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Friday, March 14, 2008


Admittedly, I'm finding it harder to give a shit about the things most people give so much a shit about as I grow goddam older. Maybe its the ongoing, increasing apathy I see amongst the rest of society these days. Perhaps it is the drain of working at jobs that suck the goo out of my dark soul. Or maybe, just maybe, it is the worry over some politician (Eliot Spitzer) I don't even know and his scandal with a whore who I could not give a shit less about and the media frenzy surrounding this most unfascinating event in America. Don't know. Don't give a shit. Oh, am I repeating myself?

Of course....

I care a lot.

I've been performing a number of community services the last twenty something years of my life. After traveling the world, it has created a momentum that has given me a real dose of hope and rise in my pants. More than three inches worth. It is my dedication to a cause near and dear to my black heart. It is called "Chances Are- You More Than Likely Suck" It goes something like this....

After bounding into a crowded room full of hairless monkeys like you and yours truly, I gleefully ask the question, "So here, right now, in this goddam room, whoever sucks, would you please raise your goddam hand?" I wait momentarily, just to see if anyone might have prosthetic hooks instead of hands. I don't want to miss a goddam opportunity to make fun of some asshole's goddam unfortunate physical impairment, after all. When all is quiet and I get those worthwhile menacing expressions from all your faces, I chuckle, fart and reply, "Gosh, you were pretty goddam quick to raise your hand."

And then the mob goes back to being all talky and useless amongst themselves, yakkity yakkin' about the latest sports team scores and/or big money jabberoo or how ya got a itchy rash on your thigh.

And then I, of course....

care a lot.


Jared Page said...

Traveling the world?

Really? I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or serious there.

Kelly said...


Swubird said...

Hilarious. Great post. I get it. Who cares?

Have a nice day.

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