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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pop Culture Monkey Worship

Strange fetish is how I'd describe what this society has for celebrities. A nobody with money and no talent like Paris Hilton grabs more press than starving people in third world countries. And I'm so sick and tired about what Britney is doing or the panties she's not wearing. Who gives an elephant turd? Whenever those "entertainment news" shows come on, I switch channels. My life is more interesting. Hopefully, you find that yours is, as well.

Apparently, there's enough of you Pop Culture Monkeys out there watching and sucking in all that wisdom your heroes spill forth on the tube that keep those shows a' rollin'. In rehab. Out of rehab. Screwing this celebrity. Screwing that celebrity. Getting drunk. Marriage. Divorce. Settlement. Being quoted for making retarded remarks. Rinse. Repeat. So on. So forth.

I think all those important stories have been recycled about a billion times over. Don't you?

And then there's the sick, bow-down-to-their-feet worship of millionaire sports figures. Please, oh please, give me your autograph, Mr. Football/Baseball/Basketball God of Mine. Because of what you can do with a gameball, you are certainly worthy of the praise and hours-long ongoing debates of men with nothing better to talk about.

You see an image of Billy Bob Thorton on the left. Why? Because we're talking about celebrities. And I like the guy because I think he may be crazy- for real. And I think he's funny and a great actor. But I don't love the guy. He has no more value than you or I. Believe it or not.

But if you want real "monkey shines", then you won't have far to go while channel surfing, because within seconds, you shall hit upon one of the surest signs of the impending apocalypse. Of course, we're talking about the insepid reality tv show. Why are we so fascinated with ordinary retards, like ourseves, speaking imbecilic dialogue to each other? They know they are being filmed. So naturally, they're going to say and do things they wouldn't normally do. It's that 15 minutes of fame mentality.

It's like monkeys watching monkeys isn't it? I guess the producers of these cheap-to-make-lame-ass programs think that because these are ordinary folks, such as us, supposedly, that we feel a real connection to them. I know I don't. I'd rather watch a show with good writing involved and real acting. I can't and do not identify with some moron living in the same house with other morons spouting off inane patter.

Talk shows like Jerry Springer or Oprah aren't any better. Jerry has his trailer trash freaks that do the side show bit for trailer trash boob tube watchers. Oprah does her acting like she truly cares routine for ratings. They all have their agendas and cravings for certain demographics.

The media does their best to grab your attention away from the real stories and we usually gobble up whatever slop they're offering.

Remember.... your life is more interesting to you.

At least it should be.


Lixena Lamourfou said...

Kelly you are insanely right!!! When I want to relax and get a dose of non-reality reality I watch Sci-Fi.

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