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Thursday, December 13, 2007

First Blog of The Site (whoopee)

In about a minute, I'll have to get my lazy ass off this chair and make a list out for my significant other. She's expecting me to perform to standards I cannot dare to aspire to. Yes, I must make out the Grocery List. Do we need milk? Nope. Got 3 gallons of that most expensive liquid refreshment. Do we need poop paper? Yep, only 10 and a half rolls left. It is certainly an emergency if I have ever experienced one. Let's see.... what else? Ah, who cares?

Just kidding. If I don't make out that list, I'm going to get a proper beating. Shhh.... don't tell her I said that.

Is there anyone reading this that's pissed that everything we buy is skyrocketing in price? Not just gas but every little thing. I heard milk is going to be around 4 bucks a gallon soon. That's ridiculous. But even more ridiculous are those folks that get interviewed by news reporters on the street.

Reporter: Sir.... excuse me... Sir. How do you feel about the rising cost of living?
Dude: Hell, I don't know. What can ya do?
Reporter: Do you feel that the war in Iraq can be justified by the needs of one politician or one government?
Dude: Hell, I don't know. What can ya do?
And so on.
Quite a few people are indifferent to what's going on in this country. As long as they're getting a paycheck every week or they're involved in the latest distraction (movie, sports event, shopping spree or whatever) they don't care. And the worse things get, the more they dwell in the Land of Utter Indifference.
I think it's time to speak up. Take action. At least comment on the state of things.
That's all for now. Thanks for listening. - Kelly


GeePee said...

Dear Holy Uncle of Gawd, why is this allowed. Loard, I knew my sins would ketch me but why should you put this before my eyes.

Kelly said...

Heh heh. My purpose has always been to torment and twist and corrupt. I now place a Heeba Deeba upon yo soul.

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