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Sunday, January 6, 2008

I'm Voting For You and Me

After watching ten minutes of "Face The Nation" this morning, I channel-switched for a few minutes more before turning the tv off. There's never anything decent to watch on Sunday mornings, you know.

John McCain, well known for capitalizing on his prisoner time in Vietnam, was spouting off he would make change happen if elected president on Face the Nation. Yeah, right. I don't believe any of the candidates would have that power or interest.

The only change that would happen would be most likely negative and pre-determined by those behind the scenes. The president is just a pawn and we are all just numbers to the government. But it's easier, of course, to just go about our lives, filling it with distractions and material trinkets, than to say we're being screwed by having our civil rights gradually taken away and more money sucked out of us for a war that has more to do with what lobbyists and Bush Jr. cronies want than terrorism.

I'm sure his advisors have instructed Bush to use terrorism to scare people. Lucky for him, most of the American people are stupid enough to accept it. Oh, you don't? Funny, I don't hear too many of you talking about it.

I found the image above on the internet. Thought it was humorous and true and unfortunate. Although I don't feel Bush is as bad as Hitler yet, I do feel he has used one of his political strategies for "producing" a war. He has used many excuses in the past. I think I still vaguely recall the Weapons of Mass Destruction thing he had going on for awhile. And whatever happened to the hunt for Osama Bin whats-his-name? You don't hear much about him anymore.

A lot of candidates throw around the word CHANGE now, a routine many of them have done in the past. They all say they'll bring the troops home.... eventually. But the reality of it is, we are in way over our heads. It's about money. It's about the natural resources (oil) and it's about controlling other people in cultures we don't care to understand. We're setting up our "diplomatic" regime in Iraq in the hopes of controlling the oil even as we speak. Next, we'll go to war with Iran and whoever else that doesn't agree with us.

We're the New Roman Empire. No wonder the rest of the world hates us.

There was a time in which I believed in voting, but I know how futile it is now.
I wish the American People were in power. And I wish we would all care enough to say and do what needs to be done to get it back.


stacey said...

I agree, it seems America has lost that "for the people" attitude, now it is all about what the politicians think is best for the country. Voting will not really make a difference, although we should all vote, that will not change the fact that the "political red tape" will always stand in our way for making change.

Some random stranger said...

I believe the image there with Hitler and Bush quotes is a capture from the film The Zeitgeist Movie. Interesting film, but does have a few "holes".


Lord said...

Don't get me started on this govt.
I think it is a big FUCKING JOKE .
We need to have a civil war and take back our govt. And run for everyone not just for the rich.

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