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Saturday, December 15, 2007


Ah, we're in for a real treat for the next few days here in the midwest. Snow. Freezing rain. Rain. More snow. Ice. Stupidity. Fast moving motorists. Wrecks. Destruction. And Death.

Works for me.

Ya ever notice that the worst the weather is, the more people you see on the road? Is there some mental illness that the majority share that compels them to be on the freakin' road when there's three inches of ice on the surface? I say if it's not absolutely necessary to be on the road when the conditions are like this, then you should be not a moron and not contribute to the chaos on the streets and highways.

Look at the pic of Digby, the 150 lb. potbellied piggy. Isn't he the cutest? He's my sister's pet. But if my sis and her family get snowed in for the next few weeks, he could be a family meal. I wonder how much bacon Digby would give up.


Lord Mardee said...

about 70lbs.let me know I need some chops,pork rigns HA HA!!!just kidding.

Kelly said...

Perhaps 20 lbs in pork rinds. Hmmmm?

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