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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Destroy The World? That Would Be Insane.

Last night, in my area, we had a forty degree temperature drop. During this drop and following the drop we also experienced heavy rain, lightning, 50 mph winds and some light snow. Not too far from here, a couple towns got the hell knocked out of them with two tornadoes.

On the tv news, they interviewed a guy who pulled up to a gas station. A few minutes passed as he went in to pay and the entire BP sign, steel pole and all, came crashing down on his brand new truck, due to the extreme winds. He's quite fortunate to be alive.

Yes, I do think the weather has become more chaotic from the effects of global warming. Especially in the last 10 to 15 years. I know the weather wasn't this screwed up when I was kid. Around the world, which is sadly populated by greedy corporate asswipes who don't give a f***, the data shows an increase in the severity of droughts, storms, rainfall and floods.

Let's talk about droughts. Drought conditions in 2005 contributed to a season of wildfires that burned up 8.5 million acres. There was extreme drought that year in southern Africa and the Greater Horn of Africa that killed hundreds, if not thousands of people. How about the 24 hour rainfalls in western India that gave Mumbai a whopping 37.1 inches?

The worst heat wave for the U.S, in Chicago, in 1995, killed more than 730 people. That doesn't compare to the serial killer wave in Europe, though. In August of 2003, 35,000 lives were snuffed out due to the extreme heat.

The earth has warmed by 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit in the past century. Most scientists agree that carbon dioxide and other gases that accumulate in the atmosphere as byproducts of fossil fuel burned by automobile engines, power plants and industry accounted for part of the temperature increase. The warming has melted glaciers, heated oceans and shrunk the Arctic ice cap. Guess what? No more ice caps means all the coastal cities will be flooded and then some.

Unfortunately, the U.S. of A has done a poor job in attempting to make our world more habitable. Instead of reducing the amount of chemicals pumped into the air we all breathe, our country is number one in contributing to the Greenhouse Effect. The U.S. is responsible for about a quarter of the emissions that have been blamed for global warming. America, along with Australia, were the only countries, out of 141 other countries, not to sign on with the 2005 Kyoto Protocol, which is all about measuring and reducing the emissions that are blamed for global warming.

Crazy, extreme weather produced by a crazy, suicidal society.

There are very few industries in this country willing to cut down on the crap they send into our atmosphere. It should make you mad enough to boycott the money addicted companies who are responsible. It should anger you to the point of writing your congressmen and women to force the government to sign up with the other countries of the world to do something about it.

Some say that time has already ran out for all of us to do something about it. I don't know. I believe, at the very least, we should become educated on the subject. If memory serves, and often it doesn't (heh heh), we still haven't built a vehicle able to take us off this rock and transport us to another habitable planet. And where do we find this "habitable" planet?

Click on this link for the myths and facts of global warming.

It's our only world. It would be insane to destroy it. Can I get an amen on this?


Heathen Lord Mardee said...

YES, we are DOOOO...MMMMED just call us "WATER WORLD" if it all melts it's too bad nothing in this country is going to be done about it until it is way to late & some Americans get F.U.B.A.R.ED then something might get done about but by then it will way too late They say thay are working on plans for a space-staition but only heard about back a few yrs. ago.

Jared Page said...


Good post.

Anonymous said...

It always amazes me when climate change catastrophists ascribe both floods and drought to global warming, and heat spells and cold snaps too. They've got the perfect system. No matter what happens, they automatically know what to blame--global warming. Well the polar bears aren't dying. Far from their being the new canary in the coal mine their numbers have increased from around 5,000 in the sixties to 25,000 today.

The arctic ice cap may indeed melt, but that won't affect water levels anywhere. Pack ice is floating ice and when it melts water levels don't change.

As far as heat deaths, everyone remembers the heat spell that hit England a few years ago killing 2,500 people but no one notices that every year around 25,000 people die in England of respiratory diseases made worse by excess cold. If England were warmer, far more lives would be saved from excess cold than currently die from excess heat.

As far as the mountain snowpacks melting away and depriving us of snow melt water, I noticed last week that the Sierra snowpack was 160% of normal for this time of year and it's snowed in the Sierras twice more since then.

I think it's good to be worried about climate change, but it's not good to worry yourself sick about it when it's not even in the top ten of the biggest problems facing Americans. If we really want to do something about climate change (and excess C02) I suggest we concentrate on ways to prevent over-population. That's the real danger to the planet. Beside it, everything else pales.

Kelly said...

I wholeheartedly disagree. If you check out the research done by the real experts, the scientists of, you will learn of what I'm talking about.

The scientists who founded 40 years ago, have been studying global warming, climate change, over population and have drawn substantial evidence in support of the facts they present. That's why I highly advise everyone to investigate the site themselves.

And yes, the polar bears are decreasing in numbers, by the way. And the artic ice caps are melting. The climate scientists, that have lived in those regions, for years, engaging in that important research, have the statistics and images to prove it.

People need to educate themselves. Global warming, climate change, over population, depleted resources are all factors that we have to deal with today. Our lives and our children's lives are at stake.

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