to our Jobs. As 4 your wife;I agree with her,but I wouldn't been so nice,when they said that.

Kelly said...

Yeah, bad weather always seems to bring out the idiots. I agree. I more than likely would not have been so nice. It's just another example of how badly Wal-Mart employees are treated by management.

Sy said...

Hey welcome back buddy. Well, kinda. But congrats on the new job, and comiserations on it being as hard as it sounds. You have a fair bit of catching up to do!!

theoffendedblogger said...

I want to say omg I can't believe Walmart would think to ask such a thing, but I am just not surprised at all.

Disturbed, but not surprised.

We got a bit of snow today after it had almost melted, I'll be soooo glad when this winter is behind us. :(

Kelly said...

To my friendly friend Sy from the UK:

Hello and greetings. Thanks for the drop by to say howdy and your congrats. Yes the job is painful crap to my footies and back. Someday, I hope to repay a visity to your site when time allows. Hope all is well with your cats and expecting wifey.

Kelly said...

To Offended Blogger who I like hearing from when times are dire:

I still remember you. Not to fret. I, too, will be full of jolly when this goddam snow and rainy ass weather ceases to exist. I hope to drop by and say a merry howdy on your site, as well. And yeah, WalMart suck chicken poop. I know first hand. I've worked there.

Kelly said...

To Sy: I meant to say your one cat, bird and expecting wife. Sorry, my mind is gone. Is it obvious?

Jared Page said...

It seems like people who end up in management are usually very self-centered. I've had good bosses, just not many.

Can you come in and pull a double shift? Oh... I know you requested today off. Come in by 2:00. Alright. I need to go take a two hour lunch.

Kelly said...

It seems the more authority a member of management has, the more it's clear they have no idea of what works and what doesn't. They don't care about the employee's point of view. The employee is right there, usually, having to do the real work while management makes up these rules and regulations for what they "think" will work. They are usually so distanced from what is really going on that they frequently add more rules as time passes that results in more chaos instead of making adjustments that would propegate order, efficiency, and happier employees.

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